Thursday, October 12, 2006

Communist Party of the Philippines Heils North Korean Nuclear Blast

(Via MLQ3) -- Baratillo@Cubao cites Agence France Presse which carries a summary of the statement of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) hailing North Korea's recent test of a small nuclear device (as small as a suitcase bomb?)

Here is the entire congratulatory statement of the CPP (whose leaders are on Dutch welfare in Utrecht, the Netherlands) to Kim Jong Il, a bona fide member of the Axis of Evil Hairdos...
Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
CPP congratulates DPRK for nuke breakthrough
October 10, 2006

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the people and government of the Democratic People's Republic for successfully and safely carrying out its first-ever nuclear test and hailed the successful test as a “militant assertion of national sovereignty and the right of an independent country to develop its own powerful self-reliant defense capability amidst constant efforts by the US to impose its imperialist hegemony over the world, maintain its monopoly of nuclear weapons along with a few other powerful countries, and subvert the sovereign will of the DPRK.”

Yesterday, the DPRK government announced that it has successfully carried out an underground test of its nuclear weapons, developed after four decades of painstaking self-reliant efforts, “with 100% of sheer indigenous wisdom and technology… under secure conditions… at a stirring time when all the people of the country are making a great leap forward in the building of a great, prosperous, powerful socialist nation.” There were no reports of radiation leak from the test site. The announcement was met expectedly, however, with condemnation by the US government which called the test a “provocative act threatening international peace and stability.”

“The Filipino people and their revolutionary movement regard the DPRK nuclear test as a significant positive development in the effort of freedom-loving peoples the world over to challenge the US imposition of Pax Americana over the world, break the US and other big imperialist powers’ monopoly over nuclear weapons, and compel the world’s peoples to kneel before its hegemonic power,” said CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal.

“Now, in the face of the DPRK's advance in scientific and technical knowhow with nuclear power, the US is significantly deterred from threatening and carrying out military strikes against the DPRK. The US is afraid that it can no longer try to bully the DPRK,” said Rosal. With the success of its first-ever nuclear weapons test, North Korea becomes the ninth country in the world to have nuclear weapons, along with the United States, Russia, France, China, Britain, India, Pakistan and Israel.

“Of course, US imperialism and other imperialist powers and their client states will condemn the DPRK’s nuclear breakthrough which broke their monopoly of nuclear weapons and confronts the imperialist-imposed pacifism that oppress and cause great hardships on the countries and peoples of the world,” said Rosal.

The CPP also regard the development of the DPRK's nuclear capability as an important breakthrough in fulfilling its energy requirements and further boosting its economic potential, aside from developing its capability to defend its national sovereignty.

“Contrary to imperialist propaganda, the strengthening of the nuclear capability of the DPRK does not pose a threat to other nations' sovereignty and to genuine world peace. In the past, the DPRK has shown respect for the independence of other countries in the same way that it wants the US to respect the sovereign will of the DPRK. The development of nuclear capability in the hands of independent countries that persist in the fight against US hegemonism and aggression realistically deters the US from using its nuclear weapons and military might to attack these countries, and is thus a positive factor in our common striving for genuine peace in the world,” added Rosal.
At first, one is always tempted to laugh at such puerile polemics, a manifesto Joma and company have been writing daily since the late Sixties, which neither utter defeat nor rejection by the Filipino people have tempered in tenor or content. Ludicrous and pitiful. Then you realize these crazy nuts are as serious as Kim Jong Il in their use of violence, extortion, blackmail and any other means to fanatical ends.

No wonder for five years running both the European Union and the United States have certified the CPP-NPA as foreign terrorist organizations.

Like Kim Jong Il, these folks are just not right in the head.

Like Kim Jong Il, the CPP-NPA has impoverished and sacrificed the peaceful economic development of the country to their psychopathic ideological obsessions and their terrorist tactics.


john marzan said...

the CCP are idiots. who still takes them seriously anyway?

Rizalist said...

Isn't that precisely the problem John? People just don't take these guys seriously enough. They are the reason the Philippines is a backward country caught up in a Civil War that has lasted half a century already!

john marzan said...

I was referring to the CCP's comments praising NOKOR for their nuclear testing. At first, i thought it was a "joke news" or something from Jon Stewart's Daily show.

As for the NPAs and commie rebels, my position is always this: either they should be killed, or captured. surrender, or die.

ricelander said...

Wait till the CPP starts praising NoKor's economic progress...You'd wonder why the likes of Joma should not chose this country his place of exile and not Netherlands!