Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New People's Army and Mrs. Dulmatin Convince Senate To Pass Anti-Terrorism Bill

NPA Shoots Itself in the Foot: The Senate is now likely to pass the Anti-Terrorism Bill. Why? Because the New People's Army recently proved once more that it really IS a terrorist-extortionist organization. Though assiduously denied by partisans, propagandists, and the merely leftist, this terrible FACT was proved by the NPA itself, in a recent attack on the Silay Airport (Bacolod City) in which it may have cooperated with Abu Sayyaf Group--
PDI: Rebuffed in their demands for protection money, communist New People’s Army rebels yesterday blew up P30 million worth of equipment being used to build a major airport that has been billed as a part of President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo’s mega projects, officials said.
AM Radio in Manila reports this afternoon though that the two major opposers of the pending (and long-stalled) Anti-Terrorism Bill, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel and Senator Jamby Madrigal, have announced they will now support the measure's passage into Law, in light of the NPA's terrorist attack on the airport. The arrest of an alleged Mrs. Dulmatin, and the inability of Philippine authorities to detain her for lack of a proper Anti-Terrorism Law may also have finally knocked some sense in NENE and uhmm, nene.

The Opposition wasn't getting anywhere with the Public anyway in stalling the passage of the much needed legislation. Lucky for them Mrs. Dulmatin came along too. Perhaps, this will even patch things up between Nene Pimentel and the avuncular Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

Have the Bali Bombers Given the Posse the Slip? Maybe. Maybe not, but that thought occurred to me immediately after I heard last week that a certain Istiada H. Oemar Sovie -- alleged to be THE wife of Bali Bombing prime suspect Dulmatin, was recently arrested in Patikul, Mindanao and expressed a desired for jail in Manila than return to the precincts of the Jemaah Islamiyah. Alleged Mrs. Dulmatin has apparently been in Mindanao for several years. She claims Dulmatin and other JI operatives are indeed training Abu Sayyaf and other jihadists in Mindanao. Nothing we didn't know already, even from just reading the papers. But if I had to bet, I would bet the Bali Bombing bandidos have made it safely out of Muslim Mindanao, leaving the Philippines to PAY for Mrs. Dulmatin's airfare back home...after she is deported...for lack of an anti-terrorism law! "Mrs. Dulmatin" may be our CONSUELO de BOBO

For over a year now, at the top of my blog roll has been this US State Dept. Rewards for Justice program Wanted Poster for Dulmatin offering a reward of up to TEN MILLION DOLLARS for his capture dead or alive. It has been suspected for longer than that that he and another jihadist sociopath, Umar Patek, have been hiding out somewhere in Mindanao. They are prime suspects in the deaths of over 200 persons in Bali I and Bali II.

I hope I'm wrong, I hope brave Filipino troops in Jolo and Basilan will still have the honor of bringing these killers to justice.

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