Friday, January 30, 2009

Mar Roxas Throws His Hat Into The Ring

Mar Roxas throws his hat into the ring.  The announcement is not unexpected but I thought they would start things off with that promised Fairy Tale Wedding, instead of a surly declaration from Frank Drilon that the Liberal Party will only enter into an election-time coalition if Mar is indeed the standard-bearer.  Korina Sanchez could boost Mar's less than stellar survey numbers. But here is an interesting thought...they could run as a husband-and-wife team for President and Vice-president since Mar has no stated or obvious running mate from the common stable  (only who would run for which post, the precarious mind might add?!)  I must say I was less than impressed with Mar's understanding of the public school system and the whole Mother Tongue Medium of Instruction controversy, during a recent meet-up with the Filipino Voices bloggers.  But it's early yet, and I'm still making up my mind... 
Loren Legarda's birthday party at a posh hotel was crammed and  over-crowded, with operators and sycophants everywhere.  Loren's survey numbers have always looked good, but here the jinx of being a woman is truly cruel as the conventional wisdom says the Filipinos won't want another after Gloria. Not that their sexist or anything, but another from the same Assumption Convent and with Tony Leviste convicted of homicide...hmm methinks Loren's star is fading.  She could however go for Vice President again, as she did in 2004 as FPJ's running mate.   She's played all sides of the political fence however but her popularity is keeping her in the Game.  Say maybe Mar and Loren?
Say, I never noticed that the Social Weather Stations public opinion pollster has an official "Hymn" (Music and Lyrics here.)Of course it is not their music but their stats we'll be watching.


EQ said...

I prefer a Chief Justice Puno/Mar Roxas ticket.Mar can still wait.

DJB Rizalist said...

But EQ, be realistic. Puno does not WANT to be President. End of story, no? Or do you think he can be "persuaded?"

Look, no matter what, he needs billions of pesos. That is sad but true.