Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cha Cha and the Federal State of Bangsamorostan

Hashim Salamat, Eid Kabbalu and the rest of the MILF ambuscading beheaders won't soon become the ruling potentates of a Muslim Juridical Entity in Mindanao after it was patiently explained to Jess Dureza and the peace processors that there is a small problem with Oplan Bangsamorostan to turn Mindanao into a "Muslim" homeland as Gloria's "peace legacy."

It's called the Philippine Constitution!

Like everyone else with an axe to grind against History and the Treaty of Paris of 1898, they will just have to work within the framework of our constitutional democracy. Both sides.

Fitting that it was Jess Dureza who had to eat crow and announce the change of strategy. The Palace is taking Mindanao Peace Process hostage and threatens to kill it unless we all stand up and dance La Chacha Via Moro Moro!It's actually the right way to go. Philippine territorial integrity cannot possibly be bargained away in "peace talks" with organized warlords bearing axes under their turbans in places like Kuala Lumpur. Over fifty Marines were killed by the MILF-ASG-MNLF in 2007 in deadly clashes over territories claimed by the insurgents as "theirs" including Tipo-tipo, Basilan.

It is time for the Senate and House to investigate those ambush-beheadings last year, and the suspicious role played by Jess Dureza, and Generals Rodolfo Garcia and Ben Muhammad Dolorfino in suppressing arrest warrants and military and police actions seeking to arrest the killers of 14 Marines who also beheaded and desecrated them.

These investigations should happen BEFORE the convening of a Constituent Assembly to set up Afghanistan in Mindanao and give Jemaah Islamiyah/Al Qaeda/AbuSayyaf a nice new Homeland. And of course there must be a PLEBISCITE to ratify any change to the Constitution of this sort.

Otherwise, I welcome the new proposal of the administration to allow Congress to tackle this problem. The issues are too big (oh okay, transcendental) to be handled by mere "Peace Talks". Let the proponents explain why we should allow a theocratic Federal State within our constitutional democracy. Why should the "Muslims" have a homeland and the Atheists and Jehovah's Witnesses and Roman Catholics, none? And who really are the INDIGENOUS peoples of the Philippines?

God Save the Constitution!

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RR said...

"Why should the "Muslims" have a homeland and the Atheists and Jehovah's Witnesses and Roman Catholics, none?"

Well, Why NOT? And don't forget that all these homelands will be under your Glorias' FANTASY KINGDOM.

Cocoy said...

isn't there already an Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindano? Just look at how that turned out to be! wouldn't it be more prudent to focus energy on making that work for the people of mindanao before anything else?

DJB Rizalist said...

there is such a thing as religious freedom and separation of church and state, last time i checked.

"No religious test shall be required for exercise of civil and political rights."

A Muslim, Catholic, Jehovah or atheist homeland would all violate above principle.

We cannot distinguish among citizens based on religious belief.

Hashim Salamat and Eid Kabalu do.

We cannot allow the people of Mindanao, even if they are Muslims or Christians or Lumads, to fall into the clutches of a federal state theocracy.

That went out of fashion around 1776 no?

RR said...

DJB, what you say above is true and we(the people) cannot allow a FANTASY KINGDOM to exist, but there it is!

DJB Rizalist said...

har har rr

Amadeo said...

A publisher of a local paper in Northern Mindanao when asked about Bangsa Moro, nonchalantly replied: (translated)

Just leave us out of what they are planning to do down there.

Thus, the crying question is: have the rest of Mindanao which greatly outnumbers the minority Muslims by maybe 10:1 been consulted about this?

hawaiianguy said...

"Why should the "Muslims" have a homeland and the Atheists and Jehovah's Witnesses and Roman Catholics, none? And who really are the INDIGENOUS peoples of the Philippines?"

Well, isn't the whole country already a Christian homeland? The Moros are only asking a piece of that. A noted Muslim leader once lamented, "we want a homeland, instead we are given a hometown."

hawaiianguy said...

But you're right on another respect. People have the reason to be worried because the Gloria's govt uses the constitution as an excuse again. It's all part of a continuing moro-moro, to the beat of cha-cha.

Anonymous said...

Theocracy out of fashion?

who told you jorge?

Read Alvin Toffler's powershift.
He teaches theocracy eh.

Want some proof?

Pope is still in rome.

and the VICARIATE of Oblates of Mary Immaculate at the Homeland of abu sayyaf's Patikul still owns and control the province of sulu more effectively than Malacanang hi hi