Friday, December 15, 2006

Jose de Venecia -- A Case of Logical Fiddlesticks

Thoroughly unrepentant and still yip-yapping chacha, House Speaker Jose de Venecia was whining and wailing for a whole hour on ABSCBN's The Big Picture with Ricky Carandang Thursday night. He was gnashing his teeth and the angle between his eyebrows went over from obtuse to acute as he fumed at the foot-dragging and blindness of people who cannot see the supernal and urgent need to switch to the Unicameral Parlimentary form of government. We can catch up with the Asian tigers, Joe exclaims, and go from being "a Third World Country, to being a Second World Country, and finally to being a First World Country." Since JDV has used this line for over a year since the SONA of 2005, it's pretty clear that he still hasn't heard about the Cold War and no one close to him has explained the proper English usage of First, Second and Third Worlds. Would somebody please!! (It's not just him that get's embarrassed since he IS Speaker of the House, fer Chrissakes.)

The diplomatic community in Manila, which has surely been monitoring events after the Palace canceled the December meeting of ASEAN in Cebu, may also be scratching their heads at the Speaker's earnest but embarrassingly unconventional usage of those terms.

Throughout the Big Picture episode last night, I got the impression of show host Ricky Carandang trying to keep a Party Balloon from drifting off into Outer Space and that very Parliament-in-the-Sky.

JDV is really a bad case of logical fiddlesticks when it comes to Charter Change and the Constitution. He has become like Joma and the communists--unable to overcome the hypnotic, compulsive obsession with an Idea, convinced of its utter superiority and omniscience. Eat my shorts, Joe!

It's been a breathtaking year and a half since the Garci scandal broke and President Gloria Macapagal decided to throw the country into a loop-de-loop by backing a radical Charter Change initiative of Jose de Venecia and Fidel V. Ramos to abolish the Bicameral Presidential form of government and replace it with a Unicameral Parliament. All as part of a complex quid pro quo that saved GMA from the electromagnetic radiation of Garci's cellphone, the Palace first backed an FVR-style People's Initiative (Sigaw ng Bayan) that failed on the steps of the Supreme Court for basically the same reasons as the first one did -- insufficient in form, prohibited revision in substance.

Then, GMA allowed JDV and the House Lemmings to do a unilateral banzai charge to convene a CON-ASS, which failed on the steps of the Churches of Public Opinion and the Cold Shoulders of a schadenfreudian Senate after everyone saw how serious the threat was to cancel the 2007 elections.

Thee attempted gang-rape of the Constitution by the House Majority, led by Speaker Jose de Venecia, his Deputy Prospero Nograles, and ideologicians Constantino Jaraula, Luis Villafuerte, Edcel Lagman, Butch Pichay, and Teddy Boy Locsin, cannot be lightly forgiven and forgotten. The people of faith won't let them get away with such a display of Bad Faith.

It would be wrong to think however that they will ever give up. The Gnomes have found the Instruction Manual for the Ship of State and I am afraid they shall never tire of the Article that says any change can be made that a majority of the People ultimately ratify.

Only Public Opinion threatening to escalate into People Power last week pushed back this unilateral Constituent insurgency by the House Majority. The Prayer Rally on Sunday is still on and promises to be a rather suggestive showing of Vox Populi Vox Dei.

People Power is a dream that we can always make revolution and force regime change peacefully. But after the January, 2001 People Power II event overthrew a democratically elected President, it had become both an ideology and a technology, a dream that we can accomplish revolutions peacefully — a kind of instant plebiscite on the current leader and a ratification of his or her overthrow and replacement. And blessed twice over by the Supreme Court.

It is of course the penultimate constitutional shortcut only by disavowing violence and not counting those people power events that do turn violent, like People Power III, which was in form and substance the same basic Mob Rule and demagoguery as People Power II.

