Sunday, October 11, 2009

How Manila Does Flood Ways

I first posted this video on Facebook last week, but I am still asking the question of readers:
Does the presence of kangkong plantations IN the Manggahan Floodway present a problem during storm induced flooding like Ondoy-Pepeng?

By the way, I think the folks who gave us GOOGLE EARTH ought to get a Nobel Prize for a marvelous tool worthy of the Ages instead of... but I bet Barack Obama would agree--if he's as great as I hope he can be--that the Norwegians are guilty of premature exultation and international emotional blackmail.  


blackshama said...

Now Obammy wants the Army to ask gays in uniform if they are indeed gay!

This should rock the Pentagon!

rc said...

"f he's as great as I hope he can be"

Could you have possibly put any more qualifiers on that statement?