Thursday, May 7, 2009

Judge Lorredo Places Whistleblower In Senate's Protective Custody

Things are not going well for President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's long time ally and totum factotum, Mike Defensor and his Perjury Case against Whistleblower Jun Lozada. In a stunning break for the man at the center of the ZTE NBN scandal and controversy, the Manila Judge handling the case has granted the request of the Philippine Senate for custody of its erstwhile Blue Ribbon Committee star witness during one of most spectacular corruption investigations against the administration.

Earlier this week Manila Judge Jorge Emmanuel Lorredo issued a most unusual Decision (via the blog of Manuel L. Quezon III in which he warns Mr. Defensor of the health hazards that are many old time Filipinos believe result from evil or unjust undertakings!

Judge Lorredo (excerpt from transcript at Ellen Tordesillas, Vera Files):

From People of the Philippines v. Jun Lozada: 

Hence, I have decided to include those words in this order for Defensor to ponder on. I hope that Defensor would be able to clearly so that on May 7, 2009 (accused’s arraignment), there could already be peace between him and Lozada.

Why is it safer for Defensor to settle the case—

Defensor has admitted on TV that this perjury case he is pursuing against Lozada is very bad for his political career. I fully agree with him.

Furthermore, I say that it may be very bad for his health and his family as well. If he gets sick like Mike Arroyo, would not that be bad for him and his family?

The Presidents that I have known are only Presidents Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo.

My observation is that of all the presidential spouses, Atty. Mike Arroyo is the one who is very sickly. He has a serious heart disease. He even tries to make us believe that he is in no condition to attend Senate probes.

Imelda was strong during Marcos’ incumbency. Aquino, of course, was a widow during her term. Ming was so healthy and strong during Fidel’s time; and even after Fidel’s term, she was even the president of the Philippine Badminton Association. Dra. Loi was also very strong during Erap’s rather abruptly ended service.

There are those who say that the serious heart disease is some kind of punishment for Atty. Mike Arroyo. I do not know if this is true, for I do not really know how our Lord works, for He does works in mysterious ways. But what I do know is that Lozada is being protected by the Church, by the priests and nuns. That must mean something. Defensor, take note: that must mean something.

I invite Defensor to look closely at the faces of the priests and nuns protecting Lozada; at the faces of the other people openly voicing their support for Lozada. They are guarding Lozada so closely for they feel that what he says is the truth and they fear that the Arroyo administration might harm him because of his expose. That is why his custody during this trial in my court is such a big issue for those who support him.

Now, why are all these so important for Defensor to ponder on. Simple: if it is true that Mike Arroyo is being punished, Defensor may also be punished with some serious disease. I am sure his loved ones do not want that to happen to him.

There is extensive coverage of the ZTE/NBN controversy here at Philippine Commentary, as well as that of Romulo Neri, Executive Privilege, Ben Abalos, Joey de Venecia.

The whole thing bears watching more closely now because it seems the battle lines have once more been drawn.   

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