But this dream is also a dangerous illusion because I believe that revolutions can not always be accomplished peacefully. In 1986, the brave Filipinos actually faced a moribund leader already fat and sated after 21 years of feasting on power. Edsa I was peaceful only because Paul Wolfowitz suggested a famous line for Ronald Reagan to convey to Ferdinand Marcos at the end: Cut and cut cleanly. Otherwise it could’ve been a bloody massacre that we wouldn’t be paying homage to as a peaceful people power revolution that some fantabulists even claim inspired the breakup of the Soviet Empire. Wherein such people power events as caught up with Nicolae Ceaucescu in Romania would not be mentioned in our pious lil People Power Coffee Table Books. In fact, among the politically correct, there is actually no such thing as Edsa III.

Likewise, in the case of Erap, he never was a tyrant even if he was most certainly a boozer, womanizer and plunderer. In Edsa Dos it WAS peaceful as you point out because the Chief Justice and the Chief of Staff conspired with the Vice President and the Church to overthrow the President. “People Power” did not do that. The Mob was just a prop and an excuse for a coup d’etat by the highest officials of the land.

There can be no Edsa Dos style People Power now because Hermogenes Esperon and Reynato Puno are not about to do an Angie Reyes or Hilario Davide. There will be no Regime Change on Sunday.

But I think one day, we shall face a real tyrant, fresh in the prime of her autocracy. It is then when People Power will have its true test. On that day, we shall have to defend our freedoms with deadly force if we are men and not mice, or wear our chains in abashed silence again. Now that is the scenario the Left dearly would love to happen.

Actually, the need for such dramatics was long ago obsoleted. How? By regular democratic elections and the Charter Change Provisions in every democratic constitution! Today, Erap is a political force only because he is a living symbol of how constitutional democracy was destroyed by that so-called People Power and its idolatrous, heretical worshippers.

It was Edsa Dos and the intellectual dishonesty of the Davide Court, that are the real roots of the House Majority’s utter disrespect for the Constitution, for their propagation of the myth that the Constitution is what the Supreme Court says it means. (That is true only for people who did not pass English Composition in school.)

If we are looking for the source of the recklessness and the hubris of the House Majority’s chacha campaign to devastate the Constitution look no further than EDSA DOS! After the Constitution was raped to put GMA in power, JDV and his gang bangers want their turn at her too.

I don’t interpret Sunday as the further development of People Power. I see it as the beginning of Filipino political conservative FEELING. Maybe the Con-Artists in the House and Palace will be broken up over this news, but it now appears that the Filipino people really DON'T want charter change, now or in the foreseeable future. Judging from the White Flags Frantically Waving from the ramparts of both the House and the Palace signaling surrender, it seems as if GMA and JDV know it too.


Pinky Webb to Boy Nograles: "Really, SEVEN to TEN assassins, sir?"

While talking to ABSCBN News noontime news anchor Ms. Pinky Webb, House Majority Leader Boy Nograles sounded a little bit TOO RELAXED and UNCONCERNED for someone who has just narrowly escaped a planned ambush involving "seven to ten assassins." Maybe he was trying to impress her with his flippant comment that he just takes it all as God's will. Strange, when Ms. Webb shifted the subject to the recent House Majority's debacle, he launched into some of the usual fine distinctions about what the President must've really meant by dropping the chacha choochoo, as if NOTHING whatsoever almost happened to him. The guy must have nerves of steel, considering the NBI hasn't arrested or charged anyone except for an "informant." Hmmmm...

Ambassador Victoriano Licaros, spokesman for the ASEAN Summit Meeting in Cebu was pulling the leg of Twink Macaraeg and Tony Velasquez right now, insisting that it really WAS the weather and not a terrorist threat alert from five countries (which is he says is important only for the tourist crowd!) , or ConAss fallout that caused the sudden cancellation. He even sees a bright side in the fact that Typhoon Senyang apparently revealed what an awfully rushed construction job was done on the building. Thank God all those foreigners didn't have to see that and just stayed home instead. Another graduate of the JDV School of Logical Fiddlesticks!

International Herald Tribune reports on the comments of Akira Amari, Japan's Minister of Trade and Industry that the Philippines had lost credibiliity over the cancellation of the ASEAN meeting. Now I know why the smooth talkers are making the rounds of local media: DAMAGE CONTROL.


