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Why the Chinese should understand HOCUS PCOS Philippine "President" Noynoy Aquino

WHILE  reports of  automated HOCUS PCOS  electoral fraud last May 10 were still being investigated by the Philippine Congress, with Joseph Estrada, Nicanor Perlas, Jamby Madrigal, JC de los Reyes, and Bro. Eddie Villanueva NOT yet conceding:

May 27, 2010 - "Chinese Ambassador Liu Jinchao pays courtesy call to president-apparent Noynoy Aquino"

The Chinese embassy would not give details of the visit, but it was reported that since Aquino is a fifth-generation Chinese on his mother side, the so-called “Fujian connection” was also mentioned between the two. Fijuan is a province in southeastern China where Aquino's maternal ancestors originated.

May 29, 2010 - Presidentiable Jc de los Reyes remarks at Facebook that foreign envoys (including the United States) should have been "diplomatic" enough not to preempt the Philippine poll process.

May 29, 2010 - Liu Jinchao defends his premature visit, claiming it is personal and that Noynoy is a "very good friend."

MANILA, Philippines - Chinese Ambassador Liu Jinchao said that his visit to president-apparent Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III last Thursday was a personal visit to a “very good friend” and an incumbent senator.

"Very good friend"? Iyon naman pala eh. So dapat nainintindihan ng Hong Kong/Chinese people na mahilig lang tumawa si HOCUS PCOS "President" Noynoy.  In English, if indeed, as Ambassador Liu Jinchao earlier claimed, Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III and he are chummy chummy, then he should make the Hong Kong people understand that it is simply in the psychologically complex nature of the current occupant of Malacanang to make such seemingly insulting smiles even amidst tragedies.

Besides, no less than Liu Jinchao pointed to the "Fujian connection" of the Cojuangco side of the Philippine "President. So there, one Yellow race connection, so just forgive  the blunders of the administration of the HOCUS PCOS one, will you, Chinese/Hong Kong people?

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The so-called HOCUS PCOS Aquino III administration, dubbed "Unelected and Illegal" by the group of Nicanor Perlas, concededly committed diplomatic faux pas he failed to initiate the call, or to answer the call, of  Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang last Monday during the height of the tourist bus hostage crisis. However, considering that the Chinese envoy to the Philippines, along with two others, also committed one when when he made a premature virtual courtesy visit to Aquino III last May 27.

Faux Pas both

Why do I say the action of the Chinese envoy, along with those of the United States and Japan, should be considered a diplomatic faux pas, if not a breach of diplomatic protocol? Because the visit was somehow timed with the height of the automated poll fraud hearings being heard by the congressional canvassing committee. Thus, China's decision to send its envoy to the Philippines necessarily sends the message that Aquino III is their "annointed one" so you Filipino solon-canvassers better consider that.

While Jinchao defended the visit by raising the rather conflicting arguments that it is personal, Aquino III being a "very good friend," and "he is a senator," the act  nevertheless smacked of political at a very political time. It does need much education for a person to reckon that the electoral, pre-proclamation phase called for diplomatic NEUTRALITY. That supposed 'personal' courtesy visit, it should be noted, was NOT kept private. As presidential candidate de los Reyes now comments on the May visit:
It's different if they chatted privately. Here they allowed media to take their pictures and even video. It was a public spectacle. They (Aquino III and Liu Jinchao] and both are a travesty of political delicadeza.

How personal can that visit be when Noynoy himself said that "he and Liu Jinchao also talked about the controversial broadband deal the Arroyo administration entered into with China's Zhong Xing Telecommunications Equipment Corp. (ZTE)." Why would Aquino III, who has on record absolutely zero accomplishment as a solon, be bothered with such an issue if not in connection with what was then being projected-by-his-partisans to be his "apparent" future role as Philippine President. That the Chinese envoy's visit was much more than personal is well seen in how GMANews.TV-7 and other media entities headlined it no less as a "courtesy call."

Illogic of Anger towards the Filipino Nation

In other words, since both Jinchao and Aquino III had been guilty of diplomatic faux pas in the very recent past; and since the presidency of the illegal and fraudulently elected Noynoy is partly a product of Chinese anointing; and since both figures claim to be "very good" friends having a common Fujian connection; and since the Filipino people have expressed multiple times their sincerest apologies and sympathies to the victims of the tragic bus hostage incident, the Hong Kong Chinese people, therefore, would do wisely to open their minds and hearts to forgive those responsible for the deaths of their compatriots.

If not forgive the direct perpetrator(s), the HK Chinese people should at least exercise a sober and sane perspective that the killings of the eight persons was NOT an act of the Filipino nation. To do otherwise smacks of illogic and even racism. Thank you for those who understand. For the others, stop the racist hatred please.


by Jesusa Bernardo

References @ BLOG by Taga-Ilog News


Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Hacking of the Daily Tribune--any connect with the HOCUS PCOS President's headaches?

On July 27, 2010, The Daily Tribune, [], the online version of the feisty and defiant daily English-language Philippine publication, was cracked (hacked), with the website not showing and the page going instead to an apparently malware-infested site, [Warning:still malware-infected]. That was coincidentally also the same day Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III  delivered his first State of the Nation Address (SONA)  and when the Office of the President's website,, reopened and first showed content with him as the new "President."

