Saturday, July 28, 2007

Basilan Judge Issues 130 Arrest Warrants For Murder and Beheading of Marines

ABSCBN News anchor Tony Velasquez reported on his show Crossroads Friday night in Manila, Basilan Judge Leo Principe of the 9th Regional Trial Court has issued 130 WARRANTS OF ARREST against those persons responsible for the ambush, killing and beheading-mutilation of fourteen Philippine Marines who were returning to their own camp after a fruitless search for Father Giancarlo Bossi (a kidnapped Italian priest mysteriously released a week ago.)

On Friday also, President Arroyo conducted a "command conference" on the Basilan beheadings. General Rodolfo Garcia, chief negotiator on the RP Peace Panel describes the conference and says some things about Judge Principe's warrants for arrest that gives me a sinking feeling about how this whole sorry affair is going.

I assert that Tipo-tipo is now a CRIME SCENE with Judge Principe's finding of probable cause in the murder and beheading of the Marines against 130 suspects being the beginning of what I hope will be a full prosecution under the Human Security Act. Judge Principe in effect establishes the existence of thE first element of the crime of terrorism: SAVAGE MURDER.

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