Suttung said...

from obtuse to acute. haha. actually jdv's acrobatic brows can well tie the knots to some the most quizzical problems in string theory and hypespace physics.

Dave Llorito said...

im curious about your use of the word "conservatism". does it mean the same as conservatism or neoconservatism in america?

Rizalist said...

I think that a majority of Filipinos don't think it's really worth changing the Constitution at all. They might agree, as I do with Dick Gordon, that we should have a series of amendments that fine tune the Constitution. History has shown that the passions of men are heated to boiling whenever the basic rules of the game are changed. The idea that we can just call a ConCon and REVISE the whole thing in one more try at legislating Utopia is really deranged. It is the Liberal Philosophy that Govt can do anything.

Conservatives don't believe government can actually do very much very well. Other than the national defense, law and order and the integrity of the government services, much of what the govt does should be done by the private sector.

But relative to the Constitution, I am definitely a CONSERVATIVE, meaning to say, I must be thoroughly convinced about any proposed change and am reflexively against any wholesale change, by any method.

I am also a conservative with respect to the government's operations in general. In other words, I am against these huge budgets that do nothing. I believe in cutting the budget in half, especially education, and we would be better off.

manuelbuencamino said...

The punchline to the Nograles assassination tale is that he sent his son to the party in his place.

Rizalist said...

You know I forgot to add something about that very point! Thanks it really was the dead giveaway when the NBI guy Rey Esmeralda announced that fact of Nograles' son taking his place AS IF he were reading it from a script. It was so unnatural and revealing!

manuelbuencamino said...

Ricky was very kind to JDV. I was hoping he tell the guy - "A lot of people are saying that it's you and gloria that turns them off to chacha. And the surveys do support that view. They don't trust you"


At face value, what Nognograles did, i.e., sent his son to replace him following a threat to his life, is crass.

So he got scared and sent his son to replace him to save himself? Geez...

Rizalist said...

Someone pointed this out to me: if you had just received word from the NBI that 7-10 assassins were set to ambush and kill you at an event in Davao where you were the guest speaker, would you ACTUALLY send your son in your place not to hurt the feelings of the audience??


Hahah! That incredible NBI-Nognogbrainless story is just soooooo incredible.

Dean, not for a moment would any self-respecting and loving parent do anything of the kind. I mean, what the heck is he! If true, then he is the dumbest parent I've ever heard of.

The story that there are assasins out to get him now seems more than ever as some annery thought of by someone who is thinking out of his backside.

Bernardo F. Ronquillo said...

JDV is well pass his time. He and his thoughts & ideas are now IRRELEVANT. But he is the last one to know and will continue to try to impose himself on us.

As f0r Nograles, I heard him arrogantly singing, out of tune of course, "Choo-Choo train chug-chugging down the track.." and even now is also arrogantly unrepentant when they archived con-ass. Not only does he and JdV declare that they wont say I am sorry but both have the gall to expect that we should be grateful that they stopped the train. As for GMA, she declared at the outset that "the train has left the station", but was the first one to get off, leaving the congressmen, when the weather got rough. What a leader!

From where I am sitting, it is not the constitution that is responsible for the HOLE that the nation finds itself in. It is GMA, JDV and the majority congressmen that placed us in the sorry state that we are. They are the ones that should be AMENDED, not the Charter. Take them all out and the nation will be better.

Bernardo F. Ronquillo said...

ON SUNDAY, The PNP will arrest the movie stars if they go onstage. The PNP will arrest the politicians if they go on onstage. The PNP will arrest anyone who utters anything against Gloria and the government.

The PNP’s logic goes: “This is a Prayer Rally so what you can only do is Pray!”

What a bunch of NINCOMPOOPS! They should read the Bible - both old and new testaments. Don’t they know that when children of God pray they can tell and ask God for ANYTHING!
No man can censor prayer, thank you! And anybody, actors and politicians, has the right to pray any place they want and in any manner they want, and THEY CAN SAY ANYTHING, in prayer.

Tom said...

I suspect PNP's stance is that the rallyists can pray and say anything they want in prayer as long as they do it silently! Then they (PNP) can't be accused of not supporting "freedom of speech."