Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Supreme Court Rules on the Tip of the Iceberg

The Meralco GSIS bribery scandal involving five Court of Appeals Justices has been resolved by the Supreme Court after receiving the findings of a special investigating commission. Voting in each instance unanimously, or in large majorities, the High Court ruled to dismiss Justice Vicente Roxas from the judicial service. Jose L. Sabio, the justice who "blew the whistle" was nonetheless found guilty of simple misconduct and suspended without pay for two months. But their Chief, Ronaldo L.Vasquez and associates Myrna Vidal and Bienvenido Reyes got slaps on the wrist.

What I'd like to see is the rest of the Crooked Timber.


Pedestrian Observer GB said...

Huh? Simple misconduct? I wonder what these SC justices are smoking, simple, small whatever it is, it is still a misconduct and that's why we are so corrupted because it is always about exception......... but then again it should not come as a surprise anymore especially when you think about how they ruled on Neri.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines - the most corrupt nation in Asia!

Walang medalya sa Olympics, pero just look mayroon namang champion title:

Philippines, the most corrupt country in Asia!

baycas2 said...

The SC noted that THE ELEMENTS OF CORRUPTION, CLEAR INTENT TO VIOLATE THE LAW OR FLAGRANT DISREGARD OF ESTABLISHED RULE wasn't manifested by Jose Sabio's behavior that's why a Simple Misconduct was handed down. A rather misplaced judgment, I should think.

Well, anyway, the SC will most likely get away with their verdict on Jose Sabio but lest it be forgotten, Dishonesty lies at the top end in the spectrum of gravity of misconduct...

Jose Sabio definitely committed a Lie of Omission when he didn't inform the Presiding Justice about his brother's phone call. It would have significantly alter Conrado Vasquez's take on the matter.

Dishonesty is one of the Grave Offenses and corresponds to a Dismissal.