Monday, February 4, 2008

Speaker Jose de Venecia Speaks -- Vowing More To Come

At the House of Representatives in Quezon City this evening, Jose de Venecia has found a Voice within himself we've never quite heard before. It is a pained voice, mightily energized by a palpable sense of having been betrayed by his closest allies, including President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It is a Voice that threatens to upset the Whole Applecart. But let me not steal his thunder beyond this--he has let his tormentors take a peek at what's in Pandora's Box! In what may turn out to be a fatal blunder, President Arroyo has apparently given the go-ahead to take the House Speakership from Jose de Venecia, who is not taking his ritual slaying laying down.

Jose de Venecia threatens to spill the beans.

At this moment the House is conducting nominal voting that will inexorably lead to the removal of the House Speaker and his replacement with a handpicked Malacanang successor in Prospero Nograles.

Update: 174 Solons oust JDV as Speaker (12:57 am)


Metrocom said...

This is what happens when a thief steals from a thief.

MBW said...

Then let him spill the beans -- what's taking him so long?

Cocoy said...

It feels weird rooting for JDV but I am. He was the poster boy of "Traditional Politicians" everywhere. What he said is what i like to think of as "old rhetoric". we all know this country's open secret. Every Filipino "knows" the shady deals come and go. that is of course not to say, anybody can prove it. Or would.

maybe this is an opportunity to shove some light in the dark. i really, really hope Congressman de Venecia brings to light everything he knows. I hope that at the end of the day, it isn't just rhetoric. that by exposing all this into the open, and that this war between the de Venecia and Arroyo clan bring more than passing entertainment for our people.

I really hope that the fallout from this is that we get to finally begin building a nation.

Balimbing said...

JDV's whining is not going to get anywhere. He may think he has the goods on gloria, but gloria has him under her thumb and JDV knows it.

Good to hear his rants. He really deserves this crap of a feeling. The opposition should dump this loser should he come for comfort.

DJB, so there you go. It seems that you picked to be on the right side, ie., gloria's side.

It's till 2010, maybe, huh.

p said...

Alam mo if JDV were credible, his words would've been such a big blow to GMA. Pero hindi eh... bakit ngayon lang niya sinabi ito? Nung namatay yung daughter niya some years ago, sabi niya magbabagong buhay na daw siya. It seems like kagabi lang niya nahanap ang kanyang 'moment of clarity'.

anyway.. found your blog post on the front page of the politics section of

blackshama said...

Our Mickey Mouse got thrown out of the Speaker's chair so they say. But our Congressional character is much more than a survivor than Master Yoda. The floor of the House seems to be the wrong place to let out the stink from the Palace and since the floor has the blessings of an old English tradition called parliamentary immunity.

But whatever we think of the former Speaker, we have to see how this survivor can turn the tables on Her Majesty. After all if he really lives up to his reputation, he will survive and possible gnaw the foundations of the Queen's power.

Anonymous said...

It's really absurd how JDV can allow his son to enter into business contracts with the government. Has anyone questioned this perspective? It's utterly disgusting! And they have the nerve to cry out loud for not getting the juicy contract? How many other contracts have gone to members of the family?

This is also the case of Trillanes whose mother made a lot of money as dealer in the AFP, using of course the influence of Trillanes' father who was a military officer. Now that they cant make money anymore, Trillanes III cries out loud against corruption in the military establishment.

Are we showing the world that we are a bunch of corrupt cheating monkeys who self-destruct in front of the world?

Now, JDV finds comfort in the arms of another thief and convicted plunderer in Erap. Hahahaha! Birds of a feather ....

MORAL OF THE STORY? The church and schools and our parents have not taught us moral values!