Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catholic Bishops Disappoint People Power Hopefuls

Father Willie Jones Ducusin of the Nueva Segovia Chancery has posted a copy of the Catholic Bishops Conference Pastoral Letter on the Current Crisis after a 12 hour emergency meeting in Manila today.


mbw said...


Just listened to your radiocast...

This woman is unbelievable! The more she opens her mouth the worse things become.

She should stop peddling her lil lies -- they're just an embarassment.

She should stop digging holes for herself and cut clean!

She is actually saying that even if she knew the deal was flawed, she went ahead and signed the contract in China but was determined to cancel the deal and to double cross her China partners when she gets round to doing it…

Sure tells you a lot about the mindset of Gloria and confirms what she truly is: a double crossing bitch.

Nobody in his/her right mind should believe whatever she says.

The bitch thrives on lies, deceit and double cross!


didn't your RELIGION taught you to NOT JUDGE EASILY!

also, puro naman mga Communist in the guise of being Leftist kuno yang mga maiingay na yan e..they even joined forces with the CONVICTED PLUNDERER ERAP ESTRADA, suspected murderer, drug trafficker Ping Lacson, Lesbian par excellance Jamby Madrigal, sore loser Pimentel, et al.. to make a staged political crisis.

Didn't your ideology crumbled in 1990?!why still hope for a Communist state in the Philippines when it is a GODLESS ideology!pagkatapos isasangkalang nyo sa propaganda nyo ang SIMBAHAN!wow, hanep din kayo noh!

In truth, in any Communist struggle, there is always a POLITICAL ARM, the BayanMuna, the gabriela,et al, while their MILITARY ARM, the NPA is still waging a bloody civil war!wow na naamn ano..lahat ng issue kayong mga leftist communists sinasakyan nyo e! kaya ang tao tuloy nasanay na sa ingay nyo!!!

Puro naman kayo kwentong kutsero e. hearsays or twisting the truth by being so parochial. Katulad nyang radio interview kay Gloria, iniba nyo na naman interpretation. She said that the night before she learned of a sumbong, you don't cancel a contract with the Philippines biggest trading partner China who btw is your Communist brothers gone wrong because it is actually a Capitalist economy,hehehe! Di naman kasing primadonna nyo si Gloria na would insist on making a scene at ipipilit lagi ang gusto nyo at sasabihing buong bayan agad ang opinyon na yun (don't speak for the whole country) when the contract signing is to be held the next day with no less than the Chinese President.

Ang point dyan, di binibigla ang mga Chinese, ang issue dyan, e kinansela din mana nung medyo malamig na ang mga Intsik.

about Lozada, e para kamo syang di susi e. nough said.

Think people. don't be so parochial. gayahin dapat natin ang Amerika with PRIMARY ELECTIONS/CAUCUSES, para ang mga AMBISYOSO maging presidente mawalis agad!

ayan ha..puro kayo mga righteous kuno. hoy wag kayong magmalinis, puro naman kayo rhetorics.

ang mga leftists/communists ang tunay na salot sa Pilipinas.

Anonymous said...

SUSMARYOSEP! Si bong austero, ngabalakayo. Anong klaseng pinoy si Gloria? The doublecrossing lucky bitch kind. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hindi Lang Kayo ang Pinoy

You have to get Religion out of your system in a political discussion.

Communism crumbled way before 1990. BTW it isn't godless. Human society has to have God or make God in order to make it work. So Communism has Marx, Lenin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh , Fidel Castro, Erich Honecker and of course Jose Maria Sison.

If Jamby is Lesbian so be it. What's wrong in being Lesbian anyway? It is just a facultative way of sexual behaviour!

BTW, what is truth? Unless you sharpen your analytical mind and not just rehash the words of Gloria Arroyo, Jun Lozada, Cory Aquino,Jose de Venecia and a lot of odious politicians and clerics, you will never get to the truth.

It is illogical to say that the Left is the cause of our problems. The more parsimonious answer to your question would be Gloria Macapagal Arroyo based on the "FACTS" you have said. But objectivity aside, unless I have enough evidence to say that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, you and I cannot make a statement with much confidence.

blackshama said...

The Coryists who favour what they think as people power are the ones to be disappointed.

The Bishops still know how to play the game. The Queen has been given just a few moves more to make.

