Monday, May 18, 2009

Abu Sayyaf Beheads Farmer in Basilan

Zamboanga based Mindanao Examiner had this story out ahead of most media outlets in the Philppines and I twittered it earlier.

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AdB said...

Oh my goodness me!

Actually, government forces are not the only ones to blame for not capturing a small group of rag tag bandits (didn't govt say there were only a dozen of them?)

The good and honourable members of the Muslim community down south, led by the well thought of political leaders, share a large if not biggest part of the blame.

Esperon's previous attempt to sell out to the Malaysians and the govt's decision to keep those Malaysian "do gooders" on board the negotiation (you know it's like selling out parts of the Republic) table are also two of the major reasons why there's little or no cooperation from the citizenry in the south, i.e., why the heck should they be brave enough to point out the bandits from among the community so that gov forces can act accordingly if Gloria's favourite bodyguard turned general turned ambassador or whatever is selling them out.

And to think US forces are there too! (Our forces are probably mostly playing bodyguards and entertainers to the US troops stationed there instead of going about doing their job of hunting the lawless elements.)

What a banana republic!

(Signing off now -- will be back Monday next week!)