Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry, Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

nly the Democratic Party can defeat the Democratic Party in the US midterm elections. John Kerry proves to be superb at this Holloween-time trick by telling some college students to study hard or "get stuck in Iraq" thus giving the Republican Party a nice election treat. I just heard President George W. Bush call this remark, (allegedly a botched joke on him [sic!]), "an absolute insult" to the men and women in United States military service. Thus in 2006, Republicans leap to accept the baton from the former Democratic candidate for President in 2004, from behind, but with alacrity as the elections draw nigh. They are calling for Kerry to apologize, which is really their way of thanking him. I knew I could rely on the Democrats!

The Hillblogger (somewhere in Europe) ran into Senator Jamby Madrigal and Party-list Rep. Satur Ocampo on their way to a Kangaroo Court. Since Joma couldn't preside over the Presiduum in last year's local version, it looks like they will put on the same silly extravaganza at the Hague. Ahem. Dutch Treat of the Philippine People's Republic of Utrecht?

Global Voices Online features recent Commentary from the Philippines on the pending Anti-Terrorism Bill that was recently approved on 3rd reading in the Senate. Here are some of my posts on terrorism.

Marcus Aurelius in Wisconsin notes that Wretchard in Sydney has discovered a sewer line between Kabul and Paris. Here's one between Nanning and Manila.

John Marzan wants a new Chick Justice.

Ellen Tordesillas notes her blog is a year old. Lively, wild comment threads for a most successful blogger, columnist and journalist. Happy Blogiversary dear! (And don't worry, Mike Arroyo is going down, down, down to where the Jumblies frown!)

The Manila Standard reports that Fidel Ramos is pitching a Modern Atlantis soon to rise in Alaminos. Yup, I can just see it now...the 5 billion peso Centennial Expo rises from the seas around the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan. Well with chacha dead, what's FVR got to do but move on?

Meanwhile, the Manila Bulletin reports on the big ASEAN-China "commemorative meeting" that President Gloria Arroyo is co-chairing with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. Remember North Rail? This is more grist for the Senate mill. But it is also the beginning of China's New East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere based on free trade agreements.

A PDI Editorial makes Postigo Luna at ComelecAko think "it's obvious" Chief Justice Art Panganiban ruled as he did on people's initiative because he is planning to run for the Senate next year. I think his reasoning is flimsy but I hope the rumor is true. Perhaps the paper has been pressuring its former Publisher, now Chief Justice, all along. Even though the paper had cast unfair aspersions on the Court prior to the Ruling, all that is forgotten as they are now singing Hosannas to the Panganiban Court and even warning of dire plots after he retires in December. But so what if he runs and wins? It will vastly increase the average I.Q. of the Senate, though the Supreme Court will suffer a reversal in the same statistic. But it would be endlessly interesting to see, if and when an Impeachment Trial occurs, the battle royale between a former Chief Justice as Senator-Judge and his successor as Chief Justice presiding!

Amando Doronila confirms my suspicion that the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been working on Chief Justice Art Panganiban all along.
"President Arroyo and Speaker Jose de Venecia used the public platform as a bully pulpit to influence the Court to rule in favor of people's initiative. It is not known what blandishments they employed covertly on the justices. What's important is the outcome: The Court on the face of its decision did not succumb to the pressures. "
They are as much a source of hidden and overt pressure on the Supreme Court as the President and the House Speaker. Let's admit it, EVERY ONE with an interest in the nation's future had something riding on the issue.

But Doro's column today is also a kind of confessional that agonizes over, yet defends and justifies the way that PDI reports the data and Media Releases of the opinion polling firms.
"Days before the Court went into session, the Social Weather Stations published a public opinion survey that found that 62 percent of Filipinos nationwide were "unsure" the Court would decide fairly on the petition. The poll asked this question. "Do you have much trust, are unsure, or have little trust that the Supreme Court would make a fair decision as to whether or not to grant the petition of Sigaw ng Bayan and Ulap (Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines) regarding people's initiative?"

The survey question was "loaded" with a leading premise identifying Sigaw ng Bayan and Ulap as the source of the petition. These two groups were closely identified with the administration in the publicity attending the people's initiative. This was the equivalent of demonizing the initiative by associating it with a presidency that has been plagued by record-breaking unpopularity ratings. The survey has been denounced by administration supporters a "veiled pressure" on the Court to dismiss the petition.
I notice Doro does not mention the fact that it was PDI that put out the offensive headline, PDI: 60% of Filipinos doubt fairness of the Supreme Court, says poll which was of course UNVEILED pressure on the Court, just as much as the SWS Media Release Bureau's misrepresentation of its own data.

The data plainly and undeniably showed that the Filipinos were undecided on the whole question. But shhh! PDI and SWS are actually apologizing to their utterly FAIR friends on the Court. That's because they didn't think those friends would succumb to their brand of pressure. As I've pointed out, this quid pro quo will include full support of the broadsheet if Panganiban runs for the Senate as they've probably suggested he do. But I'd love to see him become a Senator. It would only improve the average I.Q. over there.