The development elicited pronounced concern from Daily Tribune's readers, mostly non-yellow-media patriots who consider it just about the only consistent voice of truth against electoral fraud, power grab, manipulated surveys, wanton corruption, and treacherous, shady deals with foreign entities.  Not unexpectedly, alarm bells were sounded by the periodical's patrons at the social site, Facebook.

The publication has a history of going against the mainstream media's apologist stance for the seditious yellow forces that seized power from President Joseph Estrada in 2001. In  2006, the administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered a police raid of the premises of the Daily Tribune following a declaration of the state of emergency.

Both my browser and my anti-virus alerted me but I insisted on going to the hacked page, that seemed forwarded to, because I simply needed to access Tribune for my TAGA-ILOG News blog. Because I persisted, my said blog, and, briefly, my three other blogs, got infected as well. (See The Daily Tribune hacked by the evl yllws, got my TAGA-ILOG & 3 other sites infected).

Trying to do some cyber sleuthing, I checked on the malware diagnostics for and found that it first hosted malware on or before July 17, 2010--with the description that the infection led to the unauthorized downloading of a  "Malicious software [which] includes 252 trojan(s)."

Click for IMAGE: Google Diagnostis Cached for as of July 18, 2010

 As of early this week, was still listed as suspicious by Google, with malicious software now numbering "276 trojan(s)"! The trojans are apparently coming from the unauthorized malicious software installed by some malicious crackers.

Uncanny Timing

The timing of the malware attack is highly suspicious, alright. How coincidental is it that the most fearless, most un-yellow and most-critical-of-Aquino news publication was disabled by cracking on the day the new "President"  was scheduled to deliver his very first SONA and when the Office of the President's (OP),, was finally able to began hosting contents for the new administration?

The cyber attack simply seems too perfectly timed, enough to  conveniently stifle the periodical's hallmark critical voice during an important day for Aquino III. After all, the broadsheet publication has been consistent, if not persistent, in attacking as failed and fraudulent the recent elections that the proclaimed "President" supposedly won.

The Daily Tribune's bold commentaries scream of  "Poll fraud;"' "Deliberate fraud?;" "Failure of automation;" "Hocus-PCOS info war;" "All signs point to massive electronic fraud;" and "Stealing the vote." It has also been critical of yellow politics in general, with titles that say it all: "Yellow politics of coercion;" "Yellow arrogance: Erap's redemption;"  and "Yellow: The color of hypocrisy."

The "Without fear or favor" publication also does not fail to remind about the unconstitutional 2001 power grab, talking of the need for "EDSA 2 rectification in order" even during the 2010 campaign period. Consistent with its candid brand of truthful journalism, it has articulated criticisms of Aquino III's ability to lead the nation, with bluntly honest opinion pieces that reads: "Clueless by the Pasig;" and  "From the mouth of an arrogant ignoramus." It was even one of the first broadsheets to touch on what has long been talked about but kept from the public by the yellow media--the issue of Aquino III's supposed autism in  the February 2010 opinion piece,  ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy... they first make mad’.

 Coincidence, along with possible motive,  of course, won't nail a crime, so to speak. The disabling of the Daily Tribune website seems a cracking job, although the malware infection is not an uncommon thing in the Internet. But what about when the same publication is simultaneously a victim of another, a different kind of cyber attack?

Clone Daily Tribune

The case of the hacking/cracking of the Daily Tribune's website seems much more than malware infection because the contents of the site are now actually hosted in another site other than the official one--in a very spurious-sounding domain of

A check on the domain registration of the two websites shows entirely different registration information, one being legitimate sounding and the other fishy. The registering entity for  is based in the Philippines, complete with contact numbers and building address.

On the other hand, data for the other Tribune-content-hosting  www.hacking.identity reveals a United States-based registrant, with the addresses for the administrative and technical contacts being found in two different states. Why would a Philippine news entity whose print office is located in the country have a foreigner as domain registrant?

Click for IMAGE: Domain registration of Tribune clone,

It seems apparent that is a spurious clone of the Daily Tribune.

All these point to the website having been hacked big time. The "Without fear or favor" news site was unavailable beginning around mid-day of July 26, 2010-- in time for "President" Aquino III's first SONA  and the day the his OP website was first made available. The Daily Tribune's readers were redirected to a malware-infested site for at least a day or two. As well, at around that time, the hacking-sounding site that cloned the Daily Tribune,, began appearing in the Web.

Alright, the Daily Tribune was hacked, and apparently cloned. Now, who would do such a thing? To state the obvious, its readers would probably make the quick pointing of the finger at the yellows, that sector or group of civil (daw) society identified with the 2001 "EDSA 2" power grab conspirators, seemingly headed today by the current occupant in Malacanang.

No less than the man, dubbed by some or many as the HOCUS PCOS "President," confirmed the strongly antagonistic position and, thereby, possible motive, of the yellows vis-a-vis the Daily Tribune in an interview with the broadsheet's Ronald Roy.

