Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ermita: "Barack Should Learn From Gloria"

ha he hi ho hu! 
(Early morning comedy via GMA TV News)

Even admin ally Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago found Executive Secretary Ed Ermita's remarks impossible to accept. Methinks, the avuncular presidential aide is getting soft in the head. But if Gloria does have lessons for Barack--they are all by negative example!


Anonymous said...

Whom the Gods wanted to destroy.. They first make Mad!! When will the coward, apathetical Filipinos wake up or are they so demoralized sinc ethey dumped ERAP for Gloria that they have absolutely no confidence on their choice of leaders.. Thats why all the Lords- jueteng, drug, shobiz and other underworld denizens...

Anonymous said...

rule in this sorry land... What can be done? (sorry for the truncated message above) Are Filipinos too cowardly for an honest to good ness blood letting? Should we allow the kakistocracy to dismember this country in to Luzon, The Visayan islands and the Islamic Bangsamoro??

Anonymous said...

Ermita said it succintly, that his President -not only boastful -but one who has the courage to fool all filipinoes and the world. it is unlikely that ermita said it so, he must have said that it was Bush who should have learned from GMA -fool the world!

Anonymous said...




I dont know whether to laugh or cry with that remark. Heaven help us with these morons running the government.