Thursday, October 15, 2009

Erap Bids For Historical Redemption

DEPOSED Philippine leader JOSEPH "ERAP" ESTRADA today announced his intention to seek the Presidency in May, 2010 in an obvious bid for historical redemption. His survival and present candidacy is testament to the historic failure of Edsa Dos, which would certainly be repudiated if he wins.  He will run along with Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay as vice-presidential running mate, and a nearly full slate of senatorial candidates including Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Senate Pro Tempore Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, Representatives Teodoro "Teddy Boy" Locsin Jr., Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and Rodolfo Plaza, lawyer Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III, Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares, Jose "Joey" de Venecia III, Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim and Edu Manzano, former chairman of the Optical Media Board. Running under the United Opposition (UNO) flag, a twelfth senate seat has been left open for a guest candidate.  It appears Erap has put together a pretty strong senatorial lineup, with members of the Senate, Congress, provincial and local government, the military, entertainment, legal and political professions.

Aquino Ally To Run With Estrada-Binay Senatorial Ticket?

But perhaps the most interesting senatorial candidate of Erap is Rep. Teddy Boy Locsin, who is among other things, well known as Cory Aquino's long time speech writer, Press Secretary,  advisor, confidante and friend.  Teddy Boy wrote her famous speech before the US Congress and one of the best eulogies  after she died.  I think it is a political minus for NOYNOY AQUINO who has nonetheless just topped the 3rd Quarter SWS survey.  I recently analyzed this Choose 3 form of the survey here. In this connection check out also the report (via Cesar Purisima and MLQ3) of the existence of a "private rider" question in the above SWS survey, wherein Noynoy and Mar both are preferred over the other candidates in their respective races in a "Pick One" situation (100% total).   



Anonymous said...

Wow, some new players same shit.

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

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Whoa! dean, but that is the appropriate adjective for these new players. Shit. Ok, the old players too are shit but we already know that!

Maybe you like crap better. Ok, they are crap.

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

Anon, the truth, or our opinion of the truth may be freely expressed by nonanonymous visitors, not assassins in the shade. Profanity is a privilege not a right for nonanonymous persons. It is neither privilege NOR right for anons like you, but something that is merely tolerated when it is nongratuitous, such as when you so cutely explicate your expletive as being the truth.

kulas said...

What? you are such a pompous piece of work. Regular people use the words shit, crap, fuck and what have you in everyday talk. What made you so rpim and proper all of sudden.

I am sure that you have used worse language, covered up in your pretentious, half baked eloquence( kuno).

Get off that high horse. You are blurring the issue with your hypocrisy. You are fooling no one.

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

Hey Kulas! Read the whole thread before you get your knickers in a twist. I'm the bouncer at this Club. I just don't want any anonymous scum around here. But yeah, you can cuss and make an embarrassment of yourself if you like. Just don't do it anonymously. It's not fair!

Jesusa Bernardo said...

I'm part of a social network that's open of course to every nationality but nonetheless peopled mostly by Americans. There is that CoH or Code of Honor that we subscribe to--non-use of expletives, no profanity, no racist talk, etc.--and violators are warned, suspended, or depending mostly on the columnist, have their comments deleted, even their accounts deleted by Admin. The bottom line is respect. We abide by the code not only because some of us ride the "high horse" you call but because it's a rule that could cause one's expulsion. And to think most, NOT ALL, Americans are generous with expletives (that's what we see in the movies, right?).

In the first place, not everybody uses expletive. Most, perhaps do, but the better ones don't do so IN WRITING. Expletives don't sound right being read (& rather permanently so in cyberspace) and are better--if you have to use it--just used in something fleeting, as (unrecorded) speaking.

Also, in contrast to your claim, the use of expletives/ profanity precisely distracts from the issues. What does that "sh_t" mean, by the way? Why don't you try expressing the issue in clear terms instead?

Perhaps, DJB can perhaps choose to make an exception for you--but you'd need to identify yourself first. Be accountable for written profanity. Then again, maybe he won't... in which case you just better abide by the house rules or go out the wide-open exit.

Jesusa Bernardo said...

As for the Senate line-up, the craps (isn't this word an equally offensive synonym of sh_t?) to me are Edu Manzano and Teddy Locsin--unprincipled political users/butterflies! Been with the Illegitimate President all throughout and then suddenly jump to Erap's side. Explain, please.

