Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AM 11-10-1-SC Letters of Estelito Mendoza GR 178083

Here is that Supreme Court Minute Resolution which was the subject of testimony in the Corona Trial today: AM 11-10-1-SC Letters of Estelito Mendoza
Please take notice that the Court en banc issued a Resolution dated OCTOBER 4, 2011, which reads as follows:
"A.M. No. 11-10-1-SC (Re: Letters of Atty. Estelito P. Mendoza re: G.R. No. 178083 - Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP) v. Philippine Airlines, Inc. (PAL), Patria Chiong et al.
Pursuant to Section 3 (m) and (n),[1] Rule II of the Internal Rules of the Supreme Court, the Court En Banc resolves to accept G.R. No. 178083 (Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines [FASAP] v. Philippine Airlines. Inc. [PAL], Patria Chiong et al.) and to take cognizance thereof.
The Court En Banc further resolves to recall the resolution dated September 7, 2011 issued by the Second Division in this case.
The Court furthermore resolves to re-raffle this case to a new Member-In-Charge. (Carpio, Velasco. Jr., Leonardo De Castro and Del Castillo, JJ., no part. Brion, J., no part insofar as the re-raffle is concerned.)[2]
Very truly yours,
Clerk of Court

[1] SEC. 3. Court en banc matters and cases. - The Court en banc shall act on the following matters and cases:
(m) subject to Section 11(b) of this rule, other Division cases that, in the opinion of at least three (3) Members of the Division who are voting and present, are appropriate for transfer to the Court en banc
(n) cases that the Court en banc deems of sufficient importance to merit its attention:
[2] Justice Brion will participate in the proceedings of this case subsequent to the re-raffle to a new Member-In-Charge.

In this summary flip flopping fashion, a fourteen year old case which had been won by the plaintiff--a Philippine Airlines Union (FASAP)--and which had survived several Motions for Reconsideration, was instead reversed, re-raffled and is still pending in the Supreme Court, allegedly because of direction action taken by the accused Chief Justice Renato Corona.

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