Monday, October 15, 2007

Expel Comrade Jamby Madrigal

Senate President Manny Villar just called Jamby Madrigal a liar last Friday after she issued this utterly intemperate and possibly unethical press statement based on text messages accusing him of kowtowing to port monopolist Ricky Razon in the ZTE Broadband investigation.

JAMBY MADRIGAL: "I strongly urge Senate President Villar and Senator Cayetano to set a definite date for the next hearing. They should not hold the Senate hostage to uncertainty. By keeping the NBN deal in limbo, the Senate President and Senator Cayetano are lending credence to the allegations against them that a powerful business tycoon with links to Malacanang co-opted the Senate Blue Ribbon from conducting hearings before the Senate break. Otherwise, patriotic senators may be compelled to take this matter up before the Ethics Committee, chaired ironically by Senator Pia Cayetano. Should this happen, delicadeza dictates that she resign her post and give it to a more impartial Senator. The integrity of the Senate as a whole should not be sacrificed because of the unethical conduct of a few. If Senators Villar and Cayetano have nothing to hide, their actions should speak for themselves. Their continued non-action speaks volumes in itself. The truth should not be stifled. The Filipino people." deserve nothing less.

Pollster Social Weather Stations reports that Senate President Manny Villar has the highest satisfaction rating among our top government officials, a result consistent with the sterling manner in which he has led the Senate through the Hello Garci and ZTE investigations while passing at least nine major pieces of legislation and working hard on the 2008 national budget. His avowed theme of Senate independence stems from his own happy circumstance of being financially independent vis-a-vis the 2010 presidential run that I believe he will make and has a good chance of winning.

The "allegations" regarding a "powerful business tycoon" influencing Villar and Cayetano turned out to be a text message that lots of people received. As for her threat to bring the matter up before the Ethics Committee, the Senate President welcomed it but warned that she might be facing ethics raps herself if she could not prove these wild allegations. Billy Esposo of the Philippine Star (As I Wreck This Chair) excoriates her arguments and says "Having half a brain and too much tongue can be politically fatal." Mr. Esposo overestimates the former and underestimates the latter. The continuation of the ZTE investigation has already been scheduled for October 25.

When the Philippine Senate reconvenes to take up the resolutions of Joker Arroyo and Ping Lacson to investigate the alleged breach of Senate Rules on the conduct of Executive Sessions, I have more than just a feeling that the investigation will center around Senator Jamby Madrigal, because if there is anyone capable of conspiring with the Philippine Daily Innuendo to cast aspersions on the integrity of the Senate, and to break the confidentiality of the Senate Executive session last Sept. 26, it would have to be someone with the demonstrated ability and inclination to do so, as the above incident proves her to be.

And now there is something of an even more serious, possibly international nature to Jamby Madrigal's streak of heedless behaviour. After issuing a Press Statement full of innuendo against the Senate delegation to the International Parliamentary Union that the trip is a junket and claiming to be too busy to join it because of her urgent work on the JPEPA free trade agrement with Japan and ZTE conroversy, guess where she suddenly flies off to but the Utrecht Space Station. Sitting like a prized poodle between the Chairman of the Communist Party and his right hand man, she then issued a Joint Statement castigating the Philippine government for not getting the CPP NPA and Jose Maria Sison off the US and EU lists of foreign terrorist organizations and personalities. She calls for a resumption of the peace talks that her comrades had called off themselves because the listing has put a crimp on their fund-raising activities and their comfy lifestyle under Dutch Euroleftist welfare. (Heck I can't tell who's more corpulent around the middle and above the neck -- Joma or Jamby! Mad cow disease must be fattening.) Although the headlines focus on the keywords "peace talks," when you read the statement it's more to do with getting her murdering, extorting, cell-tower-exploding pals off the terrorist listings. It's a repeat of the speech she made in Geneva last October in which she calls the Philippine government a state terrorist organization and also calls for the delisting (see Jamby Madrigal, Cracked).

Some patriotic Senator Jamby Madrigal turns out to be, eh?

Well I think it is time for the Philippine government to use the Human Security Act and place the CPP NPA, its leaders and financiers like the lil rich girl Jamby Madrigal on its own terrorist list. Perhaps Interpol or various intelligence agencies who take the terrorist listing seriously can be consulted for evidence that she has been communicating with and conspiring with the CPP NPA to help them pressure the Philippine and other governments.

I think Jamby Madrigal ought to be investigated by the Senate for those unethical allegations against Villar and Cayetano; for possible breach of its Rules on executive sessions, as well as conspiring with, and financially aiding the rebel terrorists. Perhaps they ought to call another executive session in which they all take Lie Detector tests to PROVE the integrity and independence of the Senate against those who deal in innuendo and defamation and dare to call it journalism or even patriotism as Jamby does.

I think it is an urgent and crucial matter for the restoration of the Separation of Powers and democratic checks and balances that the Senate not have in its ranks anyone who won't abide by the Rules, who insults their colleagues with wild and malicious abandon, and who wantonly mocks and endangers the national security by sleeping with its terrorist enemies.

Expel Jamby! She's not fit for office and may well be suffering from severe attention deficit disorder (or terminal stupidity). She says it herself in the press statement attacking Villar: The integrity of the Senate as a whole should not be sacrificed because of the unethical conduct of a few.


blackshama said...

It doesn't surprise me at all. Tree huggers (in her case "Dao" hugger) and communists have become strange bedfellows in the last 10 years or so.

Half a brain in the Utrecht Space Station can leave you really really spaced out!

DJB Rizalist said...

I heard yesterday that she even has Presidential ambitions. good grief.

Anonymous said...

I support your statement. Jamby Madrigal is not fit to be a Senator. Such a disgraced! A lot of grandstanding but really doing nothing. I hope she is taken out of the Senate because of her alleged connections to the CPP. That allegation should be pursued further and I hope she gets caught.

jinggoy said...

i stumbled upon another site that further shows her goofs and why she really is unfit to be a senator.
it's at

poor Philippines.