My dear Dean,

Rep Satur Ocampo, from what he told me, was not going to The Hague, only Sen Madrigal. I think Rep Casino (?) was going too. They were guests of an international NGO and attended a forum (which I couldn't coz had another thing to do) to discuss the spate of extra judicial killings in the Philippines.

Rep Ocampo jestingly said that DOJ chief Raul Gonzalez would have a fit if he went anywhere near Joma Sison or something to that effect.

If you really want to know, I met them in the Capital of Europe in a quiet café somewhere in front of the European Union.

Oh btw, you should come and visit my blog - you'll meet Hallowbushwe'en!

And, thanks for the plug...

Rizalist said...

I have to congratulate you for the Hillblogger site. (But what is Hillblogger Jr.?) It's Google Page-ranked 4 after the ongoing Google Dance.

Regarding your interview with Satur and Jamby, maybe you can share more of what they actually said.

And perhaps post more on the nature of the court in the Hague...such as what their past record is on the cases they've handled.

How far is Utrecht from the Hague?

Are we supposed to pay attention to the "trial"? What GOOD can come of it other than increase the coffers of the CPP NPA for such a fine Dutch treat?



I will transcribe the interview with Sen Jamby and Rep Ocampo and will post.

The Peoples Tribunal from what I gathered from an MP in the EU is pretty serious stuff Dean.

I was a bit surprised myself but when I asked around, I was told that it's a real tribunal whose findings or verdicts are given weight by NGOs that work with the EU.

Must find more about it though and perhaps, interview one of the judges (real court judge apparently).

Utrecht is about an hour or so from The Hague by car.

If I may make a suggestion, you should go to the Hague. Remember all the international tribunals are there.


Forget Joma, Dean. The Dutch government CAN NOT give him anything, not even a cent in terms of financial assistance from taxpayers' money.

The Dutch are merely following their own laws. As I've said in the past over and over again (even told Sec Romulo about it when I met him here during Gloria's visit to Brussels), there's no way the Dutch can extradite Joma because there's no extradition treaty with Pinas.

If ever there's anyone who could ask that Joma be extradited, it's Bush or Condi because Joma is on the US terrorist list but then on what charges? Apparently, Joma has not committed any crime in the US.

US Judge Real penned a decision saying Joma was a human rights victim.

If you have to look for a country to blame, there's Norway - it's Norway that has been keeping Joma alive and fattened up, problem is Norway ain't a member of the EU but is a member of NATO.

If you want to get your hands on Joma, there's the connection but forget the Dutch...

Rizalist said...

Joma and the CPP NPA have got to be behind all this. But tell me, how does it happen that even as they are on the EU's and the US's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, the CPP NPA gets to put the President on trial under Dutch protection? It's atrocious propaganda no? I'd like to see a list of recent cases, the names of the accused and the disposition of them.

Rizalist said...

Have to tell you from my tete-a-tete with Manong Johnny during Loren's book launch last week, that they have a very shallow understanding of these issues even in the Senate. Except for a few, it's all above their heads. Even JPE has been stuck in that intellectual quagmire over the definition of "terrorism". The law, I'm afraid may never be passed! But what do you think of my twin ideas:

(1) FISA-type Court to oversee Anti terrorism
(2) Definite lists of terrorist individuals and organizations.


Frankly, Dean, I think FISA and a listing a la State Dept would be better than this superfluous tag in the law.

Btw, did you mean Johnny Enrile? That humbug - gosh can't stand that guy anymore. You realize I've known him since I was barely walking (He and Dad were very good friends stemming from when he was Customs Commissioner) and he knows me very well too.

Btw, talking of Sen Jamby, must say I was impressed by her candor and frankness. I know she's still a junior senator but really, she seemed and sounded very sincere. We had a long chat (two hours I think) - I was really curious and asked her lots and lots of questions. (My friend the journalist have everything on tape.)

You should get to know her Dean. I mean it. Am not easily impressed by our politicians but she's more than alright. Ok, she may have been a spoiled brat coz of her wealth but the lady seems to want to do good for the country.


I'm still up and it's almost 3 AM here coz I really have to finish this comparative study between French law against terrorism and the RP proposed bill. Was requested by a member of the RP Senate to "contribute" something and am a bit lost.


Re: "Joma and the CPP NPA have got to be behind all this."

Technically, their lawyers may have been behind it, dunno but you're giving these guys more credit than they deserve. NPA influence in The Hague? Bah...

Believe me, it's the Norwegians who are moving heaven and earth to push for the peace process. And not just quasi government stuff, the Norwegian government is one of the solid protectors of Joma.

Now, of course the Philippines can't just pooh pooh the Norwegian effort as peace borkers coz Norway is not a little nobody - it is extremely wealthy.


