Thursday, July 17, 2008

Darwin's Revenge

The Darwin Awards website is a real gem:
A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises
Honoring those who improve the
accidentally removing themselves from it!

The only thing lacking is a special section on enterprising MASS demises, such as we find in places like the Philippines, where a cabal of repressed homosexual infantilists in the Catholic Bishops Conference rules the mental roosts with their own tortured reasons and imposes the papal hubris of a moribund organized religion.

I have traced the historical roots of the Catholic Church's position on artificial birth control in The Union of Church and State in Breeding Hunger and Poverty where the true stroy behind the papal bull, Humanae Vitae is told, and why none of this has to do with SEX or SCIENCE but all to do with POWER and institutional hubris. For all their pious talk, the reality is they are merely defending the Roman Catholic Church's delusional claim to infallibility. It is a recalcitrant corner into which they have painted themselves, for once such a claim was made, it can NEVER be withdrawn without painting themselves in the garish colors of disdainful idiocy.

It also suggests why politicians like Gloria Macapagal Arroyo are called "pragmatists" by the Philippine Daily Innuendo, whose owners, publishers and many editors are also goddess worshippers and pious believers. All understand the workings of political power--and its stringent requirements--in a land where organized religion still reigns as its truest political activity and the Catholic Church is the one true political party.

What is studiously ignored of course are the self-evident results of such official piety and fealty to the papists: grinding poverty for tens of millions as the population multiplies uncontrollably like rats and rabbits. No matter what improvements are made to the economic arrangements, not matter what solutions are proposed for things like corruption and government insufficiency, all must be divided and reduced by that awesome population denominator.

Take the simple case of the Public School System, which both the Catholic mass medium and the Men in Skirts continually decry. With a two-million baby tsunami swamping its ramparts annually, how does anyone expect to see any improvements?

Yet there they are everyday, claiming to turn CRACKERS into Jesus and feeding the people with their false hopes and weird dogmas. Strangest of all, are those who mutter a loud "Amen!"

Like Joey Salceda, the president's favorite "economics" adviser, who propagates the myth that it is SEX that causes overpopulation ("sinfully delightful")

No Joey, it's STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE that causes overpopulation.

The Reproductive Health Bill currently being debated in the House does not of course sanction, legalize or encourage abortion. However, it is a matter to which the Church is exerting all its influence, with even the oppositionist Bishop Dominguez proclaiming that "they" will tell voters to shun Representatives who support the measure.

"They" just love the poor so much, they want them to go and multiply.


Anonymous said...

Why is the Catholic Church in this country so conservative and backward- looking (like being 100% against population control)?

God answers:They take very literally the "Go forth and multiply" adage without realizing that your land space has not increased even an inch since the earth's creation.

Jego said...

...with even the oppositionist Bishop Dominguez proclaiming that "they" will tell voters to shun Representatives who support the measure.

I say 'Bring it, Dominguez'. Im not the biggest fan of universal suffrage but if it'll take a resounding victory by those who support the bill in the elections to let these bishops know how irrelevant they are, I'd be happy to campaign for these reps in any capacity I can.

Bren said...

The CBCP really puts on this condescending attitude of " are all just children unable to think clearly" because survey after survey has shown that all income-segments want help in controlling the size and the timing of arrivals of their children (and the poor want it more badly)!!!

manuelbuencamino said...

Instead of preaching a negative approach to population policy, the Catholic Cgurch should go positive and advocate population neutral sexual acts like masturbation and gay maariages. Besides those are practices they are very familiar with.

blackshama said...

"Humana Vitae" left Paul VI shell shocked that this was the last encyclical he ever wrote. Paul VI realized he was disconnected from what was happening around him.

As a Catholic (a non regular Mass attender who carries the Anglican-use prayer book all the time!), I think the encyclical needs more thorough reflection especially with new developments in science,especially in environmental science. This can only be done in a prayerful manner. We haven't really constructed a theology of human life and environment.

What has happened is that the Catholic pro-lifers have become fundamentalist with "Humana vitae" to the extent that they are blinded from the objective reality surrounding them.This is totally un-Catholic as what one good priest I know said, is contrary to what Thomas Aquinas would have done. Aquinas would never have cast aside reason in theological understanding.

The hysterical reaction of some Philippine bishops means only one thing, blind fundamentalism without reason. DJB has the right to call them "Taliban". They presume they know the truth but in reality can't see the truth.

In the current debate the good old Running Priest (now a meditative one!and future Archbishop of the Diocese of Diliman) is on the right track!

Dave Llorito said...

mb: you are naughty! hahaha!

Dave Llorito said...

i generally agree with you all. but let me pose a counterintuitive idea: countries like china, india, and brazil-- these are the fastest growing countries in the world today. poverty is declining, and other indicators are getting optimistic reviews. now these countries also have large population and it seems the demographics are not hurting their economic prospects at all. don't these trends tell us that population control is important but may no longer be as compelling an ingredient in the quest for economic growth and progress?

DJB Rizalist said...

Both horses and elephants, like China and India are much larger than men or mosquitos. Yet there is such a thing as obesity in all these animals.

Just because China has over a billion people doesn't mean a large population is indeed in and of itself bad. But look at their birth rate. They could easily have been 2 billion people by now instead of a billion. They've always been conscious of famine on a colossal scale, which I think accounts for their stringent, maybe even draconian population policies.

But I think you get the point.

We are obese like a 500 pound human being. They are about as slick as healthy hippopotamus. As their economy grows, China, if it maintains population control, could become a sleek racehorse, even if it will always be bigger than Blimpo (us).

DJB Rizalist said...

the argument that population doesn't matter doesn't hold any water. Even if obese people can live and breathe and reproduce some more, the quality of their lives is highly questionable. It's a seductive argument that says, let's just change the subject and work on other problems.

I don't disagree with working on other problems, like corruption and peace and order, but even as we solve those problems, overpopulation is like a denominator that divides and dimishes all progress.

Besides, we already know that when people get smarter, they just don't act like rats and rabbits.

But it's not a chicken or the egg came first situation at all. I think getting smarter comes before we get richer. We gotta get smarter about population because it is a kind of absolute limiter of what can be achieved at any given point in time.

manuelbuencamino said...

DJ etal,

You may find this dissent by Canadian bishops to certain parts of Humanae Vitae very interesting

The Winnipeg Statement at

Dave Llorito said...

dean: nice, passionate rebuttal. i like it. thanks.

Anonymous said...

The church also appeared to have brainwashed its ignorant and uneducated adherents on the notion that contraception is no different than abortion and therefore sinful, tantamount to the murder of the unborn.

Contraception has never been a hotly debated issue in first world countries and the church appear tight-lipped about it which is quite perplexing because it is where they must passionately preach the go forth and multiply commandment in view of the serious population decline trend !