Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ARMM Poll Postponement -- A Dress Rehearsal for 2010 Coup D'etat

GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO attained Malacanang Palace on the backs of a coup d'etat executed by the Armed Forces Chief of Staff (Angelo Reyes) and the Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide. (Only those utterly devoted to the dubious comforts of consuelo de bobo even bother to mutter "People Power" any more as an explanation or excuse for that singularly infamous event called Edsa Dos). How she and her evil cohorts intend to preserve themselves against the day in 2010 when they shall be fully exposed to the thermonuclear pile of Justice and Retribution is slowly becoming clear to several astute observers, such as Ricky Carandang of ABSCBN News (in Gloria Forever). In this regard, I do see the rather frantic attempts currently underway to postpone the regularly scheduled elections in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao in the most sinister light--that of a dress rehearsal for yet another "constitutional" coup d'etat in 2010.

Remember that she had everything to gain in 2001, but in 2010 she has everything to lose!

Successfully postponing this election in ARMM, which hardly anyone seems to care about really, would be merely a confidence building measure that they could do it again in 2010, probably also with the eager help of would-be sultans and datus of a new Bangsamoro homeland --the ambuscading gunmen and warlord beheaders of the MILF. This cannot be too hard to accomplish considering how completely degraded the democratic Constitution has become under the tender ministrations of a Supreme Court and legal profession that, incomprehensibly adulates fascist theocrats and judicial putschists like Hilario Davide Jr. and Artemio Panganiban. As for the current Chief Justice, Reynato Puno, he is famously the architect of the current dogma on ancestral domain and that abomination called the Indigenous People's Rights Act. This amazing juridical superstructure, upon which the Bangsamoro Juridical entity will rise, is itself built entirely upon the sands of historical falsehoods and a national self-loathing for our adoption of constitutional democracy and the irreversible consequences of American colonialism, such as the Rule of Law and public sanitation. That we should now lacerate ourselves over the surrender of our ancestors to the Spanish Taliban in exchange for protection from the marauding caracolas and war-vintas of Rajas Mura and Sirongan and a century of Moro depredations, in order to deliver the Bangsamoro peoples back to the enslavers and the piratical raiders of the Maguindanao Confederacy, boggles the mind. But wait! Not only the Bangsamoro, but we all are now at risk of falling into dhimmitude and servility under the particularly abhorrent species of moral dwarves who are multiplying like rats and rabbits in the names of Palace, Church and Mosque.


Equalizer said...

"There are no masters where there are no slaves!"Jose P.Rizal

Are we going to allow Gloria to get away with Cha Cha and extend her reign indefinitely?

DJB Rizalist said...

GMA can't afford to step down from power. She wakes up with that thought and goes to sleep with it too. Unfortunately she also knows her people all too well: they ARE mostly's only the few freemen she needs to worry about, and the other would-be masters.

Jego said...

I have asked this question over at Filipino Voices but it seems it's a tough one to answer: Why is it all important that we keep Mindanao (ARMM in particular) part of the Philippines? What is so terrible about letting it go and be an independent sovereign entity? How many lives have been snuffed out because of this conflict and how many more are we willing to sacrifice just to keep the Philippines together? Is it because we need Mindanao's resources to be able to survive? That's not a valid reason, IMO. Mindanao's resources should primarily be used for Mindanao's development and not to prop up the central government and its armies. Is it because of 'national pride'? That's a hell of a price for the deaths of probably hundreds of thousands by now since the American occupation at least. Why isnt divorce an option a la the Czech Republic and Slovakia? Why do we have to risk doing a Yugoslavia (or Timor L'este even)?

Let me just say that I am a totally disinterested observer and have no strong opinions for or against. I just want to know why.

blackshama said...

Imagine if we had a Federal system!If Gloria is not in the mood,she would just use her reserve powers to postpone state elections!

ricelander said...

I am watching how they will ram postponement through. Legal opinions are unanimous that this is impossible as of now so what's the point in insisting to push for it?