Ah see... no wonder you've become pro-Loren, hmmm... did she flash that colgate smile?

Rizalist said...

i think jamby and loren have the same romantic illusions about the Left. It's all to do with a certain ideological purity that politicians like them who are trying to make their mark on the world seem to be intellectually and emotionally susceptible to. GMA was the same way for a long time. I think until they gain state power themselves in the Executive Dept. Jamby, Loren, even Pia Cayetano are almost incorrigibly paleoliberal in their world view. All of them flirt with the Left with a pathetic naivete.



Your comment in my blog: "i think the really interesting question to address is this:

"Are the Communists terrorists?"

Absurd, Dean... check my blog for my reply.

Going overboard there. In Pinas maybe but elsewhere, Communists have become the perfect middle class...



Have you read Ellen's latest post?

postigo luna said...

flimsy? how un-flimsy does one's reasoning have to be when Panginaban's motivations are as obvious as the morning sun? Apparently, the kettle has no problem calling the pot black. Kinda like how you think its obvious that the automation contract was crooked - yet ironically refuse to substantiate that with any real argument. If I'm not mistaken, this will be my fifth challenge to you.

john marzan said...

Wow. New daily dish format!

Rizalist said...

gee postigo, wasn't there ANYTHING wrong with the Comelec Contract that the Supreme Court itself called it illegal and irregular and much besides.
It makes a fool of the Court that no one is guilty of the unlawful act.

Why do I have to substantiate what the High Court already found? You want someone to agree with you that the Comelec is innocent of everything, go to the Ombudsgirl.

As for proof of gross negligence is the utter failure and useless combustion of over 6 billion already in failed projects, from registration to the ACMs, to a transmission system that VIOLATED the law of 1997 from the very design.

As far as Panganiban is concerned, he has every right to run for public office. Your reasoning was flimsy because you say he ruled bcoz he wants to run for office. What's your proof of that? Does that mean that every Justice who voted against p.i. has political ambitions? What about those who voted against it?

What, pray tell, is your solid reason for saying what you did, other than to repeat the PDI's claim, which itself is flimsy.

postigo luna said...

Haha. Funny you shoould take such umbrage at what i wrote. and funny too that you're asking for proof now. And yet, you still leave me waiting for your proof.

Assuming something was wrong with the contract, djb, the question is what is it enough to warrant a criminal conviction? as for the SC calling it illegal and "more besides," i suggest you try to dig up the difference between an obiter and a ratio decidendi.

registration a failure? haha. something else for you to prove, eh? at last count, we've filed thousands of cases against multiple registrants we've found using the DCS. You want those cases to be resolved tomorrow, talk to the courts. tell em to speed up the process. Better yet, talk to Pimentel and yer sainted Panganiban and tell em to make de-listing multiple registrants an administrative function instead of a judicial process.

electronic transmission violated the law from its very design? care to prove that? Even the supreme court didn't say that. all the supreme court said was that notice was insufficient. Oh, and I suppose all of comelec has to be abolished because notice was insufficient? This despite the fact that all political parties were present during a dry run of the system.

And yes, Panganiban has every right to run for office. After all, they're letting anyone into congress nowadays. And to use your reasoning, why do I have to prove anything when it's pretty obvious? And no, not every Justice who voted against the petition is suspect. But then again, not everyone grandstand-ed like Panganiban did, eh?

What about those who voted for it (I'm assuming that's what you meant)? Well, what about them? If they all did it for reasons other than their honest belief in the righteousness of their vote, then it just goes to prove what i've been saying: the Court should not consider things like legacies or the judgement of history. That's bullshit. They must decide according to what they believe is right. That's the higher standard I'm talking about.

And if I don't believe that Panganiban's intentions were so noble, like I said, it's pretty obvious why. And besides, everyone has the right to be discontented with the way things are. And I am sorely disappointed with Panganiban.

Oh, wait. Disappointed means high expectations were dashed. I never had high expectations of the good Baron. :)

chill out, DJB. Chill way out.

Rizalist said...


The Comelec is dead last in the SWS trust ratings. I'm not asking for proof of anything. I never take umbrage at what people say on their blogs. My liberty is their liberty, eh?

Look, regarding the transmission system, the Ombudsman used the unavailability of that component as an excuse for ignoring the findings where it was supposedly needed for full evaluation of the ACM functionality. Then Ben Abalos admitted in the show with Pia and Dick Gordon that indeed that system had been invalidated for ports that could be tapped into electronically. Remember that?

Well lookit. Where are any of those three big automated systems? Registration? Counting? Transmission?

you can't blame the Supreme Court for upholding the Law. It's Comelec's failure (not yours!). It was their duty to implement those systems. What've we got for all that?

A big fat nothing. Or am I wrong? Do you need proof that we've got nothing? Whoever's fault it is. we've got nothing right?

Thousands of multiple registrants caught? So what's that? 0.1 percent right? Not even Garci's eraser will pay attention to that.

