Wednesday, February 29, 2012


MIRIAM DEFENSOR SANTIAGO today hurled this peculiarly Pinoy insult at the House Prosecution Panel today at the trial of the impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona. This was in the midst of a long harangue and lecture, complete with obscure judicial citations. But take a look at the Code of Judicial Conduct:

RULE 3.04 - A judge should be patient, attentive, and courteous to lawyers, especially the inexperienced, to litigants, witnesses, and others appearing before the court. A judge should avoid unconsciously falling into the attitude of mind that the litigants are made for the courts, instead of the courts for the litigants.
Was Miriam patient, attentive and courteous when she called the House panel "GAGO?" I think it's a culpable violation on national television. Boooooo! Miriam. What private prosecutor Aguirre did was certainly contemptuous as JPE and the Senate Impeachment Court ruled, but what Miriam did was contemptibly unethical.

Hasn't the Senate just demonstrated the same self-preserving bullshit that the Supreme Court just did unto their subpoena?


Joey Vitug said...

Agree on all points!!! If JPE an scold/lecture the litigants in a professional and civil manner, MDS should follow suit. MDS seem to think she is above everyone. She may have all the accolades but that don't meant shit if u can't show respect towards your colleagues or another human being for that matter.

apple said...

Not a good manner. my impression for Miriam has been changed after reading this blog.

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