Friday, August 31, 2007

Jose Maria Sison Indicted on Suspicion of Murder by Dutch Court

Following his arrest on suspicion of ordering the murders of his former comrades (Arturo Tabara and Romulo Kintanar) CPP-NPA founder Jose Maria Sison has been indicted by a Dutch Court in The Hague, Netherlands and sent to pre-trial detention and custody for fourteen days. In a terse statement, the Dutch Openbaar Ministrie said:
31 augustus 2007

On Friday Jose Maria Sison, 68, has been brought before the examining judge at court in The Hague. The judge ordered that the communist leader shall remain in pre-trial custody for a period of 14 days. Sison has been arrested on Tuesday by the National Criminal Investigation Service of the Dutch National Police.

He is believed tot be engaged in murder cases in the Philippines. The communist leader is suspected of giving orders, from the Netherlands, to murder former political associates.

For information please contact Wim de Bruin
Under Dutch Law, the Judge can order a further 90 days in pre-trial detention for Sison at the end of the 14 day initial period. Since he was not released today, as his supporters were hoping, it looks like he will eventually be tried for the charge of, let's call it remote control murder, since I don't speak Dutch.

Mr. Sison has been designated as a foreign terrorist personality by the United States and the European Union, and the CPP NPA also are listed as foreign terrorist organizations. The arrest and now indictment of Jose Maria Sison comes because of cases filed against him by the widows of the two slain former CPP-NPA leaders who had become bitter ideological and organizational rivals of the autocratic Communist Party founder and leader. Dutch law criminalizes the ordering of murders even if the actual killings occur outside of the Netherlands.
Mr. Sison is also charged with multiple murder for ordering the execution of hundreds of CPP and NPA members in the 1980s suspected of being spies and deep penetration agents of the government, during a paranoid purge that occurred in the early 1980s. Several mass graves containing the remains of those allegedly killed on the orders of Sison and the CPP's top leadership at that time, have been uncovered by Philippine Military in Central Philippines and are the basis of the multiple murder charges against Sison here.

In Manila, the NPA has vowed retaliatory attacks, led by the media creation called Ka Roger Rosal, spokesman. The CPP=NPA's front organizations under the umbrella of the National Democratic Front (NDF) -- in their menacing half dozens--marched, rallied and demonstrated in support of their jailed leader. And co-accused Satur Ocampo together with Teddy Casino of the militant Bayan Muna party list organization, filed a House Resolution calling on the Congress to investigate the Dutch government and police for the arrest of Sison at an Utrecht police station to which he was invited, and willingly went.

Danny Buenafe, ABSCBN News European correspondent, interviewed "the victims" [his words] of the police raid on Sison's apartment building, including several Dutch "progressives" [his words] who compared the Dutch police to the Nazi Gestapo. He also interviewed the two young sons of Angie Sison, a relative of the arrested communist leader. I pity the two kids, they were obviously coached about what to say, claiming they were "terrorized" by the police.


Marcus Aurelius said...

That headline should read "ex-moonbatty".

Here is to the hope he pulls a hat-trick.

DJB Rizalist said...

hi marcus. But why "solitary confinement". I want him to have convivial Dutchmen for company while he waits for Satan to come calling to collect on his marker.