Look I'm sure there's lots of good honest people like you working hard everyday at Comelec. But the beast can't be fixed. It represents and IS the old rotten manual system. It's nobody's fault but ours. It's just gotta go, eventually.

If you guys didn't have the teachers as indentured servants and the military as security guards, you would be forced to modernize. I see that it is that double dipping that needs to be reformed. So that Comelec isn't the sick man of the govt that is causing multiple organ failure already.

Dave Llorito said...

RE SWS: Is it possible for poverty incidence to decline yet hunger incidence to rise? That sounds crazy but yes its possible, says the Social Weather Stations (SWS) in it’s latest survey result. If you getting rich, would you say you experienced hunger? Probably not, unless you were on a South Beach diet. So SWS is telling us to not worry about experiencing hunger because we are getting rich anyway. Funny.

Rizalist said...

Knowing our insane sociocultural priorities, being hungry in Filipino society is acceptable, but being poor, and admitting it to some well dressed poll-taker from SWS is left open to subjective spin. These surveys are all about asking whether people THINK they are poor or hungry.

Note that ordinary human beings can be very objective about hunger, since it is a physical manifestation. But being "poor" is subject to many interpretations and self-conscious feelings.

One of the most difficult things in the critique of surveys is evaluating the question design against what the statistical principles allow as conclusions about the range of answers.

Often pollsters design their question around some intended headline. Not that they corrupt their data, but they corrupt their question!

Jego said...

Re: Kerry. When I heard what he said, I totally got it. He was attacking Bush. He was saying something like, "If you guys dont study your history, youll make the same mistakes our current leaders made in Iraq." Not once did it seem to me that he was attacking the troops. Im sure the Republicans, who are by no means stupid, knew exactly what he meant, too. The 'misinterpretation' is deliberate. But you got to hand it to the Republicans. They saw their opening and pounced.

By the way, Im in Utrecht right now. Do you guys have a schedule on the spectacle in The Hague?

Rizalist said...

A few comments up, the Hillblogger claims that "Communists have become the perfect middle class."

This comment of hers really struck me, because I have an awful lot of respect for the lady.

But perhaps you can help us out, you being in Utrecht and all. How true is this claim for the members of the Central Committee of the CPP, I wonder?

I notice you do have a blog, have you ever done any reporting on the Pinoys that are there in "revolutionary exile"?(the most deliciously romantic state that some never quite outgrow and make a permanent occupation of).

I mean simple narrative stuff you know. Like what kind of house does Joma live in. Is it true he is now a Dutch citizen, and that's why he boasts that not even the Dutch can get rid of him.

How about the ex nun and ex priest who are now married (?) and are second and third in command. What are the mundane conditions of their lives, running the longest running communist insurgency in the world?

Middle class?

Are they still Fremen, or Sardaukar?


Hey Dean,

Geez, you don't believe Communists have gone middle class? Look, am not talking of Pinas communists here OK - but can tell you even your compatriots who are self-exiled in Holland have gone pretty much "petit bourgeois".

Look at "communist" Russians - they are the new rich of Europe and they love it. What about Mao's children, grandchildren in China? You don't think they aren't batting to be middle class? They are some of the world's most active capitalists today. They're all over Europe and the US...straight from mainland Red China with fistfuls of dollars and setting up small businesses.

Was in Slovakia, as you know not so long ago and boy, the old folks out there still reminisce about good old fashioned communism but they love the goodies that they get from the west, cars, high definition TV sets, mobile phones, the works...You'll be amazed to know that there are still many die hard communist people remnants in the former Soviet bloc but they are NOT terrorists. Their love affair with communism is still intact in their hearts but they have become more pragmatic.

I really do think you should go out of the Philippines once in a while and visit Europe or South America where communism as a political party still exist but surely not even you should call their party members TERRORISTS.

The Philippines and Uncle Sam are doing it all wrong in Pinas, i.e., dealing with 'communist' insurgency. You sure that all those people in the hills fighting the military are truly communist indoctrinated or are just fed up with the way they've been left out by Manila? Perhaps, there are those who don't give a shit about Mao or Lenin at all. (Reminds me of Japanese stragglers who didn't know WWII was over and done with.)

The Brits resolved the communist insurgency issue in Malaysia by turning the insurgents then into capitalists, ok am simplifying here but that's the gist. For instance, the Brits built a new township out of, for instance Bidor to attract the communist insurgents, gave a returning insurgent a home, a business... You don't combat communist insurgency effectively by merely killing them - most of these guys want the same things that you and I do or aspire for our loved ones, a roof, food, health care, education, etc.

The Brits understood that...(just look at the UK's socialist party, Labour - on paper, they're more conservative than the Tory party, goddamn hypocrites! Their problem is they can't seem to get rid of the marked English/UK class distinction from their brains - Chancellor Gordon Brown is determined to make the rich and privileged upper middle and upper classes in Britain poor! Goddamn scottish freak!)

