Friday, May 29, 2009

The Ecstacy of Hayden and Katrina

THE DRUG ECSTACY played a big part in his relationship with KATRINA HALILI if we are to believe some of the testimony of DR. HAYDEN KHO before a committee of the Senate today.  He claims never to have used any drugs at all (not cocaine, or marijuana or shabu) until August 2007 when he was introduced to Ecstacy allegedly by Katrina or her associates.  To hear him tell it, they sometimes met at hotels like the Holiday Inn "for SEX and DRUGS, SEX and DRUGS".  Throughout his narration, she steadfastly denied ever having taken any drugs with him.  Indeed, Ms. Halili insisted they would be going to the PDEA for drug tests, but Dr. Kho pointed out that traces of Ecstacy are only detectable by the PDEA's facilities if the tests are done within 2-4 days after ingestion, and challenged her to drug tests involving hair samples (which are however only good for ninety days or so after ingestion).  What I found suspicious was the sudden discovery by Ms. Halili that her case and her cause was a defense of women's exploitation and oppression by men like Dr. Kho, as she so declared, half in tears and half in anger, and not about their alleged use of Ecstacy for sex.   In researching the DRUG ECSTACY on the web, I found this article most comprehensive and enlightening: UTOPIAN PHARMACOLOGYMental Health in the Third Millennium MDMA and Beyond
from which we get this passage which may explain a bit of what Hayden and Katrina were doing for months at the Holiday Inn and various other trysting places:
MDMA is sensuous and sensual in its effects without being distinctively pro-sexual. Although once dubbed "lover's speed", MDMA is proverbially more of a hugdrug than a lovedrug: "I kissed someone I was in love with and almost felt as if I was going to pass out from the intensity", recalls one American clubber. However, MDMA's capacity to dissolve a lifetime's social inhibitions, prudery and sexual hang-ups means that lovemaking while under its spell is not uncommon. Superfluous clothes tend to get shed. In men, orgasm is more intense than normal but delayed: MDMA retains a residual sympathomimetic activity, triggering a detumescence of the male organ. To ease MDMA-induced performance difficulties, flagging Romeos increasingly combine Ecstasy with Viagra ('Sexstasy'). Unless carefully premeditated, this is not a recipe for safe sex. MDMA may sometimes cause "inappropriate bonding". Prudence should be exercised before taking it with ex-girlfriends, boyfriends or culturally inappropriate love-objects. The effects of MDMA on bonobos ("pygmy chimpanzees"), our sexually uninhibited primate cousins, are unknown.

On pure MDMA, subjects feel at peace with themselves and the world. They discover an enhanced sense of self-worth, self-forgiveness and complete self-acceptance. Cynical thoughts and negative feelings disappear. Aspects of life normally too sensitive to talk about can be explored freely. Heightened feeling allows long-forgotten and repressed emotional memories from childhood can be retrieved with unusual ease. In some settings, painful, highly-charged and even hitherto unmentionable problems may be discussed with (rose-tinted) candour. On MDMA, a lifetime of accumulated psychological barriers and defence-mechanisms go down, somehow magicked out of existence with a pill. Anger, irritability and ingrained fear dissolve; the hostile amygdala is subdued, if only for a few hours. Ecstasy users tell each other affectionately what beautiful people they are; and they do so from the depths of their hearts.

Of course something far more sinister than this ecstatic trance overshadows the case. Hayden Kho suggested that someone "big -- who knows all the Generals" and could have him and his family killed at any time, was responsible both for the drugs and the distribution of the sex videos, naming in fact his friends BISTEK ROSARIO and ERIC CHUA as having something to do with it.


Pedestrian Observer GB said...

I can understand if Hayden Kho uses a sex enhancing drug if he was with the refurbished antique or his old enough to be his mother lover but with young women such as Katrina it makes me wonder if he is confused with his sexual preference.......

Jesusa Bernardo said...

Dear Dean Bocobo,

I won't comment on the drug angle in this Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho sex scandal pending more information; however, I wish it won't distract from what I believe to be the real and important issue of videotaping a very private matter without the other party's consent. Too many Filipinas have been exploited by sex video scandals--from scions of rich families from the provinces to ordinary college women or perhaps high school girls--and there's not much legal protection to seek justice from. Half the world, half this country is composed by women. Given that society consider automatic losers in romantic relationships (unless they end up in marriage), it's time to enhance the legal structure to stop this technology-driven sexual exploitation of Filipinas.