Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jose Rizal -- Excommunicant and National Hero -- In His Own Words

Almost all Filipinos know Jose Rizal through what others say or write about him. Much is being said about him today, when the Catholic Taliban are allowed once more to murder him in public to cries of "Fuego!" and amid much patriotic celebration and feeling buoyed up by the Yuletide. Yet no one has succeeded in completely extinguishing the man or his memory among his countrymen. Much indeed will be said about him today by the usual sources.

But whoever made Jose Rizal the "National Hero" of the Philippines had a wicked sense of humor and poetic justice, so I think it would be interesting to allow him to join the conversation...

I add only my own plea that Day be moved to June 19--his birthday anniversary.

Other Philippine Commentary posts on Rizal this year were on Josephine Bracken and the origin of the term "Noli Me Tangere!"


Bernardo F. Ronquillo said...

DJB, JOSE RIZAL is my hero for all seasons above all the others put together.

I would like to celebrate the day that he was born in Calamba but I would like also to remember the day that he gave his life for his PATRIA ADORADA. It is not so much that he was born but that he chose to give up his life for a nation still unborn.

jhay said...

It's quite strange really. We celebrate Rizal's death because of its heroic glory, on the other hand we celebrate Bonifacio's birthday because it's less gruesome and humiliating for us Filipinos since the other national hero was murdered by his own people.

Still, I'm with DJB in suggesting that Rizal Day be moved to June 19, so that his birthday may inspire us to emulate more (and of the other heroes') greatness and deeds instead of just weeping for his death and offering flowers. Sheesh!

Corsarius said...

my personal preference would be to have both days declared as Rizal Days, however absurd that might seem for other people. having 2 days honoring the national hero..would that set a world 'first'? though am guessing companies won't be liking an additional holiday :)

have a happy new year, DJB!