And Dean, told you already, Joma AIN'T a Dutch citizen! Louie and Connie Jalandoni ARE Dutch citizens...How do I know? Coz I asked and verified with city hall.



It seems the Spectacle is over in The Hague.

Here's what their invite said:


invites you to attend

Monday, 30 October 2006

1000 - 1200 hrs

Internationaal Perscentrum Nieuwspoort

Lange Poten 10

2511 CL The Hague

For more details, please contact: info@philippinetribunal.org 􀂄 or visit http://www.philippinetribunal.org

Please send messages of support to: messages@philippinetribunal.org

on behalf of Filipino organizations:








Philippine Senate


Philippine House of Representatives

Indicting the US-Backed Arroyo Regime

for Human Rights Violations, Economic Plunder

and Transgression of the Filipino People’s Sovereignty




Presided by Dr. GIANNI TOGNONI

General Secretary of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal

Join the concerned Filipinos and international friends in solidarity

Rizalist said...

I've been doing some research on Permanent People's Tribunal. It's not a serious court of Law, is it? It's a political theatre of the absurd, a sand castle in the sky for people like Joma and Jamby to move into. Btw, here is the
SPEECH she gave at that Kangaroo Court

Read it and tell me she ain't CRACKED.

Rizalist said...

Anna, Jeg,
I just asked you a simple question:
"Are Communists terrorists?" -- it wasn't a grand metaphysical question because we were talking about the anti-terror law and the point I had raised about lists. You folks are always saying they're gonna use the law to label everybody and anybody a terrorist. That is why I like the idea of having the Congress first, then a special Court reaffirm periodically the list of officially recognized terrorist individuals and groups. There shouldn't be some arbitrary power to label someone a terrorist then get them. You must first get them on some clearly "terroristic" actions and plans, then you can maybe label them "terrorist" if the Court agrees.

Who do you consider a terrorist in the Philippines? Or are there none.

The point of my question was, who WOULD you put on such a list as a terrorist individual or organization from the Philippines?

Or do you DENY the existence of people who ought to be on such a list, like the FTO lists of the US and the EU?

Jego said...

Rizalist, much as I'd like to contribute to the database of knowledge about the state of the exiles, Im afraid Im not a resident of Utrecht and have never even been closer than shouting distance to where Joma lives, I dont think. Im just a humble corporate lackey on foreign assignment. The company I work for sent me here for a brief spell and like a good soldier...

The closest I came to Joma was when I met a nice elderly couple in a church service. It turns out that they belong to that batch of exiles that included Joma and Jalandoni. (The wife was imprisoned by the Apo, without charges, except for the charge of being married to her husband, and stayed in prison even longer than him.) But now, said the husband, he has given up the struggle for the proletariat, and he and his wife have given themselves fulltime to the service of the Lord. He said he still sees the old gang socially, but is no longer part of the movement.

Maybe if you guys can give me an address, Id be happy to look at what kind of house they live in if I have time.

Sayang, Hillblogger, I missed it. That wouldve been something to see.


Oooooh! Ah see... Communists in the Philippayns? Okidoki...

Lemme put it this way. I don't trust lots of your politicians out there. When they have matured, yeah, will consider it.



Seriously, you in Utrecht right this minute?

Jego said...

I would call a terrorist anybody or any organization who deliberately targets civilians for political ends. Deliberately targets civilians. So planting a bomb in palengke is a terrorist act. Launching a rocket at enemy combatants that happened to hit civilians isnt, even though it still is unfortunate in the extreme. Even deplorable, if it were avoidable.

'Civilians' doesnt include civilian leaders of government. If they have a direct hand in the ordering of troops to crush a group of people, they are 'legit' targets.

Jego said...

Seriously, you in Utrecht right this minute?

Even as I type, Hillblogger. Im at work and have a couple minutes downtime before a meeting.



Re: "It's not a serious court of Law, is it?"

I don't really know. From what I've heard and read, it's NOT really a court of Law per se but it's a tribunal of sorts. Go figure...

Ask Sen Jamby.



OK, so you're about ah hour and a half drive from where I am.

You should phone Joma in their Utrecht office. If you give me a private e-mail addy, will give you a phone number to call.

Got a journalist friend from Pinas flying to Europe in a week or so.

john marzan said...

Only the Democratic Party can defeat the Democratic Party in the US midterm elections. John Kerry proves to be superb at this Holloween-time trick by telling some college students to study hard or "get stuck in Iraq" thus giving the Republican Party a nice election treat. I just heard President George W. Bush call this remark, (allegedly a botched joke on him [sic!]), "an absolute insult" to the men and women in United States military service. Thus in 2006, Republicans leap to accept the baton from the former Democratic candidate for President in 2004, from behind, but with alacrity as the elections draw nigh. They are calling for Kerry to apologize, which is really their way of thanking him. I knew I could rely on the Democrats!

