Friday, October 12, 2007

Could Al Gore Make the Race Interesting for Hillary Clinton?

UPDATE: Al Gore has indeed won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with the IPCC. Now the BIG question will be asked and must be answered soon because of the lateness of the hour and the demanding mechanics of a US Presidential campaign.

RUMOR is rife that Al Gore may win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize today for his work on Global Warming and the Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.
Now if only that British judge had not recently ruled his arguments "alarmistic and exaggerated" and were it not for the even more inconvenient timing of the Burmese monks there might not be much of betting line on the Peace Prize this year. If he does win, it could make the Democratic race for a Presidential nomination a little more crowded and interesting. They could even end up splitting the Dems just like the Republicans did in 1912 when Republicans Teddy Roosevelt (the Bullmoose Party) and William Howard Taft (mainstream GOP) lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Given the American public's attitude to George W. Bush, Iraq, and the war on terrorism, on all of which the people are showing signs of predicted battle fatigue, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and John McCain are not gaining much traction in the public opinion polls. At the center of a possible Hillary-Gore dust-up and rivalry would be the saint of the environment, poverty and education shown at left, who really seems to be trying to steal the putative Oscar-winner's thunder on behalf of Hillary with that new multibillion dollar global initiative. National Review Online has a nice roundup of campaign news for POTUS.

FIL-AMs v. ABC Speaking of big bucks, Fil-am lawyers Rodel Rodis and Ted Laguatan are planning to file a 500 million dollar defamation class action law suit against Teri Hatcher and the ABC network for that throwaway line about Filipino doctors and their medical schools. Don't know what the legal prospects are, but they might not be too good, considering the "slur" was arguably motivated by bad publicity over last year's nursing exam leak scandal. The greedy exam review centers and corrupt government regulators are the true culprits in damaging the reputation not only of nurses, but the entire Philippine medical training and education system. But I guess even they don't have the deep pockets ABC and Teri Hatcher have. (Now, if only those Fil-Am lawyers would help get Joc-joc Bolante back here instead of helping him escape the short arm of Philippine law, I'd be a much more appreciative of their own struggles.)

ANOTHER EVIL IMPEACHMENT FARCE has just been perpetrated on the Filipino people by Alibabarroyo and the House of Representathieves using the infamous Davide Impeachment Initiation Rule. MLQ3 has the bloody behind the scenes details on the "vaccination."

Today is Eid'l Fitr, the end of Ramadan but possibly also the beginning of a renewed terrorist campaign by the Abu Sayyaf-MILF-Jemaah Islamiyah, according to the newly appointed chief of the Philippine National Police, Avelino Razon. I like this guy. He's a real law and order sort, unlike that Gen. Ben Muhammad Dolorfino, who doesn't seem to know the difference between law enforcement and diplomacy. Three months after the ambush and beheading of Philippine Marines near Albarka town, Tipo-tipo, Basilan, not a single one of the 130 suspects has even been arrested on the warrants issued by Basilan Judge Leo Principe. In my opinion, the peace processors like Dolorfino, Jesus Dureza and Gen. Rodolfo Garcia have been shielding their "partners in the peace process"--the self-confessed but unrepentant ambushmen of the MILF terrorist organization, in order to preserve them for GMA's coming "peace legacy"-- a Muslim Juridical entity in Mindanao that I've called Bangsamorostan for the use of the black bearded ones in Waziristan.

Well if you think the Supreme Court really messed up by usurping the powers of the Senate in 2001 to try and decide all impeachment cases, and the House with that silly impeachment initiation rule, wait till you see what that brain-dead piece of treason called IPRA will do:

Laughable Textbook Errors in Crucial Supreme Court Decisions

Ancestral Domain or Bangsamorostan?

Are Ilocanos, Pampangos, Tagalogs and Cebuanos Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines?

Do You Think This Version of Ancient Philippine History Is Correct?

What Some People Don't Know About Magnifying Telescopes.

Chief Justice Puno on Terrorism--Sophomoric, Uninspiring, Self-Loathing"


john marzan said...

Could Al Gore Make the Race Interesting for Hillary Clinton?

the short anwswer is: NO.

even if he wins the nobel peace prize this year. And I don't think he will jump late into the race ala Fred Thompson.

john marzan said...

"late" into the race pala.

DJB Rizalist said...

you never know john. The Dems are worried about why the Republicans seem eager to take Hillary on. A Nobel Peace Prize went to Jimmy Carter already though and that didn't seem to help him very much. But remember global warming is a major political advocacy. It would certainly get the Greens on Al's side, unlike 2000, when they made him lose.

john marzan said...

you never know john. The Dems are worried about why the Republicans seem eager to take Hillary on.

the dems are not worried. the republicans are resigned to the fact that it is hillary who will be the dems nominee.

But remember global warming is a major political advocacy. It would certainly get the Greens on Al's side, unlike 2000, when they made him lose.

the greens did not make gore lose. gore won the popular vote by 500,000 votes over bush. too bad hindi sila napunta sa florida.

DJB Rizalist said...

just saw the news that al gore did indeed win. We'll know the answer soon.

Amadeo said...

If Gore is a realist then he knows that getting into the presidential race at this time would be fatal for him. And not just because of the late time, but more because most of the Democrats' sources of campaign funds have already committed and continue to commit to the existing slate.

