Tuesday, September 9, 2008

John Silva On The Explainer: Pornography & Obscenity

via Email from John Silva:
Tonight at 6:00 pm, I will be substituting for Manolo Quezon on his ANC tv show Explainer. I will talk about the proposed Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Bill being deliberated in the Senate and has already passed in Congress. If voted and approved, we will see the banning of so many works of art that will be considered pornographic and there will be many jailed. The bill has serious implications with the rest of the other sectors, from publishing to advertising.

Please watch, and if you agree with me that this bill should be junked, please make your concerns be known.

Many thanks,

John Silva
ANC is ABSCBN News' All News Channel. John Silva works with the National Museum in Manila and is one of its strongest advocates.

By the way, ABSCBN News
has done a makeover of its website. It's bit stodgy this morning and the site looks a lot like the Philippine Star (links are disappearing already!). But I expect they'll recover and get back to more or less the same level of utility as before the makeover (let's keep our fingers crossed!)


blackshama said...


Expect a tempest from the national university's Diliman campus! Metro Manila's gays and ladies may expect a massive oblation run!

At the entrance to the university is something that is the antithesis of this silly bill!

Perhaps our honourable legislators should put more time on poverty reduction.

The problem with this bill is that it is simply unenforceable.

Look at the provisions of the bill

"(a) “Obscene” refers to anything that is indecent or offensive or contrary to good customs or religious beliefs, principles or doctrines, or tends to corrupt or deprave the human mind, or is calculated to excite impure thoughts or arouse prurient interest, or violates the proprieties of language and human behavior, regardless of the motive of the producer, printer, publisher, writer, importer,seller, distributor or exhibitor such as, but not limited to:

(1) showing, depicting or describing sexual acts;
(2) showing, depicting or describing human sexual organs or the female breasts;
(3) showing, depicting or describing completely nude human bodies
(4) describing erotic reactions, feelings or experiences on sexual acts or;
(5) performing live sexual acts of whatever form.

(b) “Pornographic or pornography” refers to objects or subjects of film, television shows, photography, illustrations, music, games, paintings, drawings, illustrations, advertisements, writings, literature or narratives, contained in any format, whether audio or visual, still or moving pictures, in all forms of film, print, electronic, outdoor or broadcast mass media, or whatever future technologies to be developed, which are calculated to excite, stimulate or arouse impure thoughts and prurient interest, regardless of the motive of the author thereof."

For starters, I challenge and dare the prudes to ban this important work of literature.

To do so means to ban the Holy Bible and send the Philippine Bible Society's board of directors to jail.

The Song of Songs describes a woman's breasts like that of gazelle, the man eats among the lotus flowers etc. Prudes will go to tortuous lengths to desexualize the book.

The Song of Songs is not meant to proselytize but to celebrate sex and arouse passion between husband and wife. It depicts sexual acts and foreplay! So it violates ALL THAT THE PROPOSED BILL says.


john marzan said...

will this bill make it harder for me to download porn?

Jego said...

While this bill seems to be championed by religious folk, it's interesting that on the other side of the world, those staunch, liberal, secularist Europeans are doing the same thing.

Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson urged Britain and other members to use existing equality, sexism and discrimination laws to control advertising.

She wants regulatory bodies set up to monitor ads and introduce a "zero-tolerance" policy against "sexist insults or degrading images".

Ms Svensson said: "Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading, humiliating and dumbed down for both sexes."

Yep, be the source religious or secular, those in power hate civil liberties and would seek to control our lives.

manuelbuencamino said...

Does that mean publication of the Supreme Court decision on the Neri case is going to be banned ?

Does that mean no SONA next year?

blackshama said...

Liberal, secularism is a form of religion. I am not surprised.

Pedestrian Observer GB said...

Oh no, does that mean the Playboy Philippine edition will be half-banned? For one they only show half a nipple so maybe there should be some leeway there, lol.