Friday, December 11, 2009

Pacquiao -- Wearing Out the Brandname

DJB recently tweeted a Slate article about Manny Pacquiao getting back into politics — again for congress.

Here is the money quote:
Pacman says he's pursuing a political career to "help the people who are suffering." If that's his real goal, then running for office is the worst way to achieve it. Elected office in the Philippines has historically served little purpose other than to enrich those who hold it, and neither Pacquiao (nor even his superhero alter ego Wapakman) can do much to change that.
The article opposes Pacquiao's re-entry into politics.

I do not entirely agree.

Given the right situation, Manny Pacquiao could do well in politics. What is the right situation? First, he needs to concentrate on politics and politics alone. He needs to hold off until after his boxing, acting and singing is done. Also, why is he running for congress? He would be "equal" with nearly 270 others. Of course he probably would not be equal in any sense. In one sense he would most likely be elevated more than warranted in the limelight while being stepped on in the backrooms.

One of the ironic things (at least in the USA) the races fartherest from people themselves are the ones that get the most attention. Without a national election, local elections usually get little attention from local voters. The irony is local elections are the ones having the greatest effect on the populace and those most subject to pressure from that same populace.

Manny should focus his political ambitions on being Mayor of his hometown. It is not like General Santos City is a small town. In that position he would be close enough to people to able to really "help the people who are suffering". The idea that politics is an avenue to personal enrichment is well discussed here and on other blogs and all I will say is — that notion is a generalization.

Manny is stretching himself thin and there is danger to his boxing, acting, singing, politics, and more significantly to those those he wants to help.

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