Monday, August 27, 2007

How Father Bossi and the Religious Superiors Have Immorally Setup the NEXT Kidnapping for Ransom

I want to address a point that causes much acrimonious debate and name-calling over the "all-out war" in Mindanao which was sparked by a July 10 ambuscade and beheading by MILF rebels and ASG guerillas of 14 Philippine Marines. In the "fog of war" it has been easy for certain people to obscure the fact that those Marines were killed while returning from a fruitless search for kidnapped Italian priest Fr. Giancarlo Bossi. Some of the bigger screwheads around have actually blamed their deaths on their failure to find Fr. Bossi and when they instead blundered into what is blithely referred to as MILF territory. (Of course these leftist screwheads only cry "violations of Philippines sovereignty" when it involves America.)

Father Bossi is safely sipping cappucino with Pope Benedict in Rome, and said on his way out the door, that he won't file charges against the kidnappers. His confreres in the Association of Major Religious Superiors and his own PIME are calling for the government to pull back its forces. So called peace advocates actually want the authorities to stop trying to bring rebel gunmen and terrorist beheaders to Justice on the strength of duly executed criminal Arrest Warrants issued by Basilan Judge Leo Principe. The MILF and MNLF both have killed uniformed Philippine soldiers but the all out war is focussed only on the Abu Sayyaf, who of course do not have Membership Lists.

Why are Father Bossi and the Association of Major Religious Superiors and even his own PIME not interested in the bringing his kidnappers to justice? Could it be because they in fact PAID RANSOM to get him out? On the day he was released, Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno tried to make it seem that the government had used some kind of clever trick to get him released. Later, it was leaked by his own office that that trick was to kidnap a relative of the suspected mastermind of Bossi kidnapping. Since the release was effected, and the identity of this mastermind was confirmed by the success of the trick, why has the government not gone after this mastermind??

The only logical explanation is that RANSOM WAS PAID for the freedom of Giancarlo Bossi. And that why, he, his religious associates and the government itself appears to be willing to let the next kidnap for ransom victim pay for this quick fix.

This is the essential IMMORALITY of Father Bossi the Missionary and the head honchos of the so-called Filipino religious. By preferring a dubious "peace" to the enforcement of the law and the fulfillment of Justice, they give in to Evil Incarnate while piously beating their chests and calling for peace. All they have done is condemned the next victim to

Now to the point of great confusion that seems to paralyze so many people whenever violence flares up in Mindanao.

There is no doubt that the conflict there is HUNDREDS of YEARS OLD. And lest one think it is purely foreign colonialists and imperialists that have had trouble from the folks in that part of the Archipelago, we must not forget that the principal economic activity of the Maguindano Confederacy and the glorious Sulu "civilizations" was annually raiding the Visayas to capture SLAVES for sale to their wealthy clients in Borneo, the Moluccas, and all over what used to be called the Dutch East Indies.

It is this enduring conflict in Mindanao, centuries old now, which the Peace Process addresses. As such, it must be recognized by everyone involved that the TIME SCALE upon which such a process must operate to achieve its goal must necessarily be a long one. We cannot hope to undo the injustices done on both sides in some short span of time, as it is not even certain that such injustices can ever be undone. The Peace Process involves considerations of things not only historical but political and economic as well. Moreover, what the Peace Process involving the Moro National Liberation Front teaches us, is that signing a Peace Accord is absolutely not a guarantee of actual peace on the ground, because there is no one group in Mindanao that can guarantee the compliance and behavior of other groups and personalities there. Thus, there is always the danger that a peace accord with the MILF and the modern Maguindanao Confederacy of warlords and election befoulers, will only end up like the one with MNLF, i.e., in the birth of the NMLF (Next Moro Liberation Front).

In view of this complex and seemingly intractable situation in Mindanao, what can possibly be the morally consistent position of Churches and other Peace Advocates when particular incidents of terrorist crime, such as kidnap for ransom and ambush killings occur.

I think it is immoral to sweep this crime under the rug and instead loudly call for the solution of "root conditions" through peace talks. It is a travesty of justice. The Churchmen have abdicated their solemn duty to uphold the Law (both God's and Man's!) For how indeed do we expect to correct HISTORIC injustice when we cannot do justice "in the small" of such crimes as the Bossi Kidnapping and the Basilan Beheadings.

I think we must recognize as an important principle of the Peace Process itself, that because it necessarily operates on utterly different time scales, it must not interfere with the ordinary everyday operation of LAW ENFORCEMENT.

It is only by recognizing the independence of upholding the Rule of Law TODAY that we can have any hope of remediating the effects of YESTERDAY.

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