Friday, October 24, 2008

Manila's Mullahs and Mind Conditioning

From the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines website:
The Catholic bishop's hierarchy made a stern warning Friday against “misleading” surveys in favor of the controversial Reproductive Health bill. Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, Episcopal Commission on Family and Life chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, said it’s a “mind-conditioning” strategy of those behind the bill.

Well if anyone knows about MIND CONDITIONING it's these guys. So they're fighting back by beefing up catechism lessons where the kids can get some honest to goodness truth in proselytizing.

What I am truly waiting for from Manila's Mullahs however, is some honest reflection on the Pope's own recent apologies for clergy sexual abuse (Newsweek) of parishioners and defenseless young men and women. And look at this from Der Spiegel
The child sex abuse scandal in the US Catholic Church first came to light in 2002. Since then the church has paid out $2 billion in compensation settlements to victims.
Wow! That's a lot of PEDOPHILIA, your reverences!

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We'd love to hear your opinion on this crucial national issue.


Unknown said...

On catholic churches' yards they are putting on streamers and banners that says "No To The Culture of Death, NO To Reproductive Health Bill".

Those idiots.

To them, bringing out suckers and losers every second and every minute is not perpetuating the culture of death.

Hypocritical assholes|

Deany Bocobo said...

Easy Icnatabio. I believe the issue can be won. Lots of other churches have come around. Some day, even the RCC might do so.

domingoarong said...

The surveys are not “misleading”; the results merely show that over 75% of Filipinos who claim to be Roman Catholics are really not.

The “teachings” of the Church, or any religion for that matter--like one’s rights to life, liberty and property and certain fundamental rights the Bill of Rights proclaim for that matter--are not to be made subject to surveys or to be submitted to a vote.

Religious beliefs are not political teachings; they cannot be made to depend upon what the majority says so.

Anyway, every Roman Catholic is given the opportunity, yearly, to renew their baptismal vows--to believe or not, and let divine law take its course.

Jego said...

To them, bringing out suckers and losers every second and every minute is not perpetuating the culture of death.

Suckers and losers, eh? Sounds perilously close to eugenics to me, icnatabio.

Unknown said...

Suckers and losers, eh? Sounds perilously close to eugenics to me.

No jego, lots of suckers and losers out there and it's not about eugenics.

Deany Bocobo said...

I agree with Icnatabio. I realize it is the RCC's line to make contraception equal to abortion. But even the most disingenuous of the CBCP and its surrogates have not stooped to such hyperbole as to leap to "eugenics".

Jego said...

It's calling them 'suckers and losers' that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, DJB. I suppose we who are not living in squatter communities are the not-suckers and not-losers, and therefore have the right to breed because it is assumed we know better and would breed judiciously.

Correct me if Im wrong, Icnatabio, but I get the impression that you call the continually multiplying multitude cramped in their shanty communities suckers and losers. If Im mistaken in my impression, accept my apologies. Until then, I await your clarification.

Unknown said...


i call the ill-timed, unwanted children born to ill-prepared but otherwise biologically capable couples suckers and losers and they do not exclusively reside in shanty towns. lots of cases like that in rural areas, perhaps even greater than that in urban depressed communities. and to correct your misimpression further, suckers and losers are also born to middle class as well as to upper class families. if you assume middle and upper class denizens know better, you are assuming wrongly.

you can substitute a more palatable euphimism for suckers and losers if that would make you happy.

Jego said...

Ah, I see. We'll stick to your nomenclature, icnatabio. So suckers and losers shouldnt breed? Im still unclear where youre coming from. The State should prevent suckers and losers from breeding? What criteria of suckerhood and loserhood should we use, and who gets to determine suckerhood and loserhood?

(Rural areas generally arent overpopulated. Lot's of space there. It's the cities that are mostly overpopulated.)

Unknown said...


you could just say i am not an advocate of a society of suckers and losers.

i blame the state and its institutions (including the church) for its willful and deliberate policy of keeping many of its population in the sucker and loser category; a policy that insures the ruling class to keep their wealth, their power, and their influence.

the lagman bill, i believe, seeks to, at least, overturn this irresponsibility on the part of the ruling class and empower ordinary citizens with their freedom and right to chose.

Jego said...

Got it. Thanks.

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