Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Pandora's Box of Immoralities

COMELEC has opened a Pandora's Box of Trouble by declaring as IMMORAL the doctrines, emotional preferences and sexual practices of the Ang Ladlad Party of self-described lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members, based on religious tests from Christian and Islamic Scripture.

Surely its own ruling obligates Comelec to ensure that NOBODY else filing a COC is guilty of the same immoral doctrines, emotional preferences and sexual practices it has condemned in Ang Ladlad's LGBTs. Moreover, I don't see how they could look the other way at heterosexual immoralities, infidelities, indiscretions of individuals and party lists.

In effect, SPP 09-228, the Resolution denying Ang Ladlad accreditation, imposes novel standards of SEXUAL MORALITY that must be met by all candidates--local, provincial and national -- to participate in the 2010 elections.

It would be grossly discriminatory to apply the new Morality Test only to Ang Ladlad. So I think the Comelec en banc will see the wisdom of reversing this Resolution and accredite Ang Ladlad.


UP n grad said...

On really wishes that life is a fairy tale, but it is not. To say that action on an item should not be done (not allow certification for Ang Ladlad) unless action is done on similar items (find priest-pedophiles and jail them) is to stop the world from progressing.

Just like saying "It is not right to kick GMA out of Malacanang unless this world also kicks Saddam out of Iraq."

Anonymous said...

this is an excerpt from the pbb live streaming.. a solid proof of discrimination!

context: house b boys talking about rica (transgender housemate)

rob: dude wag na lang tayo matulog tonight... or wag na lang kayo maglasing...
rocky: hindi talaga ko maglalasing... takot ko lang
rob: dude dibale di naman ako malalasing... bantayan ko na lang kayo kay half-half..
rocky: hehehe
rob: dude masaya kaya yung party mamaya? sana talaga sila mariel pa rin noh
rocky: sana nga
rob: what's the point of having fun kung puro mumu naman kasama


rocky: tol intact pa ba yung kay samson-delilah?
rob: yeah alam ko it's still there... why did you ask?
rocky: hehe para alam ko kung san ako aatake pag ginapang ako
rob: dudee!!! ayos ah!


Rob: jackpot talaga sila doon!
Rocky: jackpot din naman tayo dito ah, meron tayong Samson at Delilah sa isang katawan!
Patrick: ganyan talaga ang buhay, may nalalamangan...
Rob: ayaw kong mag-jacuzzi!
Hermes:it sucks to be us right now
Rob: kahapon, parang DUDE! ngayon parang WHAT?!!!
Patrick: ituring din natin silang ordinaryong tao...
House B boys: hahahahaaha!
Rocky: di ba sila mga ordinaryong tao?! hehehe

WillyJ said...

Hi DJB. How about posting something on the Maguindanao Massacre?

geek said...

Sexual Morality my ass! What kind of logic does our government have? LGBT is not equated with immorality. Damn, there are so many effing heteros out there who are way, way immoral than LGBTs -- some of them work in the churches and the government. If this is their logic, then no one should be allowed in the government.

And whatever happened to separation of church and state? Why the hell consult Christian and Islamic doctrines for state decisions? Again, if this is their logic, then they should also consult the babaylan -- then I guess the LGBT community would have more sympathizers.