Monday, June 27, 2011

Will Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. Run for the Presidency of the Philippines?

Few Filipino politicians seem to fully appreciate the power of the new online social media networks like Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. In fact, Bongbong Marcos seems to genuinely enjoy the freewheeling exchange of ideas with virtual friends and virtual strangers  alike and is active on both of the leading platforms Facebook and Twitter.  Some of his recent statements bear exposing to a wider audience.  He posted the following statement on a Facebook Group page (TNM) addressing as he says, "for the first time" the question in the blog post title:
SENATOR BONGBONG MARCOS:  "[...] This is probably the first time I've answered questions regarding higher office. But I'll also have to repeat what I've been saying and its not being coy or calculating with my thoughts about it but the fact is the Presidential elections is a lifetime away as it is just around the corner. That contradiction can be explained. A lifetime away to prepare and plan to win but around the corner in as far as getting prepared for the job and I'm not going to run and use the excuse of "nobody is really prepared for the job" which is what some people use when it becomes an issue during a campaign that one is ill prepared. When I run, I will be prepared and confident of my qualifications, no ifs or buts. Or, I will not run."