Nananalo na ang mga democrats, and here comes kerry to rescue the republicans.

tama si glenn reynolds at Burch. Sabi nila:

"I grow more and more convinced the Republican majority will end itself by 2006 if the Left will just shut up for five minutes." That may be what decides the elections.

So true, so true. huhuhuh... hahahaha...

Rizalist said...

I guess I'm not asking for another definition of terrorism. I am asking very specifically, do you think the members of the New People's Army, who just admitted to carrying out these extrajudicial killings ought to be put on a list of terrorists like the those maintained by the US and EU.

I don't want the Law to give the authorities complete freedom to label just anybody a terrorist, and certainly not without public accountability for doing so.

Do you consider Abu Sayyaf terrorists? How about the MILF bombers of Makilala?



Re: Abbu Sayyaf

Some 5 years ago, the Philippine government announced very officially to a waiting world that there were no more than 100 or so Abu Sayyaf bandits in the Philippines.

After 5 years of determined and savage, shoot to kill manhunt effected by our WONDERFUL Armed Forces of the Philippines with the assistance of our equally WONDERFUL troopers from the US, use of lots of money, high-tech gadgets (sattelite com courtesy of our GENEROUS friends from the US), and the promise by the nation's so LOVEABLE commander in chief who once uttered "isang bala lang kayo", you can't be serious - the Abu Sayyaff must have been decimated all 100 of them. I shudder to think that the government of the Philippines didn't say the truth.

Think of how badly the United States Armed Forces would fare, they who have participated in the manhunt since the capture of Commander Robot by our superb Navy Seals (SWAG) if we announce to the world that those 100 Abu Sayyaff have not been totally obliterated. Don't let the lovely Gloria press fool you that our American friends didn't go hunting those Abu Sayyaf - they did and my friends in the Philippine military said so themselves (and I've got taped recorded conversations to prove that!)

Anyhow, even with only 2 Abu Sayyaff terrorists killed a month since 2001, why, I reckon there shouldn't be any of these poor terrorists left in Pinas anymore... Wouldn't you say so?

With that in mind, I reckon that we can safely cross out the Abu Sayyaf from your list of terrorists...unless of course, all the prancing in media by our beloved dear leader Gloria is all bullshit.

Jego said...

I am asking very specifically, do you think the members of the New People's Army, who just admitted to carrying out these extrajudicial killings ought to be put on a list of terrorists like the those maintained by the US and EU.

NPA. Short answer: No.

If those extra-judicial killings are the basis, then based on the def I gave, theyre not. If they are, might as well put other vigilante groups on that list.

If the Abu Sayyaf were involved in that LRT bombing on Rizal Day, theyre terrorists. Which government official or enemy combatant could they have possibly targeted on the LRT?

Googling Makilala, but I guess Ive answered your question?

Tell you what, Hillblogger. I'll be here til December. If I have time one of these weekends, inshallah, I'll make a trip to Brussels, how's that? Then you can send your Christmas gift to our host Rizalist thru me. :-D


I second the motion of Jego re terrorist listing.

Hey Jego, that's great. Let me know ahead of time so I can wrap the gift (soigneusement) for Rizalist well.

Rizalist said...

Hillblogger and Jego,

You guys can't bring yourself to say it, can you? You don't think there is a terrorist problem at all? The problem is America. The problem is not nihilists, because it is OUR societies that are evil right? They're just poor, downtrodden folks, turning to murder and mayhem because of our indifference.

This IS what I mean by paleoliberalism. It is the mental paralysis that has allowed the communist insurgency to last so long.

Well, when Joma can't make it to the bathrom in time anymore, you folks can probably take his place. There IS sewer line between Kabul and Paris.

Rizalist said...

So, are you guys also for the removal of the CPP NPA from the FTO terrorist lists?

baycas said...

this should have been at mlq3’s Pangasinan Express blogpost 1081 but never seen the light of day:

fussing over numbers show? why not.

just don’t forget to include tutorials on how to formulate valid poll questions…NOT to emulate laylo’s survey design in aid of propaganda.

kudos in advance, mlq3 and djb.



Do stop your neo-con drivel, will you? You're getting yourself all worked up just because some guy adores Mao or Lenin and not Bush...

Easy to label people who don't want to tag someone who's gone to the hills in Nueva Vizcaya commie lover coz he/she doesn't toe your US line.

Someone's a Communist? So what? Who cares? Who gives a shit whether your little Juan, Tomas, or Pedro prefers Mao or Lenin to Bush, Cheney or Rumsefeld? One thing I'm sure of is that you can't shove Bush or Gloria to the throat of every person in the hilly universe of Nueva Vizcaya or Isabela.

Wake up Dean. Has it occurred to you that US dream world is fine for people who have had the education, the reach and yeah, the intellect to appreciate Dean Jorge Bocobo's American dream but not eveyrone in Pinas is as lucky as you are. Read in Pinas papers that there are more than 20 million people in Pinas whose families live on 1 dollar a day... A hungry stomach doesn't see your kind of dream Dean.

