Monday, September 1, 2008

Back From The Mountains

Been gone the last week...hiking, cycling, spelunking in Sagada...Found out they have this ridge ("the flattest part of the mountain") where the cell-site tower is's got a 20 megawatt wind power potential according to a Japanese study... today most don't have hot water or cold storage...they have Internet there but I really wanted to know what it would be like to be "off the grid" for even a few days...Amazing how much has happened...More later, right here.
Lucky for you there's Filipino Voices (kudos to Nick, Editor-not-Chief).
In The Night before Ramadan Rom gets into a young mujahideen's skin (Mohagher Iqbal makes a cameo appearance). Great read, there will probably be imitators (flatterers).
She's Not the Mother? Anna de Brux (The Hillblogger) points to this entry over at Daily Kos on Sarah Palin's grandson. Dynamite stuff, if true. Shameful political muck-raking if not. But I was very disappointed in McCain's choice, if it's meant to attract Hillary Democrats while keeping the Party faithful on board. This won't help do either.
KRISTIE KENNEY, GO HOME! Ding Gagelonia covers the statement of US Ambassador Kristie Kenney on the US role in that misbegotten MOA-AD. As I've said before, she's a naif that was putty in the hands of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who got played like a fiddle and embarrassed the United States. With all respect, it's time for the State Department to call her home and give those feel-good veiled soirees with the terrorist Al Hadj Murad of the MILF a rest.
Eric (Daily Musings) skewers Alex Magno (a Palace shill) for his nutty views on the ongoing Court of Appeals Bribery Scandal. Read it all!



Aha! So you're back from civilization to the jungle.

Oh, yeah! Lots have happened during your absence.

DJB Rizalist said...

thanks for pointing to that post on Sarah Palin. It's amazing. If true, I guess the vetting process must've failed, coz I can't imagine it's supposed to be that big of a gamble.

AdB said...


Unbelievable, isn't it?

As you say, dynamite stuff if true which could annihilate McCain.

AdB said...

Pictures of her during her 5th up to 7th month of her supposed pregnancy don't show that her waist thickened, hence suspicions that she might not have been pregnant at all.

I mean, I've got kids and I'm not one to take on much weight (20 pounds at the very most) when I was pregnant yet there was no way I could've hidden the size of my thickenig waistline in my 5th month of pregnancy, let alone 7th. Or Gov Palin seems to have a history of putting on lots of weight when she's pregnant as some pics have shown of her earlier pregnancy.

When a woman is 7 months pregnant, you can say all you want but that's still 16 to 20 pounds of protrusion at the very least all around her person; besides that little tummy will be very noticeable and conspicuous because it's the first part of a pregnant woman's anatomy to protrude way out; there were also reports of her admitting breaking water during her 7th month but continued to deliver speech and thereafter, took an 8-hour flight back to Alaska; just gobsmacking! she must be superwoman incarnate (you know the female version of Ken Clark -- is that the name of the cartoon character?) so everything does sound or seems the pregnancy was a blarney yarn.

Also, this news item on March 6th 2008 in the Anchorage Daily News makes her pregnancy story all the more baffling: SEVEN MONTHS ALONG: Even her staff was unaware that the first family was expecting a fifth child.

I believe it's easy to debunk that rumour by showing pictures when she was pregnant and for her staff to refute the rumour.

DJB Rizalist said...

I guess I have a real problem with families who take this route to solve a sticky situation. In some ways, it IS better than abortion (much better). Its the giving up for adoption alternative. That'll play well with some, even if it does create complications for the child later on in life regarding identity, etc. But politically it is dynamite in a Vice presidential candidate and the implications for McCain. He's probably regretting it already if this blows up. It is the sort of story that would probably be the headlines if not for that other terrible child..Gustav..The GOP is having a woeful year. I guess it's not just the Democrats who can beat themselves.

DJB Rizalist said...

...Oops correction, no real problem with this for private families...

Dave said...

Dean, the Daily Cuss piece has no credibility in the US save with certified moonbats. Somebody will probably dissect their photographic evidence in due order. In the meantime, it just stands as the latest application of the Big Lie Technique.

When it comes to your analysis that Palin is a poor VP choice, you are WRONG oh misunderstanding of the American political-cultural matrix breath!

Enthusiasm for McCain has been running about 15% with 85% being resigned that he is the best available. Palin reverses those numbers and probably adds 8 to 10% to the positive. A few naysayers here and there drowned out by the cheering. Heck, for the first time in recorded history both Jerry Pournelle AND Michelle Malkin
are cheering.

No doubt that this gets McCain lots more popular votes in November. Effect on the electoral college is not clear but certainly is to GOP favor.

Why is she such an inspired pick? How the heck should I know? My mother used to run a liquor store. She would repeatedly point out that as soon as "everybody knew" what drinking habits were like, they got fooled. The voting public will do the same, never fear.

Looks like a case where the Second Banana will take Center Stage away from eveybody else. McCain is prepared, Obama appears clueless.

To show you how this works: Ever hear of military volunteers called "Woods Weary Walkers"? They were named after the Colonel, the distinguished and well known Leonard Wood.

Doesn't ring a bell? How about their other name; "Roosevelt's Rough Riders"? Seems they had a Lieutenant Colonel who could not be ignored. Happening again, say I.

Stay tuned. The Fat Lady has lost her voice.

DJB Rizalist said...

Are you really saying this was the BEST he could do at this time? We need a Grand New Party or somethin'!


Hillblogger 3: Hillboats for Obama!

Dave said...

It has got the Bubbas and the Cissys grinning from ear to ear.

Plus, it does influence those who will vote on the basis of gender.

And just to rub it in; The Repubs are singing "Happy Days are here again".

The D's are all keeping a quivering upper lip over the matter.

Belmont Clubbers are loving it when plan comes together.

All political campaigns have four parts.
1) Let everybody know you are running.
2) Give them a reason to vote for you.
3) Give them a reason to vote against your opponent.
4) Identify your supporters and get them to the polls.

1) Does not count in Presidential races. MCCain has pulled even with Obama on the baasis of (3) alone. Palin fills the gap for
(2). And puts (4) on the fast track. Happy people are easier to find and motivate.

Now you don't want to let all this pass you by, now do you?

DJB Rizalist said...

Am still hoping for a really, really close race. If anything, the choice of Palin sez to me that Colin Powell said no. Now that would'a been exciting. I must admit, I knew nothing about her 48 hours ago, so we shall see...

Dave said...

Colin Powell was not even considered.

It was Jindal who said "no" and McCain expected that. Bobby HAS to
straighten up Louisiana or his reputation is shot.

Contenders were Pawlenty, Romney and Liebermann. McCain personally wanted Liebermann but listened to reality. Realized that the other two carried the same baggage albeit in lessened degree.

With all his primary receivers covered and a heavy rush on, the ageing quaterback had to scramble until he could find his safety valve who had obligingly taken herself 30 to 40 yards downfield.

GOP First and Ten in Dem territory.

Want a close one? It will probably be settled by a Field Goal.

Gotta go to work. Will check in later.