Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh Boy, Obama!

Via Washington Post, this is the Victory Speech of Senator Barack Obama after taking the South Carolina primary 55% to 27% against Hillary Clinton and John Edwards (19%).

I think this makes the race on the Democratic side much more interesting, and gives Republicans a lot to think about in the coming months.

Who would they rather run against? And what if Hillary and Obama run together? What if they don't!


Dave said...

Actually, there seems to be a deepening chasm in the Jackass Party that will be difficult to impossible to heal with the usual end-of-convention kissy face.

For that reason, I now consider a Clinton-Obama ticket a remote possibility.

In a two-man only race, odds still favor Chillary but Obama can make it very close. For that reason, he has said that Edwards might well be his Attorney General. This should keep Edwards in the running so he will have delegates to sell at the convention.

As a result, Super Tuesday may well cloud the picture rather than clarify it.

Over at the Good Guys Party, a similar ploy was had. When Duncan Hunter dropped out, he endorsed Long Shot Huckabee. The Huckster has already said that Hunter would be a great Secretary of Defense. (Probably right on that score.)

At any rate, we shall not have a coronation this year. And overall
I consider that as beneficial to the future of the USA>

Amadeo said...

Watch out. While the other campaigns have posters with names of candidates - thus Hillary, John Edwards, etc.

Obama's poster has CHANGE in big bold letters, his name in small letters.

Can we vote for CHANGE?

Dave said...

The French Surgeon General once ordered-----in the interest of health and welfare----that all members of the Legion Etrangere be afforded a weekly change of underwear. ZEREFORE: Claude changed underwear with Jean. Jean changed underwear with Pierre. Pierre changed underwear with-----.
Were I still a Demorat, I woulkd have to vote for Obama not because of CHANGE but because he would do the least to change essential elements of our national survivability.

Bren said...

I sure hope the Democrats do not implode. Obama's people had already played coy and given the suggestion that if they lose, that they may not urge the people who voted for them to vote for Hillary.
And a few black leaders (and black newspaper columnists) seem to begin to show that stupid sensitivity where they equate challenges to their credentials as a challenge to their blackness.
And the divide between brown/Latino and black is also showing.