Thursday, January 3, 2008

On the Eve of Iowa

I'm watching the pre-game show at the Drudge Report as Democrats and Republicans running for President face their first real test with the voters of the Hawkeye State. Evans and Novak predict that Mitt Romney will take the GOP vote followed by Mike Huckabee. Amazingly, Hillary finishes at third for the Dems, while Barack Obama takes Iowa with John Edwards at runner up. Obamarama! Both Hillary and Obama have raised over $100 million in campaign contributions and may slug it out all the way to the Convention. I agree with Andrew Sullivan. Gotta fall in love all over again with this crazy democratic idea. Check out Christopher Hitchens at Slate on the Iowa Scam.


john marzan said...

Gotta fall in love all over again with this crazy democratic idea.

the iowa caucus? live gov. strickland said, it's "hugely undemocratic" and makes "no sense."

Amadeo said...

Iowa has added another verb to the lexicon, to caucus. Will you caucus with me?

I agree, too much ado over nothing. Imagine the number of actual voters will be determined by the weather during the day of the caucus. If too much snow, the older folks will stay home or risk broken bones walking on slippery walks. HeHeHe.

I just wish big important states like California move their primary dates earlier to overshadow Iowa or New Hampshire.