Also, the world doesn't revolve around commies and non-commies only.

There's a vast world out there, beyond the Philippine islands where, yes, some people happen to think that the world would be a better place if only there's a bit more homogenity between the rich and the poor in Pinas - not a lot, just a teeny weeny bit, and who believe that perhaps your Communists in the Philippines have been running the longest insurgency in the world (according to you) because something is perhaps very, very wrong in that failed and brown American country of yours. Has it ever occurred to you that because you're giving your pet peeve Joma, his friend Louie and Connie and even Ka Roger more credit than they deserve, you are undermining the very essence of your American ideals - democracy, pursuit of happiness and all that jazz?

Funny that you really think that a little old decrepit man in Utrecht has so much greater influence, lots more power, the education, the breadth, the determination to command your little band of so-called Communist insurgents from a place more than 10,000 miles away far better than your little loveable president and her army of intellectuals and armed goons... What a paradox eh?

Listen Dean, your little Philippine commies wherever they may be, in Utrecht or in Pinas, make NOT an iota of difference in my life so heck, why should I jump up and down with your excited lot and brand your Philippine commies terrorists - have never met one in Pinas, I don't even know what one looks like, i.e., if he or she's got horns, a tail or fangs or all three.

And really, even if I had met a bona fide Philippine Communist or even lots of them in Pinas, why should I worry about saving Gloria's frigging ass or Bush's sorry ass for that matter, just because they refuse to buy your US brand of democracy?

Not my problem where I am and I'm pretty certain they ain't been a problem to you either. I'm pretty sure you are still leading a nice terribly American way of life which none of those Philippine communists in Negros or in Bukidnon could ever hope to achieve...

Tell you what, this Communist thing in Pinas is really Gloria's problem - she's bashing her head against a brick wall with a problem of her own making - have you forgotten that she went buddy buddy with them, linked arms with them, flattered their egos, bought them with promises so she could have Communist warm bodies to help her topple Estrada?

Frankly, if I were you, I'd stop helping Gloria...she's bad news or have you forgotten that?

Rizalist said...

I think most of the Communists that you know ARE pretty nice Middle Class Europeans driving Volvos who wouldn't harm a flea. But they do sponsor those who would harm more than fleas, those who use landmines to attack buses full of civilians, those who extort and yes, terroris those poor ignorant people in Pinas that you mention. Perhaps it is you Anna that needs to wake up. After all I am here and you are there. Look the reality is, our Communists kill. Your communists cook and paint and sew and write and hold People's Tribunals in the pure mountain air of Geneva and the Hague. Here they shoot the barangay captain if he reads Philippine Commentary or thinks Marxism Leninism Ka Roger Thought is a bunch of bunko. Here they manage to collect, in one Southern Luzon province alone, 30 million pesos per month, without growing single grain of rice or bringing down a single coconut.

How do you think they do that? By defending democracy and freedom? By working at the root causes? By correcting injustices?

No Anna, they do that by breaking the laws against extortion, kidnapping, grave threats, murder and mayhem, blackmail and coercsion. They do that by taking from the people the seed capital that should already have made the Philippines more like...well, like Brussels!

You're a smart lady with a sweet heart, I am sure of that.

So argue this out with me, but as a friend and a patriot



Of course I'm sweet and nice and what have you that's why I don't want to defend Gloria or do anything that will remotely serve her.

I told you, your little Philippine commies are her problem not mine.

You gotta accept that.

I don't know if they are using my tax money (I ain't living in Holland) so they can rent space for their tribunal and frankly, I wouldn't care even if they did.

Call me paleoliberal or whatever, and that's your prerogative in your blog but if those people who are communists or NPAs or armed brigands, tulisans or what not or what else really committed those crimes, then unleash Gonzalez and Gloria's army but don't count on me to help them do that.

For the sake of good old debate, why don't you answer your own questions the other way around:

"How do you think this wonderful country called the Philippines, backed by the might of Uncle Sam, its fabulous people and its well-heeled army do that? By defending democracy and freedom? By working at the root causes? By correcting injustices?"


And btw, I don't know many commies in Europe either or didin't know the person was if he/she was one - if you really want to know, I only know one French commie who, sadly, refuses to believe that USSR has ceased to exist: Mr Fitterman, former minister of transport during the odious reign of socialist Mitterand...

I had a run in with a Philippine writer called Luis Teodoro (but not in person) whom I learned was a communist thanks to Mlq3.

Rizalist said...

I just can't say it any plainer. I knew a Brigadier General fighting the NPA here. Got to visit their camp and meet his men. Even went on "base patrol." These are soldiers, not propagandists. They are fighting real tulisanes and worse, they have to grow most of their own food on base! All the govt gives them is a sack of rice per month for their families, while here in Manila they are portrayed as fascists running around killing heroic NGO leaders.

