Saturday, October 4, 2008

Controversy Over the Reproductive Health Bill (Updated)

My newest post at Filipino Voices considers the Catholic Magisterium on Contraception. It's part of a whole series of posts and lively debates from several contributors at that great new website, for example:

Is the Reproductive Health Bill Unconstitutional
Resolved: That Abortion Be Decriminalized
Remove the Anti-poor Bans on Divorce and Abortion
When Does Human Life Begin?
The Catholic Magisterium on Contraception
Support the Reproductive Health Bill

We'd love to hear your opinion on this crucial national issue.

Wow! But isn't the Catholic Taliban getting really clever now?

Congressman Ruffy Biazon offers his take on the Reproductive Health Bill. He dissects and gently exposes the fallacies of the Catholic Church's confounding of contraception with abortion. Read it all, folks.

Atty Manuel J. Laserna excoriates the Church's Meddling. Well, they are allowed to do that under the Bill of Rights provision on freedom of religion, but it does make you wonder about the reality of Disestablishment...

Buwayahman answers a questionnaire from the Couples for Christ, who are praying to God against RH 5043. I wonder what wonders they will ponder if the bill is passed given the snowballing support for it in Congress and in the uhmm larger population...

Prof. Raul Pangalangan, formerly Dean of the UP Law School takes no prisoners in describing the Catholic Clergy's All Out War on the Reproductive Health Bill.

Official figures show some 400,000 abortions carried out each year in the Philippines. As I have written earlier, one-third of all pregnancies in the Philippines have ended up in abortion and, in 2000 alone, they recorded 473,400 cases of induced abortions, more than 90 percent of them by married women. Almost 60 percent of contraceptive users depend on government for their supply of contraceptives.

In contrast, read Thursday’s report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “The abortion rate in the United States has hit a 30-year low, with the decline particularly marked among teens, who once had the highest rate of abortion.” Abortions were dramatically reduced by more than 50 percent within 15 years, due in large part to the increased use of contraceptives.

So, prevention of unintended conception (through modern birth control means like pills and condoms in the Reproductive Health Bill) is demonstrably a most effective way of reducing the abortion rate, which is a desirable goal for all sides.

NEW ON THE BLOG ROLL [via Slate] -- Christian Nymphos

We are women with excessive sexual desire for our husbands! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, God wants us to be madly in love with our husbands. He wants us to keep that fire burning in our marriage beds! We have the Song of Solomon as a perfect example of a Christ honored union where the two people are obviously intoxicated with each other.

They're serious too!


john marzan said...

remember how the church smeared juan flavier when he was running for a senate seat? his DOH's anti-tetatus vaccine causes abortions raw.

Deany Bocobo said...

You know I think he is running again daw for the Senate in 2010. But the great signficance (harmful!) of Juan Flavier is that he authored that apartheid law: IPRA.

Anonymous said...

It is quite sad that the Catholic hierarchy fights the fight only in selected cases. That is the reason why they have lost their credibility. When Rosales, Vidal and Capalla sided with the usurper, they destroyed the Church's credibility. Time will come. Everything will be accounted for by God.

sparks said...

manong djb,

one of my unit managers is interesting in linking your magisterium post to our org's website. we've been picking up a lot of flack against the likes of sen tatad lately. i hope you are prepared for the "consequences" of speak truth to power :)

sparks said...


Deany Bocobo said...


sparks said...

I floated the idea to tap blogs in the media campaign while Congress is in recess. We still need to keep the issue in people's minds. The n point person said bloggers' audience is insignificant. Aray.