Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gonzalez Should Apologize to Marcelino

SECRETARY RAUL GONZALEZ was full of it to overflowing yesterday when he browbeat PDEA's Major Ferdinand Marcelino at the House hearing on the Alabang Boys Bribery scandal. He accused Marcelino of making war on the Alabang drug pushers "just like you did in Basilan"--referring snidely and snivellingly to the young major's honorable Marine service fighting Abu Sayyaf and MILF insurgents in Mindanao. Maybe it was Marcelino's association with Magdalo, but Sec. Gonzalez does not realize he has simultaneously defended both drug pushers in Alabang and insurgent beheaders in Basilan whilst casting undeserved aspersions on the law enforcers and Marine soldiers fighting the same with dedication and self-sacrifice. By implying there was something wrong with Marcelino's service in both struggles, the SoJ dishonors the sacrifice of those fallen and still fighting in those arenas. What an SoB. Then, when Major Marcelino replied, most respectfully, that the war in Mindanao was very different from the Ayala Alabang buy-bust operation, that he was only doing his job as a Marine and a PDEA agent, Gonzalez popped a vein and artery, exploding angrily, with eyes like a croc in the headlights, shaking and ululating, "Don't you dare talk to me like that!" Well what a prickly situation SOJ Gonzalez is in, after all. Right there under the Skirts of Lady Justice, in the very shadow her mighty and awesome Sword, under the supervision of the dapper and debonaire Sec. Raul Gonzalez, the bribery allegations are like a large lump of radioactive waste at his throat. What do we see but an earnest young soldier doing his Duty as he sees it, telling the Truth as knows it, only to be scolded by an apoplectic Goliath, for being spoken to "like that" .

Here Major, take these ball bearings for your slingshot...between the wild canine eyes with the hubristic glint and bared teeth would be good...and we'll make sure the Jerk at Justice gets spoken to "like that" for a while.


Anonymous said...

Let's try understand the old man;didnt he have a brain transplant?

DJB Rizalist said...

HAHA! Kidney. close enough for him.

Pedestrian Observer GB said...

It was suppossedly a kidney transplant but I heard the doctors made a mistake and replaced his brain with a kidney daw, lol.


"the doctors made a mistake and replaced his brain with a kidney daw, lol."

Hahahah! No wonder Gonzales pisses when he thinks!

arman said...

Even before, I don't like the arrogant attitude of DOJ Secretary.
Anyway, it's his trademark kaya naman
bagsak ang popularidad niya gaya ng kanyang "Amo"