Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Pick of the US Presidential Candidates

nly five candidates for US President have apparently survived Super Tuesday: Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and John McCain for the GOP; Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democrats.

Wall Street Journal Commentary by David Ranson has an interesting analysis of how they stand on the crucial global issue of international trade. Suprising result is that John McCain and Barack Obama are much closer on their overall position of emphasizing growing the economy and increasing competitiveness, while Clinton, Romney and Huckabee cluster together under the Protectionist Flag.

Mr. Ranson's main message?
We need a president who is wise enough to recognize that protectionism impedes our exports as well as our imports. The candidates should not forget that whatever Washington does will be imitated (or retaliated against) by other countries. What goes around comes around. It's up to the U.S. to set the best example.
Reading the article, I am struck at how much closer protectionists Clinton, Romney and Huckabee would be in trade policy to the CPP NPA NDF and the rest of our "economic Southists" than would McCain and Obama!

America is still our biggest trading partner and the best source of highly skilled jobs for OFWs, accounting for over 60% of the total overseas employment repatriations. The booming Call Center and BPO industries are heavily reliant on US contracts and clients. All have to worry if a "protectionist" US President is elected. These differences among the candidates are even reflected in their attitudes towards immigration.

The race has a long way to go, especially on the Democratic side of the campaign. BUT given everything we now know of these candidates:

Philippine Commentary endorses JOHN McCAIN for the Republican presidential nomination.


Philippine Commentary endorses BARACK OBAMA for the Democratic presidential nomination.

If only one of them is in the race, I will vote for him.


Amadeo said...

For the democrats, the superdelegates will most likely broker the nomination. So what is the most likely combination: Clinton-Obama vs. Obama-Clinton? Hillary definitely will not go for the second option.

For the republicans, it appears that McCain has the momentum and may already have the lock for the nomination. And I wouldn't mind the tandem: McCain-Romney. A union of the southwest with the northeast.

DJB Rizalist said...

Now THAT would be a contest! Unlike here, you gotta vote for the pair.

It would be admirable if both parties could get it together like that.

The GOP especially, incase they've forgotten 1912 when Woodrow Wilson beat both Taft and Roosevelt.

Bren said...

For Clinton v Obama... foolish for the non-winner to take the VP slot. Reason: 4 years till 2012 is NOT that far away.
ALSO, lot of business- and other folks are doing their due diligence and trying to get a handle on who will be the gatekeepers to the Obama office.

balimbing said...


What's up. How come you're not with the latest hot issue in the saga of Gloria's adventures in her enchanted kingdom.

Let me see, aha, I think they are going to get away with this one too. What say you, DJB?

blackshama said...

I find it a bit amusing that a non US citizen would endorse candidates for the US presidential election. I don't think it is important to endorse a particular candidate. I am not enfranchised in the US! I am not a US citizen and I am not a resident of an American commonwealth. While I am quite interested in how the election will turn out, I am fully aware that none of these candidates WILL put the interest of the Philippines above anything else.

So it may be better to spend the day's headache on Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, or JDV and Prospero Nograles. At lease these a__h_les are ours and should place our interest above anything else. In theory of course!

Keith said...

I blog from Redding, California, and am thrilled to see discussion from overseas over our presidential race. You said you will "vote for" a candidate... Yopu are now a United States voter, a citizen? just a curiosity. I appreciate the post. I think your choices inspired

mang_isko said...

even if i am not an american i found it worth following the primaries of usa. i am on the conservative side. on some issues mccain is not but i prefer him to be the republican nominee because of his stand on the issue of terrorism (worldwide). i see on this man firm action against extreme fundamental islamists.

mbw said...

What you need to answer is: Who are you voting for come November?

I have a suspicion you will stick to the neo-con principle: vote Republican.

DJB Rizalist said...

A warm welcome to Philippine Commentary, Keith. Lots of American citizens live in the Archipelago, especially the peculiar, rambunctious, hyphenated variety called Filipino-Americans. There are local chapters of Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad and they put up a spirited fight for the local absentee voters and those who have many relatives on the Continent.

Maybe you'll visit some day. The coastline is twenty times longer, and Hawaii would fit nicely in a tiny corner of the Visayas.

DJB Rizalist said...

"the neocon principle: vote Republican"

You mean like Abe Lincoln?

john marzan said...

romney has already dropped out of the race.

Leslie Bocobo said...

Dean, why not vote for Monica Lewinsky's boyfriend's wife for President?

DJB Rizalist said...

Hi Les,
You must mean this guy

mbw said...


What's your answer?

DJB Rizalist said...

the question is: who is running? do you know?