The Daily Tribune adds to the "headaches" of Aquino III

Roy writes on July 29, 2010:
When it came to media matters, the President told me he had decided not to read the Daily Tribune anymore, implying he didn’t wish to add to his headaches. This was the opening I was waiting for.

I said: “But you must regard the paper as an institution for good government. Accept it as you would a dependable friend who would never lie to you no matter how hurting the truth. The Daily Tribune is the small David of media that fights — without fear or favor — the Goliaths of corruption, injustice, abuse and deceit.”

He lowered his gaze, his brows furrowed in deep concentration...

So there, no less than the leader of the yellows says he does not like the newspaper and has decided to read it no more. In the light of  published admission by the "President" that the same gives him "headaches," along with the suspicious timing of its hacking, is it probable, therefore, that the yellows were behind the rather vicious cyber attack(s)? Well, they do have possible motive, and no question about capability. And the timing? Simply too perfect to be plain coincidental.

It took some time before the communication team of Aquino III was able to put up the Office of the President website. Wonder if they tinkered first with the website of the headache-causing-to-the-"President"  Daily Tribune....


Posted by Jesusa Bernardo

References & Images @ SOBRIETY for the PHILIPPINES

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Musical Commentary on our Times: AWIT NG ATING PANAHON

This song by Rey Valera is a candid, if but poignant, articulation of what the country has become at this point in Philippine history--the time of Rey's and our generation. Listen to this song, which is banned from broadcast air playing, for a reality check, all of you who have been acculturated to the immorality of society under the almost continuous string of yellow administrations. 

by Rey Valera

Ang aking bayan
Mahal ng kalikasan
Palaging may araw
Maghapon ang kwentuhan

Sa aking panahon
May formalin na ang gulay
Mangidnap ng tao
Parang hanapbuhay

Mayro'n kaming Xerex
Gigisingin ka sa sex
Moral namin babang-baba
Nangre-rape pati bata

Ito ang bayan ko ngayon
Ito ang aking panahon
Kung maaalala mo kami
Ito ang aking panahon

Sikat ang Pinatubo
Umalis mga Kano
Nguni't ang isip namin
G.I. Joe pa rin

Pagkatapos mag-aral
Takbo ay Amerika
Tingin namin sa bayan
Ay walang pag-asa

Salitang pagkakaisa
Ay narinig na namin
Nguni't di alam ang gagawin
At ano'ng ibig sabihin

Ito ang bayan ko ngayon
Ito ang aming panahon
Kung maaalala n'yo kami
Ito ang aming panahon

Sa aking panahon
Uso ang mag-Saudi
Pag-uwi ay mayro'ng TV
May blue seal ang barkada

May ilang linggo
Magbebenta na ulit
Pinayaman ibang bayan
Pamilya'y iiwanan

Kung marami sanang
Maka-Diyos sa gobyerno
At hindi na Diyos and pera
Baka mayro'ng pag-asa

Ito ang bayan ko ngayon
Ito ang aming panahon
Kung maaalala n'yo kami
Ito ang aming panahon

Kung maaalala (sana nga)
N'yo kami(kabataan)
Ito ang aming panahon.


Posted by Jesusa Bernardo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All that matters

SWS: 75% of Filipinos satisfied with national polls

Written by Sara Fabunan / Correspondent

SEVENTY-FIVE percent of Filipinos and poll workers were “satisfied” with the conduct of the country’s first-ever automated elections on May 10, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) said.

The SWS survey also said the elections for the presidential and vice-presidential posts were credible.

Funded by Asia Foundation, the SWS conducted the poll from June 25 to 28 among 1,200 Filipino adults and a complementary survey among 480 poll workers.

From the total sample population, 8 percent said they were undecided, while 15 percent said they were dissatisfied on the way the poll body handled the national elections.

“This year’s public satisfaction with the conduct of the May 2010 elections was a marked improvement compared
with the previous two elections,” the SWS stated.

During the 2004 and 2007 elections, only 53 percent and 51 percent, respectively, of the survey participants declared satisfaction with the elections.

On the other hand, the result from the 480 election workers showed 90 percent of them were satisfied with the conduct of the polls, compared with the 78 percent workers during the midterm elections.

In an interview, Commission on Elections Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal said yesterday the survey showed that voters found satisfaction from the results for president and vice president, adding that the result was “highly credible” compared with the past elections.

“[The result from SWS] clearly showed that it was a successful election,” Larrazabal said in a press briefing yesterday.

Seventy-seven percent of participants believe the Comelec results were credible, saying those proclaimed truly got the most number of votes.

The figures were 12 percent higher compared with the 65-percent satisfaction rating in 2007.

The report also revealed that the respondents also said they were satisfied with the effort of Comelec’s supplier, Smartmatic and Total Information Management Corp. (Smartmatic-TIM), and its poll watchdog, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV)

The June survey said 70 percent of the voters were satisfied with Smartmatic-TIM’s performance in ensuring that the voting machines were working properly.

The PPCRV received a 75-percent nod from survey participants, saying it was honest in reporting the count.

The Legal Network for Truthful Elections, another Comelec citizen’s arm, got 32-percent satisfaction rating for guarding the votes in the local races.

Source: Business Mirror