Sunday, October 7, 2007

Two Muslim Girls Killed In Terrorist Bomb Attack in Kidapawan City

Looks like Jemaah Islamiyah may just have left a calling card in Kidapawan City Friday, as cellphone detonated "IEDs-improvised explosive devices" injured thirty and killed two young Muslim girls working as street vendors. Newly appointed chief of the Philippine National Police, Avelino Razon has issued a nationwide alert against more terrorist attacks from Jemaah Islamiyah and Abu Sayyaf Group. He should not also ignore the possiblity of involvement by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) who have been responsible for bombings in Central Mindanao in the past, where they hold sway, wherease JI and ASG are thought to rule the roost in Basilan and Tawi-tawi (where the MILF's bitter rivals, the Moro National Liberation Front, rule over the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao).

Eid Kabbalu, (spokesman of the murderous MILF ambushmen that massacred fourteen Philippine Marines near Tipo tipo last July 10) claimed the blasts were probably done by people who are interested in derailing the peace talks. Yet the rebel groups MILF and MNLF and ASG have always understood and taken advantage of the fact that the present Philippine government is susceptible to capitulation and retreat when it comes to violent terrorist tactics. It really all started with President Arroyo's giving in to terrorist demands in Iraq, during the hostaging of Angelo de la Cruz. She was also responsible for a huge multimillion peso ransom paid on behalf of her billionaire contributor Reghis Romero, who had been kidnapped in the sensational Abu Sayyaf raid on the Dos Palmas Beach Resort in Palawan in 2002, which also so the kidnapping and detention of Gracia and Martin Burnham. But by saving Regis Romero, (and only Regis Romero through that ransom payment) she had proven to the terrorists that she can be blackmailed and coerced into capitulation.

The disgusting thing about Eid Kabbalu's statement is it indicates the government has already let bygones be bygones and has probably absolved the MILF in the matter of the Basilan ambush and beheading of those Philippine Marines. With Gen Ben Muhammad Dolorfino now the Marine Commandant, not a single MILF or ASG suspect has been arrested under the original arrest warrants issued by Basilan RTC Judge Leo Principe against the murderers and beheaders. NOT ONE! Remember, he too also paid ransom when "rogue elements" of the MNLF hostgaged him earlier this year to force the holding of peace talks over an eleven year old Peace Treaty already signed with the MNLF. There are also suspicions that it was Gen. Dolorfino who gave stand down orders last July which prevented air support from aiding the ambushed Marines on Basilan island.

But I am sure the usual suspects who love to counsel that we keep an open mind even as the troops are losing their heads, will also be beating the gongs for the resumption of peace talks with the MILF in order to help them take large chunks of Mindanao under President Arroyo's plan to leave a peace legacy by giving them their own Muslim Juridical Entity or homeland (Bangsamorostan). I guess the President feels she owes the Maguindanao warlords a lot for their "services" in the last two national elections.

Dhimmitude has definitely set in and is occupying the highest levels of government.

There may be no more use for peace talks if what we are dealing is not the old Moro rebellion but the new global Jihad. For that would make buying off the local warlords a largely useless gesture to the implacable nihilists. No one represents the Bangsamoro among them. Ideologically, the global jihadists are supplanting the old Moro nationalists, especially among the younger fighters.

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