Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin, Regurgitated

A gem on the Paulson bailout plan from Maureen Dowd,
Who would have dreamed that when socialism finally came to the U.S.A. it would be brought not by Bolsheviks in blue jeans but Wall Street bankers in Gucci loafers?
who further skewers the McCain-Palin ticket with this:
McCain was so aggressively erratic as he did his free-form break dance around the economy last week that it seemed the only possible explanation was that he was creating a wild diversion to distract people from Sarah Palin’s stunningly junior varsity appearance with Katie Couric.
Speaking of which, here indeed is Jack Cafferty presenting the now-famous Katie Couric interview of Ms. Palin:

I think it would be fair to say that at no other time in US electoral history has the choice of a presidential running mate been so harmful to the chances of the ticket than this. Judging by his actions, John McCain really is a big time gambler (in more ways than one!) but I doubt that this is one bet he would place again.

In a conversation with McCain campaigner Rick Davis two weeks ago, Hugh Hewitt thought that Sarah Palin is ready for prime time (if only we could get rid of those pesky pro-Obama press people who run Prime time). But even the National Review Online columnists appear to be nonplussed by Ms. Palin's now obvious deficiencies as revealed in several unscripted interviews with "friendlies" like Sean Hannity. For example Mona Charen:
"Palin was atrocious not just with Katie Couric but with friendlies like Sean Hannity. She needs to devise answers for questions about foreign policy that do NOT rely on recent cramming. That will look and sound false. She may make stupid errors. And it plays to her weakness. She should never again refer to her Alaska experience as preparation for the role of commander in chief."
Many of these good folks have taken to coaching her and McCain campaign handlers on how to solve a problem like Sarah Palin (Jonah Goldberg), where again the problem seems to be with the Press and not the candidate for vice-prez...
I basically agree with Mona, though I don't think the Sean appearance was 'atrocious.' That said, I'm with the Free Sarah Palin crowd. That doesn't mean you have to dance to the MSM's tune. But I've been totally flummoxed why they haven't been putting her on conservative talk radio and, more importantly, on local news stations. If the McCain strategists actually believe any of this elitist-vs-populist stuff when it comes to Palin, why not actually have a media strategy that conforms to that story line? The Bush campaign was very good at 'going over the head' of the MSM in 2000 and 2004. The MSM even helped by shrieking their displeasure about it. Why not do the same thing with Palin? This would be a dual track strategy: it would help her get her groove on, and it would force the MSM to whine that this bumpkin from the hustings doesn't show them due deference, which always makes the press look bad.
Yeah Katie, it's all your fault Sarah Palin looks like a dumber and dumber choice every day..



Sarah Palin herself asks to be 'freed'

Steve Young: Palin Set To Pull Out Of VP Debate - Flies To CBS Negotiate Couric Interview Bailout

posted by Steve Young at The Full Feed from - 10 minutes ago

Early today, the McCain Campaign put out a release stating that Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, will not be showing up for Thursday's VP..


Agree Dean -- Sarah Palin's cluelessness just becomes more evident day in day out.

I would like to be more generous or charitable toward her but by gum, it's difficult.

Just like when she went on and on after Couric asked her this question:

Couric: What happens if the goal of democracy doesn't produce the desired outcome? In Gaza, the US pushed hard for elections and Hamas won.

Sure, it was a difficult question but her answer was nowhere close to even showing that she understoon what Couric was talking about.

I am convinced that Mrs Palin didn't know what on earth Couric was talking about. It is very likely that the US VP candidate didn't know at all that the US pushed hard for elections in Gaza and that Hamas won. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised that she was only one of the millions of Americans who didn't know that there had been a 'democratic' election in Gaza, let alone know that Hamas won.

I can accept that ordinary Americans don't know the details of the whys, hows and whats affecting the people in that tiny Palestinian strip but to me, it is unforgivebale that a person applying for the 2nd most powerful job in the world, one heartbeat away from the White House should be an utter ignoramus on world affairs, particularly on a region as volatile as the Middle East.

It takes more than just sudden interest for someone to learn the finer points of US foreign policy making -- it takes a little more than just superficial intelligence to be able to even cram it all in, it actually takes genuine interest and a dose of intellectual polish to understand, learn, grasp why and how people in various regions in the world -- their motivations, their cultures, the underlying ideologies behind their actions, history and a lot more -- shape world events , how they produce conflicts or result in peace in order to be able to map out policies that will affect the lives of millions of people and to try to ensure that life goes on in the world with a minimum of glitches.

While Sarah Palin may possess street smart intelligence to understand some of the factors related to intricate foreign issues, she does not have the materal time to learn most of them that need to be learned in order to be able to formulate effective foreign policies and be prepared to take over from day one should she be forced to take over the presidency of the United States.

Clearly, McCain's choice is a dumb choice. He was being no maverick here -- he was being a political opportunist.

DJB Rizalist said...

As Barack Obama says, these folks seem to be proud of being stupid. hehe. Touche.

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this was linked by drudge last saturday. awesome youtube video.

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that huffpo piece was a joke anna.


yep John.


bets on the October surprise are open: Could sacking Palin be McCain’s next gamble?

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