The Church never outlasted the Roman Empire, Henry VIII, Communism for nothing!

Anonymous said...

right move for the bishops, luzon imperialist wants people power, politician with personal interest wants people power... but people power is being abused. not all want it... so for me let us respect our constitution... if they want people poewer always well lets dismantle our constitution and no more election and have a break away republic...let us respect the separation of church to state...this is not a spanish era...were not a robot to be dectated by a few. so a salute the bishops for their decisions i know people with personal interest dissapointed about it...

Ariel dela Cruz Romero said...

I and more than a few of my companions and friends are now disillusioned Catholics.

There is nothing more disheartening than to come to the realization that those one relies on to lead the flocks in the search for what is right, so that the country and the world may find peace and resolution, are nothing more than phonies in white robes.

The six-point public statement that the CBCP has released confirms that the clergy's leaders, these bishops, are exactly like the Pharisees in the New Testament: completely beholden to the modern-day Romans and Herods in the Philippine government.

This is a case of "Do as I say, not as I do", because where these bishops preach to us about what is right based on Christian principles and values, they themselves are not courageous enough to follow these maxims and lead the flock to the light of truth. They fail to remember that Jesus stood up to the immorality, injustices, and dishonesty of the powers of His time--the Pharisees, the Romans, the Sadducees--bravely denouncing their evil ways, even to go so far as to risk His life in doing so. These bishops choose to couch their words in meek statements lacking power, making one conclude that, most likely, they are either part of the evil themselves, or are lily-livered cowards to the core. Perhaps they have become too accustomed to the trappings of power their positions give them, exactly like all the politicians who are dragging this country down. With their statement, they have shown that they are as much contributors to the country's deterioration as our so-called public servants.

The CBCP has become nothing more than a congregation of irrelevant old men who claim to be the mouthpieces of God and who say they know what is honest and true, and yet, when the time comes to prove such with actions and not words, to point the way with dynamic leadership as Jesus would have done, they fail miserably, on cowering knees. With leaders like these, it is no wonder that the Catholic faith is losing adherents worldwide every year. It is no wonder that many turn from Catholicism to seek the light they need in other places because they know in their consciences that the correct path does not lie with these bishops. This must have been how Martin Luther felt, all those years ago.

These old men are not guided by the courage borne of the love for the truth and what is right, as Jesus had preached. Instead, they are guided by fear and the gutlessness of compromise. The pieces of silver--numbering more than thirty, surely--that are donated by the current immoral administration to their coffers must be so difficult to refuse. Remember that those pieces of silver are the public's money, contributed by taxpayers.

Truth? Light? Courage? Leadership? These have to be found elsewhere. These cannot be found in the CBCP.

blackshama said...

The Bishops are just obeying the TRADITIONAL interpretation of
the Gospel passage "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar but give to God what belongs to God!"

But the more RADICAL and I believe the interpretation that Christ really meant was stated by Dorothy Day when she said

"Once you give to God there will be nothing left for Caesar. Everything belongs to God. Everything!"

Of course would the bishops,you and I give that all?

It is easy for us to say that you and I lack truth, light, courage and leadership.

Tony FL said...

Many bishops "voted" in the manner that they thought that their particular "constituents" felt about the issues. Many NCR bishops against GMA; Mindanao bishops and other bishops remain supportive of GMA.

The CBCP stressed that while corruption in government continues to be a serious concern, the bishops said it was “by no means universal as far as the entirety of our people is concerned.” They said that the general concern of most people is livelihood.

ABS-cbnnews quotes Bishop Oliveros who said the “consensus” among the bishops is that graft and corruption allegations against the President were not backed by evidence and based only on hearsay. Bishops shared the sentiment that Lozada had not presented any evidence to support his claim.

Anonymous said...


I find these bishops hypocritical. They are the ones, of all people, who preach about faith. Faith in God and you fellowmen.

Evidence? I suppose that these bishops strictly adhere to forgiveness - like admit to your mistakes and all will be forgiven. I won't be surprised to know if these bishops are the same people who advice gloria to admit to her wrongdoings.

Since there is no hard evidence, even with her admittance, she can't be prosecuted. Oh, may be 3 hair marys and 2 our fathers - that should do the trick.