Saturday, December 12, 2009

In The Waning Days of Darwin Year...

Just a little something I want to share with everyone from the BBC.

BEN VALLEJO and DEAN JORGE BOCOBO will be participating at the University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus) College of Science Auditorium 2-5 pm.

From Ben Vallejo: "Don't forget to bring your Origin!"


Marcus Aurelius said...

IIRC "The Planet Earth" series contains footage of a dead whale in extreme deep water.

Same deal, a swarm of sea-hags and deep sea crabs infested the carcass. Sometime later they returned and the critters had stripped the carcass and a few stray creatures remained to pick on a few stray bits.

Cool stuff.

blackshama said...

Dean, I will be bringing the "Old and New Testaments". The Origin is the "Old Testament" and the Descent of Man is the "New"!

It because I got the EO Wilson annotated editions in a single volume (at a ridiculously low price of 10 dollars) when I was a post-doc in the USA a few years back.