Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Art of the Areglo: No Quick Arrests In Maguindanao Massacre

HUMAN RIGHTS CHAIR LILA DE LIMA is right. The Ampatuans are getting special treatment. Jess Dureza's obsequious visit to the Ampatuan clan seat yesterday was most irregular and smacks of a "political accomodation". He told Pia Hontiveros at noon Tuesday he got "assurances of cooperation" from the Ampatuans in the investigation of the case!

On Tuesday, Jesus Dureza, Presidential Adviser on Mindanao Affairs, met with the Ampatuans, including Ampatuan Jr., and sought their cooperation in the investigation.

Dureza said he did not directly talk about the details of the case with the Ampatuans despite the account given by Vice-Mayor Mangudadatu.

The Mangudadatus believe the killings were politically motivated because the vice-mayor will oppose Ampatuan Jr. in the gubernatorial race in 2010.

'Disturbing, unusual treatment'

Commission on Human Rights chairperson Leila de Lima told radio dzMM that the government's "unsual treatment" of Ampatuan Jr. is disturbing.

De Lima said that at this stage and with the statement from the Mangudadatus, the police should have already invited Ampatuan Jr. for questioning or at least to get his side.

“I also observed that there is an unusual treatment. If you’re an ordinary suspect and there is a lead and information [of your supposed involvement] you will be immediately invited,” she said, adding that the government should heed to the public’s clamor of swift and decisive action against the killers and the masterminds in the massacre.

She added that Dureza’s meeting with the supposed primary suspect in the brutal killings was also unusual.

She said suspects should be invited to present themselves to the police to explain their side, not visited.

“Go to our precinct. Explain your side, execute a statement if you want to. But to be visited just get an assurance [of your cooperation]?” De Lima said.

De Lima also questioned the police’s “less than decisive action.”
It reminds me of July 2007. After the Basilan RTC issued over a hundred arrest warrants against MILF/ASG suspects in the ambush and beheading of 10 Marines looking for Fr. Giancarlo Bossi, OPAPP Jess Dureza STAYED the warrants to conduct an "independent investigation". Most of the suspects got away as a result. Later it came out that he was negotiating that GRP-MILF MOA-AD and had to save his "partners in the peace process" from charges of ambush and mutilation!


manuelbuencamino said...

Dureza will announce that it was a mass suicide

UP n grad said...

Gibo is urging arrest:

Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, Lakas-Kampi-CMD chair, earlier called for their expulsion from the party.

Teodoro said in a statement: “I have called on the party to take the decisive step to initiate expulsion proceedings against them for their failure to uphold party ideals and principles in their area of jurisdiction, especially relating to the peaceful, legal and democratic pursuit and exercise of political power.”

Dominguez said Ampatuan Sr. and Zaldy “being both the actual and symbolic heads of the Ampatuan clan, are now considered expelled from the party and relieved of their duties and responsibilities as the party provincial chair for Maguindanao and regional chair of ARMM, respectively.”
. . .
Teodoro, the former Defense secretary, made the call for the Ampatuans’ expulsion during a visit to Buluan town in Maguindanao, two days after the massacre of at least 57 people, including members of the Mangudadatu political clan and several journalists. The victims were seized and killed by armed men said to be followers of the powerful Ampatuan clan.

Teodoro came from an oath-taking of new party members in nearby Midsayap town. In Buluan, Teodoro condoled with families of the victims of what has been described as the worst politically related massacre in the nation’s history.

He urged the government to arrest Andal Ampatuan Jr., who was believed to be behind the massacre, and disarm suspected perpetrators of the “dastardly crime,” as well as all armed groups in the area to prevent an escalation of violence.

baycas2 said...


alam ni gibo ang impending clash. di niya napigilan nung dnd sec pa siya o dili kaya'y naihabilin na i-monitor pa ang galaw ng bawa't kampo.

kahapon sa radyo, dwiz "doble banda," di naman niya nasabi diretsahan na gusto niyang maaresto ang mga ampatuan*.

he's trying to assuage the grief of the vice mayor as a result of his inefficiency.

sabagay, 2010 political posturing rin ang maaaring pakay niya roon. bitbit pa niya si edu.

*ang malamang na kumanlong noon kay garci habang siya'y nagtatago

geek said...

I just find it weird that even when solid evidences are screaming at their faces, the government is still not doing anything. And what the hell does our government take us for? Idiots?

The investigation process seems inefficient. The Ampatuans should be taken into questioning already.

It's really kinda scary to live here in the Philippines 'cause powerful people can just get away with any crime -- even though there are already strong evidences against them.

Marcus Aurelius said...

It probably does not need to be said, but I do it for the record. But most of the papers are reporting arrests are being made.

geek said...

Yes, I heard of the arrests. But of course, Ampatuan Jr is going to deny (and he really is denying) the allegations against him. And arresting Ampatuan Jr is not and should not be the end to it. There should be rigorous investigations and the one responsible should be convicted.