Our military gets no respect at the top. They deserve it for the rank corruption. But you should see the neglect, disrespect and defamation we do to the small fry in uniform.

They are at the frontlines against sanctimonious bandits preaching liberation while demanding submission to "Utrecht."

People are dying yes. It will stop when the communist insurgency realizes it is its own self-fulfilling vision of the Philippines as poor and depressed.

It is the insurgency that keeps us chained to poverty by pinning down a natural progression from bad to good by insisting on an instant jump. via dogma, via joma.

Yuko Takei said...

What's wrong with being a communist? I am not one but I know a lot many people here who support the Communist Party of Japan, and boy, are they being really useful! At least, they are none of the hypocrites in the Philippines who brag about the Philippines being a democratic country that is supposed to be a government OF, FOR and BY the people, not what it is presently, a government of, for and by the Pidals!!!

I actually support the Socialist Democratic Party of Japan whose chairperson gained a name for herself in fact by supporting movements to stop the deployment of Japayukis (the word "Japayuki" is a derogatory term applied only to Filipino women working in brothels, bars and clubs in Japan) to Japan. The number of these Filipino women pimped by their government increased in fact when the Midget became president until the implementation of the revised Immigration Law of Japan that barred their deployment to Japan.

At least, over here, we are free to choose candidates who are communists and proving themselves trustworthy unlike the majority of the crooks in the Philippine Congress who depend on the bribes being distributed by the Midget in the palace by the murky river! :-x

Jego said...

You don't think there is a terrorist problem at all?

Not from where I sit, Rizalist. There IS a terrorist problem. Just not one from the CPP-NPA. And yes, they should be taken off that list and put in a list called 'rebels'.

And me a paleoliberal? I consider myself a libertarian (sort of). Ergo, not a commie lover by a long shot.

john marzan said...

hah. on youtube, don imus tells john kerry to shut up!.

Rizalist said...

Yuko Takei,
Japan's success comes DESPITE being a perfect semicolony of the United States. Her entire military defense and sovereignty are really under the American umbrella. Japan is the best example of democracy forced down the throats of a people that American anti imperialists said were not ready for democracy, were a warrior race that would never be subjugated, etc.

The condition of optimal political liberty you mention in Japan even for Communists also obtains in the United States itself. The US exportation of democracy and its implementation after the war in Japan is a big reason that Japan is free and rich.

Iraq can become the same thing, despite appearances.

Yes there is democracy in Japan too, because they do not have a communist insurgency like us that holds the future hostage to ideology.

You are free to support your communists, but they are probably "the perfect middle class" type that Anna de brux mentions. Not the kind that run extortion and kidnapping rings and blow civilians up with land mines. Remote controlled landmines!



Then why on earth don't Gloria and her bunch of legal geniuses run after these extortionists, killers of civilians, etc.?

Look, in 2003, the AFP announced very officially that they estimated the NPAs to be no more than 7,500 elements or thereabouts.

The AFP's 120,000 officers and men should be able to decimate a group of rag-tag bandits, don't you think?

Why aren't they succeeding. Moreover, recently, I came accross a news item in PDI reporting that the AFP have now estimated the NPA strength at almost 10,000 elements.

Think, DJB! There must be absolutely something wrong somewhere, that instead of regressing, the NPA has managed to recruit more people to its ranks.

Now, if you can determine the problem why and how it is possible, then you can find the solution...

I wish the powers that be would listen to Karl's father, a former top military officer who has written a great deal about the problem of insurgency in Pinas.

Rizalist said...


You mean because they haven't been defeated their cause must be righteous, that the people secretly support them because they are fighting for a just cause. It's partly because so many people give these professional guerillas the benefit of the doubt on these questions that they have managed to survive so long.


No Dean. I think we both agree that Communism per se is no longer an effective system. When I told you to think, I wasn't really referring to Communist ideology or Mao/Lenin ideology behind the Philippine NPA, the CPP's armed wing, why they haven't defeated or why Manila isn't winning.

I'm not even sure that the current NPA's new recruits understand what ideology their "party" is espousing.

I can imagine some of their die hard leaders probably still mouthing a few distinct communist lines from the past to rally their troops but you might as well equate those lines to pep talk performed by commanders on their army; however, I don't believe communist ideology is the real backbone of these rebels any longer.

I equate their movement to nothing but mere insurgency, a form of bad, hard, armed habit reinforced by poverty, vulnerability due to lack of education and really, to me pure naiveté.

The analogy here would be more in keeping with Afghan vs Afghan tribal wars. Tribal power diguised as an ideological warfare.

That's really my idea but perhaps I'm wrong.

That's why I asked you to think - not so much because I disagree or agree with you but really, because I feel that we are barking on the wrong tree. We are believing that it's all about good old Communist ideology but perhaps, it isn't that any longer...

Does that make sense to you?