Sunday, March 18, 2007

Alan Paguia Comments On Satur Ocampo's Arrest

This is a text message from lawyer Alan Paguia:
Warrant vs Satur was issued by Leyte Regional Trial Court either (a) with jurisdiction; or (b) without jurisdiction. If (a) then Satur's petition for certiorari before Supreme Court will be dismissed. If (b), the proper remedy would be a motion to quash the information before the Regional Trial Court, not certiorari before the Supreme Court. Also if (b), surrender is not proper because RTC acted without jurisdiction,. Temporary Restraining Order would be proper to restrain arrest. When Satur got himself arrested, his petition for TRo became moot and academic. There is nothing more to restrain. Therefore Satur's counsels erred when they exposed him to arrest before obtaining a TRO.
I have no doubt that my good friend Alan Paguia is right about this. But I am also certain that a great big political ruckus will arise and be thoroughly exploited by the Left even if these multiple murder charges being filed against over fifty top communist leaders allegedly involved in The Killing Fields of Inopacan can't be given the adjective "extrajudicial". It is a stunning thing that there seems to be more concern over the "oppression" of the self-declared "revolutionary government" in Utrecht and its local allies than justice for the alleged victims of their paranoiac purges of the eighties, whose skeletal remains have only come to light after all these years. I know they are dead now, but whatever happened to their "human rights"? Where are all the liberal bleeding hearts? (Oh, that must be them rallying and scuffling with the police who arrested a man charged with multiple murder, or mugging the TV cameras discussing his blood pressure and demanding the Law let bygones be bygones!). As for the Dutch, they really are the biggest state sponsors of terrorism in the Philippines. I am definitely attending the La Naval de Manila celebrations this year. Viva Espana!



That's really one shitty commentary Dean.

I'm really disappointed in you coz when you can't seem to get the right answers isntantly, you use the easiest way out - you tag. Cheap shot! How extraordinary low!

And who do you reckon is the biggest cause of terrorism not only in Pinas but in most parts of the world today?

Get out of that ever so tiny neo-con universe Dean of yours, visit Europe - Pinas is one tiny miserable speck in the world that has little meaning to most Dutch who couldn't care less about lil brown Americans like you.

By the way, when you do get to travel, you'll see that many Dutch are neo-cons par excellence of Europe; you'll enjoy their company.

Rizalist said...

Dutch Treat for a bunch of accused mass murderers? Doesn't the Warrant of Arrest of a sovereign nation count for anything at all? Why do the rights of these fugitives count for more than the human rights of their victims? Problem with paleoliberals is, they only pretend to care about human beings.

Dave Llorito said...

dean, i agree that there should really be an investigation about these killing fields. yes, "human rights" should transcend ideology. the problem is the human rights in our midst are just to scared to speak about this.

Dave Llorito said...

i mean human rights groups...


Then Dean, ask your government to push for the extradition treaty!

Fro crying out loud, Dean - get a grip. Do you actually believe that Gloria wants Sison in Pinas?

Why hasn't she pushed for the treaty.

The Dutch have their own laws - how do you frigging expect them to look at any charge sheet against Sison when YOUR OWN RP GOVT HASN'T OFFICIALLY PRESENTED ANY LEGAL DEMAND?

Get a grip man!

Rizalist said...

GMA was still a baby when the problem that is the communist insurgency was already long in the tooth, and unless WE all get a grip on it and settle it once and for all, it will be around long after even your obsession with gloria is but a faded compulsion. It's because of Dutch policy in particular and Europe's paleoliberal self-loathing in general that virii like the joma and his bunch are able to hold an entire country hostage to their vain insanity. As far as I can tell, there is a principle involved, that Justice must be done to those they murdered by which the problem can be solved under the Rule of Law. By prosecuting and convicting them in a fair and just trial.

What exactly do you not grasp about this?


You are going on and on... what can you not grasp about nations having their own laws?

Have you forgottent that it's RP government, Cory's backed by no less than the US of A that allowed Joma to travel so he could seek asylum?

In the same vein, countries have laws much like the US of A, that's why you guys couldn't get back Joc Joc Bolante!

What can you not grasp here?

Why doesn't RP government ask for Sison's return? All very simple.

You and I are turning round and round but if you guys want Sison back, MOVE and ASK FOR HIS EXTRADITION!

Simple! What's difficult to understand there Dean?

Rizalist said...

Well, first he has to be charged with a crime. That is exactly what him and Satur have just gotten a taste of but that is what you are complaining about isn't it? Yet that is exactly what INopacan is all about. Now the Philippines has charged him with a crime of mass murder for which I just hope they have the evidence. But from what I read you think its "oppression" by GMA to charge them.