Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Garci's Back -- GMA's Safe For Now?

he Return of Virgilio Garcillano is a Palace move, not a case of the citizens or Media flushing out and finding Garci. Therefore we are forced to conclude that GMA is safe in doing this, otherwise she wouldn't have done it. After all, the timing of Garci's return was always the Palace's call to make. It would be dense to think they have not prepared every scene of the coming performances of Mr. & Mrs. Garcillano, and rehearsed for it. Perhaps now the Opposition is learning that the Palace plays for keeps on every single round of this game. That is why they have won every important round.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Why now? Because Christmas is just around the corner. After a whole lot of sturm und drang for a few days or even a few weeks, everything will die down in the glow of of the coming Christmas season, less than a month away. The President has a really mean streak when she wins is what this says to me.

This is just the consuelo de bobo. for all the suckers to have one last swing at the straw man before the curtain closes and they hand out the Kleenexes in time for Christmas. It's the final Scene of Act I of the Gloriagate Scandal just before Yuletide Joy intermission.

Garci is like those rag dolls some owners of pit-bulls like to use to drive the dogs wild by not letting go of it as the dogs savagely try to tear it away. This actually works to relax the dogs by giving them a chance to express their rage without hurting anything too badly.

PREDICTIONS: Since it is the season of foretelling, here is my prediction of what will happen next: Garci will read an Affidavit to be submitted to Congress in which he will say:

(1) He fears for his life because of the intense conflict surrounding the Garci tapes but that duty to the national interest compels him to resurface and take the risks for the sake of telling the truth;

(2) He will say that he did talk to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo several times but that she was only one of many politicians he talked to in similar ways;

(3) He will appeal to the Filipinos sense of fairness and ask that he be given the benefit of the doubt of interpreting the conversations, because they are taken out of context;

(4) He will deny having any idea how the wiretaps were made.

(5) He will deny all wrong-doing in the matter of vote-rigging and other crimes suggested.

(6) He will repeat his concerns for his and the safety of his family, wish everyone a Merry Christmas, with a smile that will drive everyone insane, then, he will parachute back into the dungeon under Malacanang where he has been hiding, until next Christmas. (The dungeon may not be under the Palace, but he has to be close enough at all times to have a sock put in his mouth if he even so much as yawns and it's not in the the Firm's script.)

(7) GMA and the Palace Boys will serenade the nation with shmarmy Christmas carols during the coming season, telecast live from Malacanang.

I tell you, she has a really mean streak.


Bunye & Goebbels -- Masters of the Big Lie Technique

The Garcillano Hypothesis -- from which my little ditty about Garci --

is the grain of sand
encased in a new-made pearl,
the glorious secret hidden in the hard stone ball
that imprisons them

BLOGOSPHERE FLASH: Put your Pajamas back on!
Over at Zenpundit there is an interesting article from dan of tdaxp entitled Blogging As A Network of Influence in whch he makes the point that Blogging is an elite activity: "The blogosphere does not empower the average person, it empowers the above average person who previously would - by chance, occupation or geography - have been excluded from having any siginificant input into the larger culture."

BLOGGER NOTES: blogging is NOT mass media. We are NOT broadcasters, but narrowcasters. That's only half of it. We have to interact with our audiences and build them up by visiting high quality sites, making friends with people there, learning from them, and sharing our own knowledge when appropriate. But we must not just regurgitate the news, or follow it around with our blogs. You have to have something to say when you post. Because people won't read what they've already seen or think they already know about. Reflect the news, but refract it too, through the lens of your own contemplation. Oh, and when you go bloghopping, forget the low-class sites. Go right to the top and visit them. Here's a good place to start: Blogrolling 500. Don't wait for the world to come to you. This medium is bidirectional all the way. You must go and seize the world yourself, and bring it home. The Filipino blogosphere is too introverted. Flee the Archipelago! Discover the rest of humanity...they are beautiful and brillant.

JUST A THOUGHT: Shouldn't Grace Garcillano be arrested on the spot for aiding in the flight of a fugitive from Justice with a warrant for his arrest? Maybe they should concentrate on her to put pressure on him?


Edwin Lacierda said...


How many ways can one skin a cat anyway?

I don't know if the political and acting coaches of Garci will be able to morph Garci into a convincing purveryor of lies (an oxymoron!) His smirking countenance alone will be a herculean task.

I hope upon his surfacing, there will be men and women of goodwill who are truly aware of the ins and outs of this wretched electoral perfidy and be so mortified with Garci that decency and conscience will compel them to speak the truth out.

Whence comes another?

Deany Bocobo said...

Teddy Boy was right on tv -- the Opposition should have spent all this time preparing for the second impeachment attempt in June. It is now 7 months to go. I doubt they will allow him to do much more than read his statement and disappear

manuelbuencamino said...

I think this is a desperate move by Gloria. Asking Garci to throw mud at everyone may muddle the issue of her cheating but she neglects something very important : the cover-up that followed.

Investigators should let Garci tell his lies about the conversation. Instead they should focus on how he left the country, where he went and all that.

Like Watergate, the cover-up is the greater crime.

Deany Bocobo said...

I agree MB. But let's think of creative ways to do that. I would rather put a bug on him somehow, a GPS thingy or something, so we can track the lil Fugitive from Justice after the inevitable disappearance after the BiG LIE denial coming.

Roehlano said...


I believe your post will prove to be prescient.

Deany Bocobo said...

Hi Econblogger, didn't I just see you up at a higher branch of the growing Philippine Commentary tree? Hehe about 50 posts sprouted already.

I get lots of ideas from your blog. I hope you do more on the EVAT and the claim of Ben Diokno that the economy is actually contracting. He says ADB is calling a growth rate of 4.7% this year whereas admin claims 6.4 or something.

Also "econophysics" its a hot topic...

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