Friday, November 20, 2009

Re: Bow Bow Barack

Regarding the bow President Obama made to the emperor of Japan. A friend of mine has a common sense take on the bow with one commentor strenuously disagreeing. Having lived overseas I believe it is important and well received to show respect for a host's culture and traditions. I do agree with my buddy that President Obama was most likely not given adequate or correct briefing on proper protocol.

Now, as to why Americans (mostly those on my side of the political divide) are upset over this is because the bow is viewed as submission to an unelected hereditary ruler. Many believe President Obama is confusing diplomacy with obsequiousness. Of course, petty partisan payback has something to do with it too.



Anonymous said...

" to why Americans ...are upset over this ..."

er, not really (see pp. 4 of the pdf link below)

Marcus Aurelius said...

There was enough reaction and counter-reaction to the bow to spur a lot of blog posts including the earlier one -- which I am responding too.

I believe it worth discussing for a number of reasons and my main point is it highlights the President's conflation of diplomacy and appeasement.

In the end is it a big deal of itself? No but it is a yet another lead drip of the upcoming flood.

Anonymous said...

"it is a yet another lead drip of the upcoming flood."

pray tell, what is this "upcoming flood"?