Thursday, May 21, 2009

Senate Votes 12 - 0 on Ethics Complaint Against Manny Villar

The Philippine Senate has just voted 12 to 0 to adopt a Resolution adopting an Ethics Complaint against Senator Manny Villar. No members of the minority attended the proceedings. Senators led by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and complainant Senator Ping Lacson affirmed the sufficiency of form and substance of the complaint. The Resolution is characterized as a "finding of probable cause" and allows the continuation of the ethics committee proceeding.


Anonymous said...

The problem here is that they are all just using this processs to further their agendas. But there really is a case- Can't Newsbreak or PCIJ study the ff. Villar involvements- A)C-5 diversion; B) Using Villar & his wife's Pork to pave and divert Daang Hari road to traverse their properties; c) How Speaker Villar "muscled" commercial banks (early-mid 90s) trying to foreclose on his land and on how he forced one bank just to acquire Capitol Bank to pay his past due debt. These are very serious crimes that Sipag & Tyaga shouldn't gloss over. He'll be worse than the midget if given the chance..

Anonymous said...

The ethics committee if legitimate should make public the ff:a) Diversion of C-5 to benefit Villar & his group b) using villar family's pork barrel to develop/divert DAANG HARI road for the benefit of Villar firms c) How Speaker Villar "muscled" banks into accepting inferior "dacion en pago" for past due loans and forcing/selling Capitol Banks by force. d) a similar C-5 diversion case in Cebue to benefit his firms. If the Senate wont do it then Newsbreak/PCIJ/ The press should gather evidence & make it public. Let the public know!!

Anonymous said...

any presidentiable, this early, should welcome any investigation and address any muck thrown at them. if they can withstand the trial and prove their adversaries wrong, s/he will get my vote.

any presidentiable how skirts from all these would only reinforce my belief that s/he will be another copy of the existing mold.

erap was willing to face the impeachment trial. that was statemanship coming from the masa's choice, wasn't it?

villar? ngek. do i hear him singing "the long and winding road"?