Friday, July 27, 2007

Maximum Restraint and the Rule of Law

It has not yet dawned on a lot of people that the advent of the HUMAN SECURITY ACT of 2007 changes the character of what I call the TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT between the Philippine Government and its various enemies in the Communist Insurgency (CPP-NPA), in Moro Warlord Secessionism (MNLF, MILF), and in the Global Jihad (Al-Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Sayyaf, Rajah Solaiman Movement).

For one thing, I believe HSA 2007 effectively decouples the so-called PEACE PROCESS (which has resulted in nothing but war without end), from the imperatives of LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Whatever legitimacy one wishes to accord the so-called Peace Talks with any of the insurgents, rebels and beheader brigands, it ought to be accepted by more government officials, especially the likes of Jess Dureza, who is the Cabinet Officer in charge of the Peace Process, that they are only in charge of the peace process, and not the whole government responsibility when it comes to dangerous organized private armies and irregular guerrilla forces.

Jess Dureza, excuse me, is not responsible for the discharge of the duties of the Philippine Military, the Philippine National Police and other law enforcement agencies of the government. He is merely in charge of the those tete-a-tetes with Joma Sison and al-Hadj Murad. I wish him all the luck and hope his efforts pay off.

But he has no right to be dictating policy or telling the Armed Forces and the Police how to do their jobs, or when and where. We must be a nation of laws and not Alfred E. Neuman.

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