Monday, October 6, 2008

A White Flag of Surrender -- in Michigan

A hundred years in Iraq -- if that is what it takes to achieve Victory -- would be fine with him, but John McCain has apparently given up on the State of Michigan and waved the white flag of surrender to the terrorist (*wink*) forces of Barack Obama. What next, Pennsylvania?

Andrew Sullivan's Quote of the Day features the choice epithets of Emmet County, Michigan GOP party chairman, Jack Waldvogel...
"If you are going to end visits to the state by McCain/ Palin, do it. Just don't formally announce that you are 'pulling out' of Michigan, and then come back two days later asking the base core of support to 'keep working.' What a slap in the face to all the thousands of people who have been energized by the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket. I've been involved in County Party politics and organization for 40 years, and this is the biggest dumbass stunt I have ever seen... He has given up on our State? What a total and complete crock of crap. Again, I think McCain owes the Republicans and the People of Michigan a HUGE APOLOGY. SOON!"
Must be an early October surprise. Sullivan's also got the juicy stuff on Sarah Palin in Proof, Please. Turns out she once demanded the marriage certificate of a moderate Republican political rival back in her home town because the guy's wife was in the habit of using her maiden name. So, asks Sullivan mischievously, why hasn't she produced all the medical records relating to the birth of her son, Trig. Turns out, the blessed event is absent from the records of the Mat-Su hospital in her home town of Wasilla where Trig was allegedly born. The persistent rumor is that Trig is not Sarah Palin's son at all, but possibly her grandson... Meow!
Frank Rich thinks Sarah Palin is really mauling the McCain campaign.


Amadeo said...

Shssh, Dean:

The other campaign has also pulled out in at least one or two states. But let’s be quiet about it.

But I agree why they had to publicly announce about Michigan, beats me. But, hey, our Sarah is willing to get back and take a crack at it.

Amadeo said...

Oh, no, Dean:

You got sucked in by Sullivan’s pettiness, too.

But be that as it may, here are some public statements, little Trig was over 4 months when the VP selection was made (born April 18th) and the following week, it was declared that the eldest daughter was five months pregnant.

Now what naughty mind would think thus: Not content with all the burden she unloaded on her parents, backwoods-woman Bristol decides to get pregnant a month or less before delivery of her first baby?

Or maybe this is all a cover-up? What a silly family!

Unknown said...

McCain-Palin team's October surprise could likely be the "Manchurian Candidate" attack tactic against Obama.

Deany Bocobo said...

I think the criticism is they shouldn'a made such a big deal about it, then made it worse by saying Sarah would go beat a dead moose in Michigan. Of course (*wink*) it's all the MSM's fault, eh? Sorry to say it, but Sarah Palin is the main reason the GOP will lose this year. It's become an Obama-Palin race.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Bocobo. I was just wondering if you are aware of any internet crime statistics proliferating in the Phils.? Has there been action done by the supreme court in regards to this? Most specifically internet bullying?


Unknown said...

Sarah Palin is stirring hatred

Just discovered an alarming Washington Post's The Trail item via America Blog. If true, alarm bells should be sounded.

Must say I find it hard to believe that Sarah Palin, thug like she might be against Obama, could condone this brazen and disgusting threat by one of her supporters.

That said, I'm of the opinion that Mrs Palin is treading on very dangerous ground by stirring hatred in her hate filled speeches.

Time to call Mrs Palin to task and to remind this pitbull in lipstick to go play with the traffic in Alaska. She has become utterly despicable!

According to Washington Post item, Palin was delivering a hate stirring speech when someone in the audience shouted "Kill him! (Obama):

"And, according to the New York Times, he was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, 'launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol,'" she continued.

"Boooo!" the crowd repeated.

"Kill him!" proposed one man in the audience.

Story here.

Deany Bocobo said...

Hi Asia, welcome to the site. Internet bullying. Well, if one is careful and aware, the Internet can be a pretty safe playground. I guess it's like a City, you have to know where you are at all times, where you like going, where you are safe. It can be a nasty place, but "bullying" can happen in many contexts, wherever more than one person gathers. Be Safe!

Anonymous said...

A good October surprise would be to have McCain and Palin stepdown and let Ron Paul take over. Of course, Bush, Cheney, Rove, McCain and Palin won't agree to that. That may be their only chance of winning.

Deany Bocobo said...

I've seen some articles suggesting Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee are GOP frontrunners for 2012, although I guess Sarah Palin is giving them a run for their money. Sigh.