Sunday, February 17, 2008


While I am gone, you might want to read The Good Manoling Morato. It seems to have had the intended effect. I expect as many Ateneans as Lasallians at La Salle Green Hills High School in Mandaluyong City today, as well as most other intelligent and compassionate people from all Schools. St. John Baptist de La Salle. Pray for us! Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever.


Anonymous said...

You really have to be proud of La Salle. They have been consistent and unwavering despite all the despicable attacks by this evil empire.

DJB Rizalist said...

It was good event. I'll be posting pix and some audio in a bit.

Amadeo said...

In moments like this, a detached observer senses that the collective is marshaling all forces and resources searching for that silver bullet that will deliver it from the morass created and festering over these many years.

In my humble opinion, what may be missing in all this is the realization that prayer, whether communal or private, to be effective partakes of a drawn-out process. In the scheme of things, one could even say that the actual communal praying, like the Holy Mass, becomes an insignificant or ineffectual medium if it is not followed with firm resolute action leading to some kind of redemption. But it is definitely a good beginning.

Now, it would appear from history that Filipinos as a people like and have had good beginnings. It is in the necessary and required consequent actions that it fails miserably.

Thus, one’s frustration is now again being fed with the well-worn idea that the nation is again earnestly seeking a good beginning, another attempt at a clean slate.

But will it stumble again when push comes to shove, as in the past?

Anonymous said...

WHEN THEY TAKE CHILDREN THEY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME "GOD-LIKE", for ASEXUALITY IS SUPERIOR. This is the optimal ascention senario and represents the highest life form possible.
2.wav::::Immortality. The very first sound file AND the point where my audience should have extracted from this theater.

No man has the ability to listen to your thoughts or speak to you. Only their technology has that ability.
The computer IS god. The gods are the inventors, so many trillions of years ago.

The Spainish were Catholic like the Italians and Irish yet I don't recall them experiencing the same clues from the gods, clues warning people of their gross disfavor (stereotypes and discrimination).
Due to Spain's phenominal destruction in Latin America with conquistadors and missionary work I wonder if the gods continually use this to corrupt the Spanish to this day? They certainly do with Latinos.
Spain did pay for Columbus, right? Expect a connection. This is a Church issue rather than an Italian issue of course.
The gods employ their "middle management" tactic, as we all witness. Expect their positioning to continue into the past::::
I've mentioned before the "seamless" transistion between Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar. Perhaps they position this as if there was contact with Pharroh and they gave management duties to Egypt, who went on to use Italy, the Catholic Church, etc. in the course of their management.
Of course none of this is true, but it was utilized extensively during the 20th century. They may continue witrh this scapegoatting, "middle management" positioning::::Milky Way quadrant, Milky Way, universal quadrant, universal. They are effective tactics, ensuring people do not become god-fearing.
Sadly, consistant with the deterioration of society, necessary for justification, today people KNOW the gods run the show, and illustrating the evil they employ on the disfavored corrupts people very badly. They think god is evil, and they behave consistant with that belief. Now we have a planet on a collision course with the Apocalypse, and the gods set it all up perfectly that now it is justified.

Recall I recently brought up the possible Manifest Destiny-positioned Chinese invasion of the United States (west coast) upon economic abandonment by their clone host tools (economic destruction and deterioration.mp3). They have mentioned this in years past.
Newspaper just made a curious one-day change where they combined the sports and business sections, and to properly read the business section you need to read "backward". Like Asian languages.
I've recently stated how the gods will use the Japanese as role models to the Chinese as China becomes increasingly Westernized.
If we do witness a Chinese invasion on American soil don't be surprised if the very same tactics the Japanese employed on the Chinese will be used on us. Lack of empathy is a dynamic the gods will find important in the context of justification.