Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Media and the Left Will Never Be Done With Nicole

Do unto others what they do unto you? Philippine Daily Inquirer's editorial today, A Party to Rape, applauds Judge Benjamin Pozon but also gives the entire Judiciary and government officialdom some stern advice...
We applaud Judge Benjamin Pozon’s decision to order Smith’s detention in a Philippine jail, in the absence of an agreement between the Philippine and American government as to where convicts should be detained. This is how all Filipino officials should undertake their official actions: firmly with Philippine interests in mind, and always to our country’s maximum advantage. Then, as now, there have been far too many Filipinos holding positions of authority, who are willing to argue and push forward an interpretation of any statute favorable to foreigners.
Hey! Whatever happened to the cold impartiality of a neutral Judge? And I do believe the correct expression is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Talk about Yellow Journalism! Looks like PDI has taken a page out of William Randolf Hearst's playbook. PDI has been infected by the Luli Mental Virus: Foreigners may not do unto Filipinos what is reserved exclusively for Filipinos. Such as jumping ahead of other Filipinos in long lines and traffic jams. Or raping seven Filipinas daily as the National Statistics and Coordination Board duly notes happens in this great moral archipelago.

One would have thought that the Media and Leftist Lynch Mobs would be satisfied with the blood of Daniel Smith. Until one realizes this isn't really about Justice for Nicole. Daniel Smith was already found guilty by the Kangaroo Courts of Alleged Public Opinion long ago. He is not even the real target of the Lynch Mobs. The real target is the relationship between the United States of America and the Philippines. Nothing could be more obvious.

Because of that, the Media and the Left will never be quite done with Nicole, ever. They will make of their Battering Ram a brave heroine of a never-ending revolution, an instance of victory that foretells of a greater defeat at the hands of the cruel enemy! The need is to assiduously create a Legend out of the Subic Rape Case and turn it into weapon of rhetoric and propaganda.

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