If Gore mounts his own campaign which deep pockets can he rely on? Remember in this cycle hundreds of millions of dollars are required from each candidate.

The very stealthy animosity between Gore and the Clintons has festered since 2000. Gore probably blames Clinton more for his loss then, more than any other single factor. In this feud, Gore appears to have the upper hand. He has definitely become richer than the Clintons, having ties with Google and Apple. He has worn the Nobel which Clinton was also salivating for. He has won both an Oscar and Emmy. Except for that one loss, a big one.

Partisan politics is always self-serving. Right after 2000 where Gore won the popular vote, Hillary was angry enough to vow that she wanted to do away with the Electoral College.

Now a pending law in California that tries to address the unfairness of the college is doomed to failure. Because doing so could give the Republicans some 20 of the total electoral votes of 56 for the state which has always gone to the Democrats.

This clearly is a dilemma in a federal form of government.

Amadeo said...


Re ABC-TV case, the local FilAm communities in the US appear to be quite divided on whether filing a case against ABC is the better and more beneficial approach. But the epicenter appears to be here in the BayArea, with attorneys, Rodel and Ted Laguatan, on one side and a Perry Diaz, and maybe a local journalist or two, orchestrating the other side. Perry is a registered Republican operative, so it would appear that the division still is along partisan lines.

While getting oral or written support for the case may not be wanting, gathering the initial funds for filing the case has not been forthcoming. Thus, lawyers for the case have come out assuring prospective plaintiffs that they will volunteer on a contingency basis.

The doctors groups have traditionally been associated with the Republicans. And media like ABC have always been identified with liberal causes, much like Hollywood.

So, is this a fight waiting to happen? But isn’t Rodel Democrat? And he will be representing doctors that most likely are Republicans?

Can FilAms rise above partisan politics?

DJB Rizalist said...

If lawyers lead the fight, they may look mercenary. $500 million seems indecently large, unless the doctors can prove that all 20,000 of them stand to be damaged by the remark of Teri Hatcher. But it could put Rodel in the SF Board of Supervisors. That would not in itself be a bad thing, but it does not seem likely (the lawsuit, I mean). Interesting partyline analysis you've made though!

john marzan said...
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john marzan said...

Why Krauthammer (and I) think Hillary has a good chance of winning 08.

And she will be remembered as the "most uncompromising wartime president" in US history.

DJB Rizalist said...

thanks for the link john. krauthammer makes a lot of sense, but it scares me, that description of Hillary he gives of a totally disciplined but amoral ("she has no principles") liberalism. i wonder if the great wartime presidents were like that too. he calls her a "realist"--i hope he's right in the optimistic sense he gives because I think you are right that she looks like she could go in--unless Al Gore does something quick.

If the choice was between al gore and hillary, who would you pick?

john marzan said...

If the choice was between al gore and hillary, who would you pick?

neither. but hillary is the most "electable" candidate the democrats have. and no way do i want obama for president. he has that jimmy carter-ish feel to his candidacy.

i want mccain to be the republican nominee and the next US president.

Amadeo said...

Some personal thoughts on the forthcoming US presidential elections.

Can any single US president bring down the USA? Everybody doubts that. Thus, any succeeding US president will do.

But this will not prevent voters from picking who they think will be right for the job, not from an ideal pool of prospects, but from what is handed down to them for election by realities on the ground.

And again because the country is still very sharply (razor-sharp) divided along partisan lines, the next election will most likely still be determined by the 10% swing vote, comprising of the independents and the libertarians.

And right now, who knows where that vote will swing? But for me personally as an independent, I still am inclined to vote for a Republican candidate. And to qualify, because I cannot vote for a Democratic candidate choosing from the current field of leading candidates – a Clinton, an Obama, or an Edwards. Their second tier candidates are probably more acceptable to me, like a Richardson.

On the Republican side, again as an independent, I would also find a McCain and a Romney acceptable.

The question I am trying to drive at is, how will the independent vote decide which candidate is acceptable? Thus, as the election draws near, candidates from both aisles will start veering toward the center to court this still largely undecided sector.

An unknown factor that could or could not be a player in the coming elections is the under-the-radar Hispanic vote. Like, how many of the illegals have been or will be able to pass through very lax voter registration requirements. California has shown from its recent past that this can be done. Except of course that California has always been conceded as a Democratic bailiwick, and so the other side couldn’t muster enough initiative and reason to challenge. But I fear that when the contest gets very competitive as shown by the polls, this option will come into play to be initiated most likely by the Democrats, who have been keen in espousing minorities and their narrow causes. And recently, an upward extrapolation of the illegal population was pegged not at the 12 million mark, but as high as 20 million. A sizeable potential constituency, visibly shown in great numbers during their protests earlier this year.

DJB Rizalist said...

I noticed yesterday that Hillary Clinton voted with 75 senators to get the President to declared the Quds (Revolutionary Guard) of Iran as a foreign terrorist organization. It's been interpreted as a major move to the center after solidifying her Democratic Party base. Agree?

Amadeo said...

I agree, Dean, being the compleat politician that she is.

And this to the continued consternation of the fringe groups ably represented by the Kos Kids, MoveOn.Org and the anti-war crowd.