At least, for some of the others who are also obviously political butterflies, they've been with Erap in the (political) past at one point or the other.

kulas said...

You are funny in a very weird way, Bocobo! Just because someone makes an anonymous post you get on you high horse and think you can bully people around.

You remind me of an English proctor in UPD who lectures about how to speak when he himself can't be understood by the students.

So, Kulas is not anonymous? Who is Kulas? Anybody can create a placeholder entry in any free web hosting service. Don't you know that? This fixation of yours is so shallow and petty.

If you feel so strongly about anonymous comments, then why allow it?

You are the one making an ass of yourself. You are the unfair one!

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

I allow anonymous comments because some of the best I get are anonymous. And also some of the worst!

Call me pompous, but I do have faith in humanity, though not blind faith.

Besides it's my blog. I don't let stray dogs shit in my swimming pool because I have to much respect for my other guests and partners. You can go to a blog like Filipino Voices though, if you like that sort of setup.

manuelbuencamino said...

Teddy Locsin is there because he is a Binay ma.

Edu is there because someone has to take the place og Lito Lapid.

But I would rather have ten of them than the centenarian Enrile and the nut-case Miriam

Jesusa Bernardo said...

Thanks for the response, MB.

I really don't think Miriam is a nut case--just pompous and joker-like, combined with political butterflyism. The label's history goes back to her 1992 presidential bid and has since stuck.

Re Enrile, be careful for you might be accused of discrimination against the seniors! LOL!

Locsin's one of those Edsa 2 plotters or action men and if I remember right, figured in the railroading of the proclamation of the Illegitimate during the 2004 joint congressional committee so he's a big no. As far as I'm concerned, those guilty of sedition and of helping in electoral fraud or in frustrating the unraveling of the true electoral victor do not deserve to be elected.

As for Manzano, what would he possibly contribute to the Senate? It's not like he's eying the presidency with the Senate as stepping stone? Mas bagay siya sa slate ni Gibo.

manuelbuencamino said...


Indeed the Brenda tag came out in 1992.

But Miriam has not done anything to dispel that image. Her chronic fatigue syndrome, I believe, is a misdiagnosis. Her behavior exhibits symptoms of manic-depression or as we call it today, bi-polarity.

So she's got psychological problems on top of being pompous, joker-like, and a political butterfly. That last attribute makes me question her integrity, what is her motive from jumping from one side to another?

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

I agree Miriam is no nutcase. In fact, she's probably the best legal mind in the Senate, bar none! It's just that ineradicable accent Ilongo-British accent of hers (nothing against Ilongos or Brits of course!)

Jesusa Bernardo said...

We probably need a politically neutral psychologist to assess Miriam. LOL.

I don't actually see her as bi-polar--she's always in high spirits, isn't she? The only time Miriam appeared depressed to me was when her son took his own life--no thanks to the incessant put downs of the democratically uncivil, immorally unChristian and heartless 'civil society' who so hated her articulate support of Erap beginning from late 2000 until the time she switched side (and girl how the coup plotters and gullibles suddenly became quiet, if not nice, towards her!).

Jesusa Bernardo said...

And yes, I agree DJB that Miriam's undoubtedly the best legal mind around.

As for her switching from one side to the other, almost everybody does it. So MB, they all have questionable integrity.

Gloria's dad was a liberal who supported, of course, Salonga back in 1992 but the infamous daughter chose to ran under the LDP and come next elections, bolted that party which would not field her as VP bet! Noynoy ran under Erap who was approached by Cory to include him in the opposition line-up but now, he seems to be listening only to his LP partymates.

Nene Pimentel was the microphone-holder of the Illegitimate during Edsa 2 but consistently ran as oppositionist when Gloria's men considered him a threat to her presidential ambitions. Then there's that seemingly very corrupt Villar who rammed down the impeachment case in Congress pampapogi niya but had the nerves to present himself as oppositionist under Erap pa.

FVR also did it when he bolted LDP to run as Presdient, and so did Erap who left LP, but earlier to run as VP.

They all have questionable integrity but given the trend, we are perhaps limited to asking who has the better or genuine interest of the people in mind?

P.S. There's this interesting quote from Lito Banayo:

"Because party loyalty died with martial law, and the Cory constitution made it all too convenient to be political butterflies, presidential wannabes concentrate on developing a personality cult around themselves, whether through patronage or money, advertising or networking, or all of the above."