Friday, January 2, 2009

My post at Filipino Voices this past week was on José Rizál:
As the Catholic Taliban Sing Hallelujah!
This is much more than the December 30 vs. June 12 matter...

I sorta miss leafing through the ole LIFE Magazine, capturing moments that would be etched in the memory of generations. Here is the year 2008 distilled in a series of amazing photographs at Boston Dot Com with that "lifelike" look and feel.

Were the mammoths killed off by a comet or asteroid impact too? Scientific American reports on the discovery of nanodiamonds from 12,000 years ago that suggest this possibility.

Yeah, I say, kill'em all, nasty bloodsuckers!

Things are really getting messy (and exciting!) in cosmology and astronomy, what with the totally mysterious "dark matter" and "dark energy" phenomena sneaking up on everybody all of a sudden. Now, it appears as if the Universe is lopsided...

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